By Hook or Crook : Part 3

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

Over the next several weeks before the High School Prom Glen and Wayne took every opportunity they could get to “groom” Kevin for Jules. Kevin was exposed to every conceivable type of sexual encounter imaginable. There was bondage, wrestling, strip poker, water sports in the pool and everything else in between.

Kevin on the other hand couldn’t seem to get enough inter-course and was thoroughly hooked on having sex with his friends. Glen and Wayne even managed to convince Kevin to ask Jules to the High School Prom. The only image in Kevin’s mind regarding Jules was erotic in nature. “What would it be like to completely make it with Jules?”

One thing Kevin knew and felt for sure was that for each day that passed he was more smitten with Jules than the day before. Kevin was now frequently having visions of being skewed by Jules massive tool in every which way imaginable.

Jules was finding it harder to sexually contain herself as the night of their date rapidly approached. Jules was planning to display and show case her conquest of Kevin to her friends. Eventually, Kevin would be one of her prized conquests within her circle of close friends. Jules tried not to dwell to frequently on her much anticipated prize as she was finding it increasingly hard to hide her massive erections in public.

Kevin spared no expense to entertain Jules on the night of the Prom. Kevin arrived at Jules’s house in a chauffeured limousine. The limo glided to a noiseless stop and he stepped out. Kevin was decked out in a specially made one piece tuxedo, ruffled dark blue shirt and powder blue jacket. His long dreds were perfectly manicured for the occasion and hung freely at his shoulders perfectly framing his handsome facial features.

Kevin looked down checking his appearance quickly before reaching out to ring the doorbell. He noticed there was a slight trembling of his hand. When Jules answered the door Kevin thought he had died and gone to heaven. Jules was stunning in her hand made full length gown. Kevin could feel the electricity hanging in the air between them when their eyes met.

Jules was the first to speak, “Won‘t you come in for a moment. I meant to ask you something earlier. “You are coming to my birthday after the Prom?”

Jules added, “I know my timing was thoughtless for not asking you this earlier. Will you escort me to my after party. I believe it will help round out this evenings events and entertainment. I would like to introduce you to my closest friends who should already be here waiting for us.”

Kevin was still lost at the sight of Jules’s stunning appearance. “Ummmm, Oh yeah sure you know I wouldn’t miss it but you should have warned me. I didn’t get you a present.”

Jules quickly replied, “I’ll tell you what, you can be my present.”

Kevin blushed at the comment and said, “Oh I almost forgot” as he handed her a gift wrapped box containing a corsage. Jules removed the corsage from the box and Kevin carefully pinned it on her with trembling fingers.

Kevin and Jules exited the front door of the house. Kevin put his arm around Jules waist as they stepped toward the waiting limo. There was a heavy sense of erotic energy hanging heavily in the air between them. Jules was desperately willing her not to start growing!

Once the limo was on the way Kevin took Jules by the hand, leaned over and gently kissed Jules fully on the lips. “Did I mention how absolutely stunning you look tonight.” Kevin whispered. Kevin could sense the erotic energy building between Jules and himself. Kevin thought to himself, “I would love to rip that dress off of Jules and have her right here in this limo. There will be plenty of time for me to make love to Jules later, hopefully after her party.” Kevin admonished himself for such thoughts as he tried to will his cock to settle down and relax.

The Prom was everything that Kevin had expected and more. They both danced, drank punch, laughed and enjoyed each others company. Kevin’s thoughts kept coming back to the same junction. He wanted to make long and sensuous love to Jules’s body again just like the first time in the woods. Kevin’s mind was totally consumed with this fantasy.

They both decided to leave the Prom early because of Jules’s party. When they arrived back at Jules house there were several cars parked in her front yard. As they approached the rear of the house they could hear voices, laughing, music and splashing water. Jules opened the gate and voices rang out in unison “Happy Birthday Jules!” As Kevin and Jules entered the backyard there were several comments regarding how great they looked together. Both were handed drinks and someone shouted “let the party begin!”

Once again for the second time tonight Kevin could feel something strangely electric hanging in the air. Kevin said to Jules, “You didn‘t tell me this was a pool party I don‘t have any shorts with me.”

“Don‘t worry Wayne and Glen are around here somewhere they were supposed to bring you something to wear for the occasion. Here have another drink and kiss me you handsome fool!” Jules replied.

Kevin and Jules’s lips met in a heavenly fire. Jules sucked Kevin’s hot tongue deeply into her mouth. Jules released Kevin’s tongue long enough to tell him, “now this is the way I have wanted to kiss you all night long.” Jules took the opportunity to fully insert her tongue deeply into Kevin’s mouth while she massaged his aching hard on. They remained like this until Jules slowly guided Kevin back toward the pool house.

