(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

John and I had been buddies since grade school. We went through grade school, high school and college together and hung out with each other constantly through thick and thin. After college was over we even decided to get an apartment together. John had gotten a job at a local accountant's office and I started working as a Junior Underwriter at a local bank. We both had steady girlfriends- John was even thinking of proposing to his girlfriend. We were still in the city where we went to college and had quite the search looking for a decent apartment, as they were in short supply and rents were rather expensive. We ended up moving into a small three bedroom unit currently being rented by a mutual friend, Kevin. Kevin had been subletting two of the rooms to a couple girls who had moved out at the end of the school year. Kevin was a very handsome , about 6'2" tall, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. Kevin was still in college, about to enter his senior year. He was also openly Gay, but that didn't bother either John or me. In fact, we all played on the same local Rugby club so all of us rooming together seemed the perfect idea.

Summer flew by quickly, both John and I keeping very busy at work. Kevin had landed a waiting job at a local restaurant working the day shift. The only thing was Kevin had broken up with his around mid-June after finding out he was getting into drugs and catching him sneaking out of the local Gay bathhouse one afternoon. It was a messy breakup- they actually got into a fight and Kevin had to get a restraining order against the guy- and Kevin was a mess for about a month. During that month, I noticed that Kevin started to get somewhat "clingy" towards me. It seemed he always had to be around me. He even was flirting with me- but I took it all as him just kidding around. I was a pretty handsome guy, if I thought so myself- 6' tall, muscular, bleach blond hair and blue eyes.

One Saturday afternoon Kevin and I returned from rugby practice. John had decided to head out to the bar after practice with some of the team. Kevin and I got back to the apartment. Kevin jumped in the shower immediately and when I heard him get out, I undressed and walked into the bathroom. Kevin was drying off and I was just getting into the shower, when I felt a sharp slap right across my bare . I spun around, smiled and shouted "Asshole, keep your horny hands off my ass!" Kevin mockingly said "What's wrong, ? Can't stand a little pain?" I just rolled my eyes back and jumped into the shower. I took a long hot shower then opened the curtain and grabbed my towel. Kevin was naked, still standing in front of the sink facing away from me, looking down, hands in front of him, intently doing something.

I looked over and said "What are you doing, Sally?" then looked over his shoulder. I always teasingly called him Sally. I then spotted the can of shaving cream on the counter and blurted out, "Don't tell me you're doing what I think you are!" Kevin just laughed and turned- he was holding a razor and whole front was covered with shaving cream. "Fuck, Dude!" I stated and started cracking up laughing. Kevin just smiled and said "I felt like a little change! Just doing a little man-scaping..." I answered, "You freak! What- are you shaving it all off?"

Now Kevin was a . Fuck- that was an understatement. He had a pelt. From the neck down, back and front. He had already shaved off all his pubes, balls included, and was all the way up his stomach and working on his chest. I just stared as he shaved away, continuing to dry myself off. Kevin was working quickly and as I was hanging up my towel on the rack and getting ready to head to the bedroom, he said "Wait a second- do my back first." I looked at him and said "No way dude!" and he quickly answered "Come on- help me out. It won't take long. It's not like you're going anywhere."

"What the fuck- hand me the shaving cream and get a fresh razor. That thing has to be dull as shit by now with all that thick fur you have." Kevin turned and smiled. "Shut the hell up and get to work, Asshole." Now it wasn't like I had never seen Kevin naked or anything. The whole rugby team showered together after away games and there was always a ton of horsing around in the showers- ass slapping, making fun of each other. Typical shit. Hell, I had even grabbed Kevin's ass more than a few times during rugby practice- his crotch too. I mean, fuck, it was rugby. I had grabbed just about every guy on the team and they had grabbed me too. So, I applied shaving cream to his back and quick went to work. I got down to his lower back when Kevin turned and said "Get my ass too."

I laughed. "Dude, I'm not shaving your skanky ass. Do it yourself." Kevin pleaded, "Come on, it'll only take a second. Besides, I know you want my ass!"

