By Hook or Crook : Part 2

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

Kevin started to come to his senses after several minutes of lying in the small clearing. His mind and body were still entangled in the sexual essence of what he’d just experienced. Kevin’s only thought for the moment was, “what in the hell just happened to me?”

The first person to stir was Glen. Even in a semi-hardened state Glen’s cock still felt enlarged in Kevin’s . Glen slowly began the process of backing his cock out of Kevin’s slightly sore but well budded love canal. Glen in a most sensuous voice whispered to Kevin, “lye still and let me gently work my way out of that sweet ass of your‘s.”

Glen was working his way out of Kevin very--slowly, as if he were committing a sensuous act while still savoring his own personal after glow. “Mmmm, Kev that was absolutely some of the sex I have ever had. You were everything I expected and more! I hope that we can do this again sometime in the future. That‘s if you enjoyed it as much as I did.” As Glen was finished with his final sentence Kevin’s virgin hole released Glens cock with a audible popping sound.

Kevin taking his que from Glen removed his cock very slowly from Jules’s pussy. Kevin could feel Jules’s pussy milking his still rigid cock during its exodus. Kevin was still feeling the erotic sensuousness of the moment and truthfully, he wanted to fuck Jules again! He thought better of this course of action for the moment. What if Jules decided she wanted to fuck him back?

Jules let out a light sigh as Kevin continued to remove himself from her extremely wet and happy pussy. Jules thought to herself, “I want all of Kevin. I want to fuck him until he creams all over himself! Then I am going to fill him up with my load, mmmm.” She desperately wanted to fuck Kevin. There was however another temporary barrier that Jules had to consider.

Jules knew Kevin’s body wasn’t ready to receive her monstrous dick but she was determined to have all of Kevin‘s sweet body. Rather than risk scaring Kevin away from her sexual wants and desires she decided, her silence right now at this moment would serve her best for any future sexual experiences with Kevin. Jules sighed once again as Kevin finally removed his stiff tool from Jules’s wet pussy.

Everyone finally got up and dressed in silence after Wayne retrieved Kevin’s clothes from the outer edge of the clearing. There was an almost deafening silence between all of them after they were dressed. Kevin was the first to speak and that was to simply say that he was late and had something important to do. Kevin was looking for any excuse to leave his friends at the moment.

Both Jules and Glen looked at each other after Kevin made this statement. They both knew that Kevin had no where to go but neither one of them argued the point with their friend. Kevin silently exited the clearing where they were all standing.

Kevin’s silence only heightened his three friend’s curiosity with regards to did Kevin like having sex with them?

The real question looming in everyone’s mind was would Kevin break down and say that he was sexually assaulted or even raped?

Jules was the first to speak after Kevin’s silent departure. I don’t think he will say anything to anyone do you guys?

Both Glen and Wayne stood there silently shaking their heads side to side indicating a no response to Jules’s question. Glen replied, “honestly I think he liked what happened and now he just needs some time to sort things out in his mind.”

Jules pondered on Glen’s response for a moment before speaking. “Well I definitely want some more of that fine boy. I want to run my fingers through those long dreds and wind them around my fingers while I make love to that cute ass of his. So, I need you guys to get him ready for me. I think you know what I mean.” With this being said she turned and strolled off like a model exiting the run way. Jules was confident that Glen and Wayne could handle her simple request.

Kevin had ventured further into the woods and eventually found himself sitting on a log next to a small stream. As he sat under the canopy of thickening Spring foliage he thought to himself, “What in the hell just happened to me?”

Kevin answered his own question, “Ok, Ok I knew I was curious about having sex with a guy and Glen was my fantasy. Fact… My curiosity and fantasy turned into an ! Fact… There is no denying I like what happened back there. Fact. I have never felt so sexually excited and out of control in my life. Fact… I think that I would do it again given the right opportunity.”

