Club Contact

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The yumbo centre in Gran Canaria is one of the gayest places on earth. I have had many sexual experiences there but few can match one night in a German bar called Contact.

It was 1995, I was 31 years old. I was in good shape, had a good body and a nice cock. The Yumbo had a big choice of gay bars, dance clubs, and even a sauna, with many of the bars having dark rooms and cruising areas. As far as I remember, bar Contact was the first bar in the Yumbo to host a naked only night, which they held on a Saturday, where you checked your clothes in at the entrance and remained naked throughout your stay. I saw this advertised when I arrived in resort on the Monday and could not wait for Saturday night to come around. When the night finally arrived I headed to contact to have my first experience of a naked bar. I paid my money at the door, checked in my clothes, and entered a room full of . It was a mixed crowd from 20s to 50 plus of all shapes and sizes. I got myself a beer and headed off into the cruising area where there were booths, a wet tub, a sling, and various places for having sex.

Standing in one of the booths with a raging hard-on, was a guy about my age, nice looking and quite fit. I motioned towards his cock and he gave me nod of approval. I went down on my knees and took his dick into my mouth, working on the head and piss slit, slowly taking in more and more cock until I was giving him my deep throat. Judging by the moans and groans coming from him I was doing a good job and I continued working on his delicious dick. He withdrew his dick from my mouth and pulled me up on my feet to kiss me, while at the same time reaching round to finger my arse. When giving deep throat I produce a really thick saliva which makes a great lube so I grabbed into my hand and rubbed this into my . He took this as permission to fuck my ass and he turned me round and pressed his dick to my hole. He played around a bit, teasing my hole with a little prod and partly going in, probably testing to see if would accept him raw or if I would produce a condom. He got the message that it was ok to continue and he was soon balls deep in my arse, with me bent over the stool loving every minute.

His raw cock felt great in my arse as he thrust and teased my hole. He kept adjusting his position and guiding me to adjust mine to give him different angles to fuck me, this guy was a total fucking pro and he had me moaning like a bitch. He pulled me up straight with his raging cock nearly lifting me off my feet, grabbed me really tight and asked me if he could cum in my arse. I managed to turn around to make eye contact and I nodded. He bent me back down and really picked up the pace, thrusting at my arse and really going for it. Just as he was delivering his load into me he pulled me up straight again whispering in my ear that he was pumping his load into me. After e minute or two, when he got his breath back he pulled his dick out slowly and I clenched my ass muscles to keep his load inside me. I turned around, got down on my knees and cleaned off his cock with my mouth, sucking his softening cock into my throat which nearly sent him over the edge. We both wiped ourselves down and went to the bar and had a drink and got to know each otherís stories a little bit. His name was Carl, he was Austrian, and he worked for the police. After a little while he said he had to go as he had an early flight the next day. As we were kissing goodbye he whispered to me that it was over an hour ago since he came inside me and asked if I was going to go to the loo and shit it out. I whispered back that I planned to hold onto it as long as my ass would let me. The last words he said to me with a twinkle in his eye as he walked away were, dirty bastard. We both smiled.

I looked over to the door to give him a final wave and seen that he was talking to the doorman and gesturing in my direction.

I considered going back into the cruising area to look for more cock, but reckoned it would be impossible to improve on what I just had so decided to head back to my hotel. I approached the guy at the door and asked for my clothes but instead of getting them he told me that his friend had spoken very highly of me and that I should hang around as the bar would be closing in 30 minutes and that there was an after for special guests. When I looked puzzled he told me that he knew I had Carls cum inside me, if I wanted a lot more, then stick around. I wasnít sure about this but Iíd had enough gangbang fantasies to turn around and head back to the bar. I ordered myself a large gin and tonic and waited to see what would happen. I also decided to go to the loo and empty out Carls load and just check that I was still clean.

When I sat down and opened my ass muscles I was amazed that such a huge dollop of cum came out, Carl really shot a massive load. When I came out of the club the lights were on and most of the customers were getting dressed and starting to leave. The barman, a German guy called Anders called me into a side room and told me what the score was. He told me that after the naked party on a Saturday night, many of the and Austrian bar staff and waiters and hotel workers from the resort would come in for their own party. He told me that usually one of the regulars would spend the night in the sling getting fucked but that he was not available tonight. He told me that most of the guys preferred bareback and that when Carl told the doorman about me he said I might be up for it. As Anders was saying this I realized that I was shaking like a leaf from shear nervousness, my body was trembling all over so I surprised myself and Anders when I heard the word okay come out of my mouth.

When we went back to the bar area all the regular crowd had left and the workers had started to fill the bar which was filled with smoke, , and the smell of sex. Anders poured me gin and tonic and gave me a reassuring nod. As I looked around at this bar full of I was wondering which of then might fuck me and how many. Anders rang a little bell and called for silence. He introduced me to the assembled crowd and told them as Rolf, the regular guy was not available that I would be taking his place for the evening. This seemed to go down well and many of the guys came over to say hello, many of them taking the opportunity to have a squeeze at my arse or dick.

