Chub Fetish

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had worked a long, hard day and was ready to relax. Driving home on the slow commute down Highway 101, to the 880 I saw the coming exit ramp for The Alameda and thought to myself, "I could use a nice steam bath about now" and turned off the exit and headed to the Watergarden, the local Gay bathhouse. It was just turning dark as I arrived. I pulled into the back parking lot. There were probably ten cars there. I parked and made my way to the door and checked in. I just got a locker, not feeling like getting a room. I didn't plan on being there long- maybe sit in the steam room for a while, then shower off and head to the room and stroke one off then head home. I really enjoyed masturbating in front of other guys and watching them go at it.

The clerk took my money, handed me a locker key and towel then he buzzed me through the door and I found my locker and got undressed. I was a bit of an exhibitionist, so I just threw my towel around my neck and wandered down the halls naked for a while, occasionally pausing to look into the open doors of the rooms, checking out guys laying in the beds slowly massaging their cocks awaiting for the right to come along. A couple of guys waved me in, but I wasn't interested and continued to the steam room.

There were only a couple of guys in there- a couple of skinny twinks.. One was on the upper tier, legs spread and the other was knelt in front of him on the lower tier, masturbating his own while sucking off the other dude. I took the upper tier opposite them as steam once again filled the room, so thick I could barely make out the other guys. I just rested my head against the wall, shut my eyes and kicked back, working up a good sweat. Another guy came in- an older gentleman, probably late fifties, and took a seat next to me. After a bit, he reached over and started to feel up my package. I brushed him off, got up and moved into the other section of the room, where no one else was there.

After about twenty minutes I had enough and got up and went out the door and showered, checking out another guy across from me- late 30's with an incredibly long cock and low-hanging balls. He turned away from me and bent over to soap up his legs. That was a turn on for me, watching guys bend over and seeing their sacks swinging between their legs. I felt my cock fluff up a bit as I watched him for a bit, then I went over to the drying area, grabbed my towel and dried off then walked to the counter to get a dry towel. A couple of other guys were standing over by the lockers getting undressed. I paused and checked them out. Two more - they really didn't interest me one bit. I preferred more mature types- mid- to late-forties with salt-and pepper hair and bearish, furry bodies. I turned and walked down the halls a bit more.

The second room I approached, the door was open and I paused and looked in. Lying on the bed was an - early 50's, naked and playing with his cock. He was HUGE. Probably no more than 5'8" tall, but weighing at least 500 pounds. He looked at me and smiled. He wasn't at all hairy-in fact his pubic hair was shaved. He was balding. He had tremendous tits, tipped with dark brown nipples at least three inches across. I thought to myself "Poor guy- this place is full of mostly twinks and they are probably making fun of him as they walk by his room." Sure enough, a few seconds later the two twinks whom I had seen changing walked by, peeked in the room quickly then continued down the hall laughing. I heard one say "What a ."

I thought for a second, then figured "I might as well make this guy's day." I looked in and said "Mind if I join you?" The guy nodded yes and smiled, and I walked into the room shutting the door behind me. I threw my towel on the chair, then turned towards the guy. He waved me over to the bed and I sat down next to him. Hmmmm... how was I going to approach this? He solved that problem and said "Suckle my nipples" softly so I leaned in over his tremendous, bulging gut and started to massage his man tits, taking his left nipple into my mouth and nibbling on it and kissing it gently, running my tongue over it as it stiffened. With one hand I squeezed and fondled his other tit, squeezing his nipple between my fingers, and with the other hand I started to massage his belly. He moaned, "That feels so nice!"

I suddenly realized that I was REALLY enjoying this- it was incredibly hot! I occasionally dropped down with one hand beneath the folds of his fat belly and massaged his tremendously huge balls and stroked his four inch cock. I could smell the musky oder of his sweat-covered body and reached over and lifted his left arm and buried my face into his hairy armpit, breathing in deeply and gently licking out his pit. He moaned softly as I licked then I looked down and saw that he had spread his legs apart. He muttered, "Stick your finger up my ." I ran my hand softly over his gut as he raised his knees. I licked my finger, slicking it up with my spit, then felt into his hot, sweaty ass crack until I felt the pucker of his hole and slowly slid my finger inside it, moving it in as as I could. I felt the hardness of his prostate gland and gently massaged it with the tip of my finger.

"Slide in another finger" he whispered, so I did. Then another, then another- pushing in deep but gently, feeling the creamy texture of his damp rectum. I reached up and started to kiss him hard as my four fingers explored his hole. He broke away from my sloppy, wet kiss and said "God, that feels incredible! Can you get your hole hand in my pussy?" I drew my thumb in, bringing the tips of my fingers to a point then slowly eased my entire hand into his creamy ass. He flinched a second as I strained to get my hand inside him, then let out a moan as my hand broke the barrier of his loose sphincter. I was now wrist-deep into his hole while kissing him madly. My six inch cock was throbbing hard. It was all I could do not to shoot my load then and there the scene was so fucking hot! Precum was just oozing almost by the gallon out of my quivering cock.

After a bit of this, he pulled away from our kiss, his lips damp with my spit. I muttered, "Turn over and get on your hands and knees. I wanna lick out your hole then fuck you." I stood, and he rolled his incredible bulk over then got on his hands and knees. I leaned over and spread his creamy white, gelatinous ass cheeks apart, baring his stretched out, open hole and dove my face in, tasting the tang of his sweaty ass as I dove my tongue in and out, spitting into his hole. The overwhelming smell of his funk filled my nose and and breathed in deeply. After a while of burying my face deep into his crack, I got up and positioned my cock in front of his gaping hole and shoved it in balls deep and started to furiously gyrate my hips, pushing hard in and out of his damp, musky hole.

My balls pulled in tight to my body and my shaft started to pulsate in anticipation of shooting a massive, thick white load of my spunk deep inside him. I shouted "OH GOD! FUCK! HERE I CUM!" and felt wave after wave of thick, creamy cum fill his hole. I had never orgasmed so intensely my entire life. I collapsed over his wide girth, leaving my cock buried in his hole and just stayed there, breathing heavily and moaning like there was no tomorrow. I pulled out then slid my face down into his ass crack. I could see my thick cum just oozing out of his pussy. I buried my face into his ass and licked furiously, sucking my load from his rectum. "Turn over and let me finish you off" I stated. He rolled over then sat on the edge of the bed and I got to my knees and started to suck his cock.

I could tell he was ready to erupt. Within under a minute he cried out "I'M GONNA SHOOT! UNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH" and I tasted the salty mess of his ejaculation fill my mouth, mixed in with the salty tang of piss. I greedily sucked away at his chubby, little cock, taking it all into my mouth then letting it sit as I savored the sweetness of his juices. I swallowed, then stood and muttered "That was incredibly HOT! Thanks!" He smiled. I threw my towel around my neck, opened the door and walked out, my cock still hard as a rock and oozing a bit of cum. I walked to the showers and cleaned off, then went and got dressed. Walking back to my car, I realized that my fate was carved in stone. I was now a chubby chaser.

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