Once inside Kevin couldn’t believe what he saw. There were about a dozen guests both male and female some nude, some in various stages of undress but all were engaged in various sexual acts. Jules took Kevin in her arms and began to very seductively remove Kevin’s clothes. Kevin had no idea how to react in a room full of strangers until Jules spoke. “Relax everyone here knows me. These are my friends. Only pay attention to me as if I am the only person in the room.” Jules planted another long and soul penetrating kiss on Kevin’s lips.

Before Kevin could utter a word he felt countless hands peeling his clothes carefully away from his body. These same hands began to roam freely all over his naked body. Jules was receiving the same treatment. There was no body part on either one of them left untouched by countless numbers of hands.

In Kevin’s mind the scene was playing out so surreal almost as if he were in one of his dreams. Never before had he experienced such sights, sounds and aromas as his senses were detecting at this moment in this dimly lit mirrored room in the Pool House.

In another corner of the dimly lit room Kevin once again took notice of the other couples making out or engaged in sexual acts. The sights, soft moans and sexual aromas danced through the air and were immediately transferred through his mind. The nuances he was experiencing had begun to arouse him sexually. Sexually charged images and feelings gently danced through Kevin’s mind. Kevin now more than ever was totally prepared to sexually take Jules again.

Kevin’s eyes were momentarily locked on Jules’s exquisite upper body, in particular her rounded firm breasts. A hand being placed gently on his hardening cock brought him quickly back to . Kevin’s eyes met Jules’s eyes just before he let out a soft sigh. Kevin’s sigh was in response to what two mouths were doing to his body. The first mouth took his cock deeply and someone else’s tongue started to massage his scrotum.

Kevin’s mind went blank as he began abandoning any inhibition that he might have been feeling at that moment. Kevin’s hips began to gently roll and sway at the sexually charged sensations running through his young body.

Jules was becoming completely lost in the moment as a pair of lips started to gently lick and suck her flaccid cock. Jules leaned forward and kissed Kevin fully on the mouth. The kiss was long and passionate as her guests hands and mouths continued to work over both of their bodies. Kevin’s moans were beginning to sound more sensuously charged with each passing moment.

As Jules continued to passionately kiss her lover she diverted her eyes to one of the full length mirrors behind Kevin from where they were standing. Two people were now directly behind Kevin kneading his cute, firm round . One of the girls had begun to massage Kevin’s love canal with her tongue. Kevin moaned once again and stated, “Oh yeah, that‘s it! That‘s the spot. Deeper!”

Jules had applied a small amount of flavored lube to her fingers and slowly worked her fingers past Kevin’s luscious lips and into his mouth. Kevin responded by tenderly sucking on Jules’s fingers.

Jules slowly started to take small steps backward away from Kevin forcing him to lean his upper torso slightly forward. This allowed the person behind Kevin easier access to Kevin’s wanting hole. Kevin could feel fingers being slowly inserted into his ass playfully stretching his ring open. More spit, then lube and many more fingers were inserted all playfully stretching his at his ring. Kevin’s eyes appeared to have started to roll toward the back of his head.

Kevin’s body seemed to be on auto pilot, his cock was as hard as a tree limb. The initial pain of his anal ring stretching subsided and was now being replaced with a more erotic pleasurable feeling. Kevin had no idea how many fingers there were pulling and stretching his ring. It seemed as though the fingers were pulling in all different directions at the same time. These fingers were getting so deep he could no longer contract his anal ring for the tightness he was experiencing but the stretching and tight feeling were becoming delightfully maddening to his senses!

Kevin moaned and begged for more as he continuously tried to back his bum up more and more on all of the fingers that were exerting so much unexpected pleasure. Kevin‘s words were barely understandable and sounded more like grunts while trying to make their way around Jules‘s now deeply inserted fingers in his mouth. “Please deeper more, more…Yesss, I‘ll tell you when to stop. That‘s it more lube…Aghhh, fuck that ass up!”

Kevin rolled his hips wildly as he made further attempts to push his butt back further on the digits sensuously invading his body and mind. Kevin‘s erotic pleasure was on the verge of becoming mind shattering both to himself and the other nearby participants!

Kevin’s moans became more frequent and more un-discernible as his words tried to pass around Jules’s long fingers which were now fully inserted in his mouth up to her knuckles. Kevin was so trapped in his ecstasy that he didn’t hear the day bed being moved just behind him.

Kevin was suddenly lifted off of his feet! He thought about struggling but just surrendered himself to the movement. The hands that were stretching his anal ring remained firmly in their position and Jules‘s fingers never left his mouth. In fact those same fingers inserted in his wanting ass were being used to help gently lift his body in addition to the other hands being used to support his body‘s weight. There was definitely no fighting the sensations his body was experiencing. At this moment Kevin felt as if he were no longer in control of his body or his senses!