"Fuck you, slut, " I replied. He handed me the shaving cream and just said, "Here." I took it and rubbed it all over his buns. He had a flat, but firm ass. I finished off the right side, then the left and he looked back and said "Get my crack too." What the fuck. I was already at it, so, shit. I told him to spread them and he did. "Damn dude, what you been doing? Shoving your own fist up that thing?" I knew Kevin was a bottom. His hole was as loose as a Christmas goose's, a ring of swollen flesh around his slightly gaping hole. He just laughed and I carefully started to shave away, dropping to my knees so I wouldn't knick him or anything. I had to spread his ass a little myself with one hand as I got around his hole. Kevin just stood there silently, then muttered "Careful, dude!" I said "Don't worry" and carefully removed all the hair then popped up to my feet and said "There. Done!" I looked around into the mirror. I could see his reflection from the knees up and he was fucking hard as a rock, his member pointing up and curving to the left, a good 7" in length and thick, his low hanging huge balls dangling down. I didn't say a word. His hard-on was subsiding anyway.

Suddenly Kevin turned and said "Dude, let me shave you now." I just looked at him and blurted out "NO WAY, SALLY!" He laughed and said "Come on, you could use a little manscaping! I bet your girlfriend would love it!" I laughed. Actually, my girlfriend Becky had mentioned at one point that I should shave- she said it would look hot and all the guys were doing it anyway. I was pretty bushy down there. I never trimmed or anything. I wasn't all that hairy, really- just my pubes and a little bit of fuzz on my ass cheeks. Kevin reached over and handed me the shaving cream and said "Here, lather up stud." I repeated "NO WAY, DUDE!" Kevin laughed again, saying "Come on- you'll like it. No more sweaty crotch! I used to do shave by boyfriend all the time! Besides, if you do it, you'll probably end up cutting that pin dick of yours off."

"Shut the fuck up!" I laughed. I was smaller than him, but by no means a pin dick. Now our roommate John, on the other hand, he was only packing 3" flaccid. I was 4" flaccid and 6" hard. I thought for a second and said "What the fuck. Okay," and took the shaving cream, squirted some in my hand and lathered my and balls as Kevin grabbed a fresh razor and dropped to his knees. He looked up and said "Hold your cock up. I'll start with your balls." I reached down hand held my flaccid member up and Kevin slowly, carefully went to work. He just started then said "I gotta pull them tight, otherwise I'll knick you" then he reached up with his left hand and grabbed my nut sack, gently pulling it tight as he slowly shaved. I just stood there silently and muttered "Careful!" as he finished my balls. I let go of my cock. It had swelled up a bit, but I was far from hard.

Kevin then reached up and placed my cock between his fingers, slightly pinching it and pulling it down as he started to shave off my pubes. I could see between his legs- he was rock hard again and pre-cum was oozing out of his piss slit. I didn't say a word as he went at it. A couple minutes later he finished off my pubes then ran the razor up my stomach, shaving off my glory trail then he reached over, grabbed a towel and wiped the shaving cream from my groin. "There - finished!" he said. I looked down as he remained in front of me, still on his knees.

"What do you think?" He looked up and smiled. I just said "Not bad! It looks sorta good, actually!" Kevin smiled and said "Yeah- looks hot now!" then paused a second and reached up and grabbed my cock. I looked at him and said "What the fuck, dude!" He didn't say a word- he just leaned in, put his face inches from my cock and said "You mind?" I replied "Fuck, dude!" and he just leaned in and started to suck my dick.

I couldn't believe I was letting him do this. My mouth was just hanging open as my cock swelled in his mouth. He was gently licking my now hard shaft and running his tongue around the swollen head of my cock. It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and, tilted my head back and started to moan softly and Kevin worked my manhood, taking it balls into his hungry mouth. God, it felt good. My girlfriend Becky was a reluctant cock sucker. She did it just to make me happy, but it was obvious she didn't really enjoy doing it. Kevin, on the other hand... Wow. I just stood there rocking back and forth, moaning away for what seemed forever.

Suddenly I felt Kevin's mouth pull away from my shaft. I looked down and he was looking up at me and smiling. "Dude. Fuck my ass."

"You serious?" I said, looking down at him. "Yeah. Fuck me. Stick that piece of meat deep inside me." He stood up and turned around, then bent over the counter and reached around and spread his ass. He repeated, "Fuck me, Bro. Do it hard." What the hell- I had gone this far. I guided my spit-covered slimy shaft towards his swollen, slightly open hole and gently eased the head of my cock into him. He let out a soft moan and said "Deeper. Fuck me, Bro." I pushed in. It felt amazingly smooth and creamy, somewhat tight, as I slowly entered him. He started to gyrate and thrust his ass against my groin. Mother fuck of all fucks, it felt amazing. Ten times better than Becky's cunt.

