Camping with friends

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My wife and I like to camp as well as boat. We went to a new campsite and I also went back and got my boat. We ended up talking to another couple next to us in the campsite and spent some time with them on the boat and in the campsite. She was totally and I was thinking that the two couples could have some fun together.

We got to drinking and having fun both on the water and at the campers. His wife was not a drinker but later I found out that she was a nurse and had to go to work that night. My wife ended up going to bed early and that left me and Bill to ourselves. He thought we should go to his camper in order to leave my wife alone and get her sleep.

Thinking nothing of it, I agreed and we went. He was showing me some pics he had of their travel when all of a sudden, a picture came up of his wife naked. She was absolutely gorgeous! He asked what I thought of her, and at I was afraid to comment, but ended up telling him that I thought she was awesome looking. He had more of her and was proud to show them to me.

I showed him some of my wife that I had on my phone, but didn't come close to what he slept with every night. During this time, I was looking around and could see that he wasn't wearing underwear and I could see up his shorts to his that was laying there in repose. I kept glancing back at it so as not to be staring, but couldn't keep my eyes off of it. He caught me looking at it and without a word, drew all of the blinds in the camper and locked the door.

He walked over to me and dropped his shorts and there was his beautiful right in my face. I didn't say a word without taking his soft cock in my mouth and took it all the way the first time. He told me to take my time and I took his balls in my mouth, one at a time and sucked them, then slid my tongue up his shaft to the head of his dick and ran it around that. After he was rock hard, he took me to their bed and stripped me down.

He sucked my dick for a short while then lubed up his dick and put me on my back. He slid his fat cock in me ever so easy and slow and it felt so good! He fucked me for what seemed like forever but I didn't want it to end. I finally felt him grow in size and explode inside me. He must have cum a quart in my .

We ended up getting together in the showers two more times during the week that we were there and also once on the boat when just he and I went fishing that week. I have not seen him again but would like to come in contact again. So if you are reading Bill, thank you for a great week.

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