Strange lips were nibbling at Kevin’s erect nipples playfully sucking and biting at the tiny orbs. His body was placed gently on the bed so that his head was slightly hanging over the edge of the bed. Kevin felt his thighs being lifted then pushed back down towards his chest. Kevin’s knees were bent and his ankles were momentarily being held steady in the air so his anal ring remained fully exposed to the fingers that were probing and stretching him open.

Jules lowered her face to Kevin’s face “Oh, I have such pleasures in mind for you tonight my love. I’ve been planning this moment for weeks now. You fucked me in the woods and now I think it only appropriate that I return some of the loving to you. So just lie back and enjoy what I have mind for you.” Jules seductively licked some of the sweat from Kevin’s face.

“I don‘t know if….” Kevin’s statement trailed off…as well as his mind.

“Shhhh, You were worried about not having a Birthday present for me before. Baby you‘re it! Right now you are all I want in this world. I am going to make you wild with happiness, pleasure and temporary insanity!” Jules held her flaccid cock with her free hand and playfully used her semi-hard cock to hit Kevin about his cheeks, mouth and nose several times.

Jules removed her fingers from Kevin’s mouth and started to replace the fingers with her hardening cock. She kept pushing forward until Kevin had almost inhaled half of her still flaccid cock. Even in this semi conscience state Jules had stuffed several inches of her cock into her lovers mouth.

Kevin could feel his knees being pushed down toward his chest and held there in this position by more hands. His scrotum was pulled downward and a ring was placed over the stretched skin forcing his nuts to the bottom of his scrotum‘s skin.

Kevin’s anal ring continued to be stretched wider by the invading digits. His anal ring felt so tight that he couldn’t contract the muscles down there any longer. However, oddly enough Kevin found he wanted to be stuffed even more than what he already was and continuously tried to slide more of his ass over the fingers that were impaling him at the moment.

Meanwhile, Kevin could feel Jules’s cock getting larger by the minute in his wet mouth. Kevin thought silently to himself, “God, my mouth can barely fit around her cock! How much bigger is she going to get?”

Then it hit him Jules’s cock was at the back of his throat attempting to gain entrance. Jules had momentarily stopped pushing allowing Kevin an opportunity to accept her large cock before trying to invade his throat. Kevin wanted to gag but fought back the impulse to do so.

“That‘s it, relax the muscles in your throat baby. Ahh, yess I am going to feed you every inch of my dick and you’re going to beg me for more in that greedy mouth.” Jules cooed.

Jules could feel Kevin’s gag reflex subside. She pulled back her still stiffening cock to Kevin’s lips then pushed her cock steadily forward again. “Yess, that‘s it! Now when I pull out breathe then hold your breath when I enter again.” Jules instructed.

Jules placed her hands gently around Kevin’s throat so she could feel her cock fucking Kevin’s throat. Each time Jules pulled back she allowed Kevin a few seconds to breathe before reinserting herself again. Jules kept up this process going a little deeper with each stroke until she was at her full length.

Kevin relaxed even more deeply into his self induced trance as he found himself trying to swallow Jules’s cock! Jules bent forward taking Kevin’s 7 inch cock fully into her mouth. Her movements resembled some sensuously lewd dance as she made love to Kevin’s face. Jules wanted so desperately to cum down Kevin’s throat but she had a different plan in mind for her lover.

After several minutes Jules stopped fucking Kevin’s face. Kneeling down she kissed Kevin deeply again. She whispered to Kevin, “Tonight I am going to give you my all. I am going to shove 12 inches of love into your pussy and fuck you until you cum all over yourself! You will never experience anything like this ever again in your life. Unless of course I am the one doing it to you.” Jules stated with an air of self-confidence.

Kevin moaned with his anticipation. “Yesss, fuck me until I cum all over myself. I want you to fuck me!” Kevin cooed back at Jules. Jules waved her friends away from Kevin’s prone and twitching body. Jules climbed on to the day bed and in between Kevin’s spread eagled legs.

Jules placed Kevin’s bare feet on her shoulders while pushing on the back of his thighs and burried her tongue deeply in Kevin’s well budded ring. Kevin moaned loudly while thrashing his hips upward in an attempt to fuck Jules’s long slender tongue.

After a several minute tongue lashing Jules poured more lube on her cock and a liberal dose into Kevin’s now wide open and twitching hole. She slipped the head of her cock into Kevin’s opening and pushed slowly. “Are you OK baby?” Jules asked.

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