After a short while the doorman appeared and announced that the door was now locked and the party could begin. He was also naked now and he was a very impressive sight. About 6.4 tall, big chest and shoulders and a nice covering of hair on his body. His dick looked above average in size and a really nice shape. He said something in German to the guys in the bar which made them laugh then he asked me to join him. He led me through the sling room and lifted me onto the sling, placing each in a leather stirrup, and positioned me so that my ass was in perfect fucking position. At this point I guessed that what he said in the bar was that he having first go. He took a of lube and started rubbing it gently into my arse, first one finger, then two, and before long was gently massaging my hole with four fingers. He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on some towel and leaned over to kiss me with his dick rubbing around my chute. He told me that he found me very hot and that he had been looking forward to fucking me since Carl told him his cum was inside my arse. As he was kissing me his dick found my hole and entered smoothly with just the slightest pop as it passed the first muscle.

Doorman continued to fuck me with slow deliberate strokes but his kissing was very passionate and was driving me wild. When he stopped kissing me and stood up straight I noticed that we now had a small crowd gathered around us watching the show and hopefully waiting their turn. There was something about the way his raw dick was rubbing against the inside walls of my arse that was driving me crazy and now that he was stood up straight and really driving it in he was hitting every sweet spot I had. He was gathering quite a pace and I could tell he was getting close so when he nodded to me and grunted ya, I replied with a ya to give him permission to empty his nuts inside me. A few more thrusts and he was there, his whole body tensing as he filled me with his seed. He slumped down onto my chest and kissed me until his dick got soft and slipped out of my ass. He kissed me and thanked me and walked away leaving a hot deposit in my arse.

An older guy who had been watching the show and wanking couldnít hold back any longer and shoved his dick in me and came within a few thrusts. He pulled out quickly and went on his way. Next up was guy who looked to be mid 40s, had a bit of beer belly, and a large curved dick, the kind of curve that can really let you know you are being fucked, and so it turned out. When he inserted his dick it was touching places that I didnít know existed. Up to this point I had let out a little moan and groan but this guy had me panting like a bitch and doing all I could not to scream. I was relieved when he made those final few strokes and came but I had to get a taste of his cock and motioned him towards my mouth where I slurped up all the residual cum from his cock and continued to suckle on it as I felt the next guy enter me.

Despite having just cum, curved cock was happy for me to suck on his cock which I continued to do for so long that I barely noticed the next two guys who fucked me, only taking a break from sucking to encourage them as I felt them getting close to cumming. Just as the second of the two was finishing off, Mr curved cock surprised me by delivering a large and tasty load into my mouth, I really like this guy. I looked down to see that the guy who had just finished fucking me was removing a condom, I was disappointed and it probably explained why that fuck passed so unnoticed.

Around this time Anders the barman appeared and asked if I was ok and if I needed anything. I told him I was all good and was happy to continue for a while longer, he wished me well and said he would check on me again later. Having sucked the curved dick the guys now realized that they could make use of both my holes and I started having dicks of all shapes and sizes placed in me. For a couple of hours I remained in the sling getting my mouth and arse fucked and taking whatever was offered to me. Some guys just watched, some guys just wanked over me, but I was in full on slut mode and was determined to take whatever was offered. As the time passed it got quieter and quieter and when the last guy fucked me there was no one there to watch me take that final load in the sling. As he finished off the lights came on and Anders and the doorman came into the sling room.

As they released me from the leg stirrups they helped me up and asked if I was ok and if I had had a good time. My legs had been in the restraints for so long I could barely stand and they had to help me back to the bar. As they led me away I looked round and seen the pool of cum under the sling that my arse just could keep hold of through all that fucking. I was placed on a barstool as doorman said goodnight and left as Anders cleaned down the bar and did his end of night routine. When he finished, he poured himself a drink and joined me at the bar. He told me that the regular guys who come along and get in the sling are lucky if they get three or four of the them. He told me that most have of the guys have sex among themselves. He reckoned that because I was new and that I would only be there for that one night it all went a bit crazy and that everyone got a bit carried away.

He said that a few guys had said that watching the doorman fuck me and watching the way I worked on the curved cock with my mouth really turned them on and made them want to fuck me. We finished our drinks and he suggested I hit the loo and drop all cum from my guts and he would get my clothes. When I came out of the club he asked how I was back there. I told him that although a little tender and very sensitive it wasnít sore and that I felt surprisingly good. He paused as he handed me my clothes, looked me in the eye asked if I could handle one more fuck as he had been sitting with a raging hard-on throughout our chat and was desperate to fuck me. As I leaned over to kiss him, I picked up a packet of lube from the basket on the bar ripped it open, handed it to him, stood up, turned around and bent over the barstool. Anders had had a pair of shorts on all night and I hadnít seen his cock yet so when he walked to where my head was and pulled his shorts down to reveal a large uncut cock with a big mushroom head I was all over it. I pulled the skin back and the moist swollen head was just begging for my mouth to envelop it.

I sucked down on his cock and went into full on deep throat mode pulling him right into my gullet. I kept on sucking on his dick getting it wetter and wetter and I could feel my arse start to twitch as I readied myself to take this amazing tool, he withdrew from my mouth and lifted my chin to kiss me. He told me that he had never fucked anyone that had been used as much as I had that night and that it was the most dangerous and stupid thing that he had ever done, but he said that he had to fuck me and really wanted to plant his seed inside me. He went behind me and gently slipped his dick into me. I was super sensitive by this point and every stroke felt like pure ecstasy and exquisite agony at the same time. He fucked me steady and hard and when he came it was measured and sure, he was making every stroke count and was relishing every moment.

When he withdrew my ass continued to throb and that didnít stop for several hours. We both got dressed and said our goodbyes. I went back to my hotel and slept all the next day. A few days later I flew home and when I next visited the Yumbo bar Contact was gone. The memories of that night will remain forever.

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