I started to pick up the pace and slam harder into him. We were both soon moaning loudly, Kevin screaming "OH GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!" The sound of my crotch slapping against his ass filled the small bathroom. I picked up the pace even more. Kevin was now screaming "UNH! UNH! over and over and I was answering "FUCK YEAH! OH FUCK!" Suddenly the door flew open. I turned, still buried in Kevin's ass. There stood John. His mouth dropped open and he just looked and loudly stated "SON OF A BITCH!"

Kevin quickly stood, pulling away from me. My cock was just throbbing, rock hard in front of me. I looked over at Kevin. There was cum all over his stomach, still oozing like crazy from his piss slit. I stuttered, "Dude, I can explain..." and John quickly cut me off, saying "Yeah, I bet you can!" He immediately cracked up laughing. I quickly shut the door right in John's face in panic then turned to Kevin and just muttered "Oh FUCK! Why didn't you lock the damn door?" Kevin was clearly flustered too. His face was beat red. He grabbed a towel, quickly wiped his cum off his cock and stomach, then threw on his boxers and ran out the door. I just stood there in silence for a minute, then put on my briefs and walked out into the living room.

Kevin was in his room, door shut and dead silent. John was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, sipping on a beer. I looked at him and said "Bro, I don't know what to say. I never did that before. I am so fucking embarrassed. PLEASE don't say a word to anyone!" John chuckled and answered. "Don't worry about it, Bro. Not a word." He put down his beer and walked over me, still standing there in my underwear, my cock still hard as a rock. He stopped right in front of me and looked down. "That feel good?" I was as red as a beet and shaking like a leaf. He reached down and slowly started to rub my crotch. "Actually, that looked pretty hot. To tell you the truth, I always fantasized about doing that with you." Fucking wow. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I just stood there. John quickly took his hand off my crotch and pulled off his jersey then reached down and pulled off his shorts. His little cock was sticking straight out, 5" erect. He then reached over and pulled down my underwear. They dropped to the floor. Damn. I had never dreamed... John drew his face close to mine then pressed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth. Fuck. Amazing. I had never dreamed... After a second, he broke away, grabbed me by the arm and said "Come on" and pulled me over to Kevin's bedroom door. He swung it open. Kevin was sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked up to see John and me standing there, butt-assed naked, our hard cocks sticking out. John looked at Kevin and said "Let's finish this off, Bro." Kevin looked over and muttered "FUCK!" We walked over to Kevin's bed and John said "Take off those boxers dude and bend over."

Kevin stood, then bent over the bed. John looked at me and said "Stick your cock back in his ass and bend over a little." I complied and John positioned himself behind me, spitted on his cock then spread my ass and spitted on my tight hole. I felt his cock slowly slide into me. At first it hurt, then the pain slowly subsided. Kevin started to gyrate his hips again as John slowly started to pump my tight ass. God, it felt amazing- me sandwiched between John and Kevin as the sound of John slapping against my ass and me slapping against Kevin's filled the room. Faster and faster I fucked Kevin, who was moaning loudly. John pushed hard against me, burying himself balls deep into my ripe hole. John was silent; I was screaming "OH FUCK!" over and over.

The intensity increased and I was about ready to blow. I screamed out "I'M GONNA CUM!" and John answered "ME TOO!" I blasted my load up Kevin's ass and felt John shove deep inside me as he let out a grunt, shooting deep inside me. We stood. I could see my cum oozing out of Kevin's hole. Kevin had a full length mirror on his closet door. I turned and looked at my own ass- it was throbbing in pain and cum was dripping out of it. Suddenly John dropped to his knees behind me and sucked his cum out of me, darting it in and out of my hole. He finished me, up then turned to Kevin and said "Now you" and got behind him and ate my cream out of Kevin's gapping hole. After that we collapsed on the bed and just laid there silently then after a bit wandered into our bedrooms and got dressed. None of us said a word to each other for hours. We just occasionally looked at each other and smiled.

That was the beginning of it all. From that point on, after every rugby match or practice we went back to the apartment and fucked each other's brains out.

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