Jules however, is causing a strange turn of events in Kevin’s mind. Kevin has always been smitten with Jules. Actually, all he wanted to do this afternoon was invite Jules to be his date for the High School Prom. How could he had not known that Jules was a he?

Kevin continued to think. “I only know that when I’m around Jules my brain goes south on vacation or something. I feel like I am just here waiting for the little yellow school bus to come and collect me. I thought that Glen was a hot experience! Actually, he was everything that I had fantasized about having happen to me sexually with another guy.

Jules however, turned out to be nothing like I expected! I am guessing that nobody even knows Jules is really a guy. Now what do I do about the Prom?”

As Kevin continued to ponder his major teenage thoughts he heard a twig snap proceeded by a rustling sound. When he looked up there was Glen and Wayne. Glen waved and approached Kevin with Wayne in tow.

When Glen spoke he chose his words carefully. Actually, he was trying to figure out where Kevin’s head was at. “I‘m glad I ran into you. I was just thinking that maybe you might need to talk to someone right about now.”

Kevin was just sitting on the log mentally melting faster by the minute at the sight of Glen. Kevin had not looked up into Glens eyes yet. All he could seem to focus on was Glens long legs and slender hips coming his way. When Kevin looked up to greet Glen what little grip he had on was gone! Once he saw those blue eyes, long curly brown hair and winning smile Kevin was toast (mentally speaking). The knot in Kevin’s tongue was tying itself tighter as the melt down process continued to grow in his mind.

Glen and Wayne finally stood at the spot where Kevin was sitting. Glen was the first to speak. “Hey Kevin are you alright?”

Glen continued, “I had no idea that Wayne and Jules were going to show up like they did. I‘m really sorry it wasn‘t something that I had planned on happening.” Glen studied the blank expression on Kevin’s face and asked Kevin again, “are you sure that you‘re OK?”

Kevin stammered, “Oh, ummmm, yeah I’m fine. What were you saying?”

Glen stood there looking dumb founded at Kevin for a moment. “Yeah man, look I was worried about you because of the way you left us so silently and all. Do you need to talk or something?”

Kevin’s tongue was finally becoming untied, “Yes, actually I do need to talk to you. How long have you known Jules was a guy?”

Glen replied almost as if trying to down play the question. “Oh, is that what’s bothering you?”

Glen continued, “Jules has been that way ever since she moved here a couple of years ago. She legitimately has female hormones raging in her body and male body parts. Oh my, I think I see the total picture now. You like Jules in the manner a straight or bi guy likes a girl?”

Kevin replied in a manner that showed he was decidedly confused. “Yes, ever since she moved here I have always wanted to know her and maybe even get with her if the opportunity ever arose. Now I am just fucking… all confused. Shit man, I am just all screwed up and confused about everything right now!” Kevin, feeling the stress of the moment placed his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands as he started to stare down at the ground again.

Glen could see and actually feel Kevin’s anguish coming through loud and clear. He gave Kevin a kind and thoughtful facial expression before replying to his dilemma. “OK, I can see where you would be confused. Let‘s start with did you like what happened between us this afternoon?”

Glen continued quickly by answering as own question, “I could see, feel and sense that you were enjoying yourself. So, I am guessing that you are probably bi-sexual. There is nothing wrong with being curious because the only way you are ever going to find out if you like something is to try it. So don‘t you feel guilty about anything! I like a person who is bold enough to experiment and act on their feelings. Provided they do so within reason of course and no one is getting hurt. The absolute worst thing that could happen, is that you not like something you‘ve decided to try.”

Kevin sat there on the log for a second nodding his head in agreement with Glen. Glen turned to Wayne and started to pat his pockets as he walked back toward Wayne. Glen had a concerned expression on his face. “Ahh shit! Hey Wayne could I get you to do me a big favor?”

Wayne looked quizzically for a second at Glen before answering. “Ummmm, sure what do you need?”

Glen replied, “would you go back to where we were earlier and see if my back pack is there. I really wouldn‘t care except I think my I-pad is in my back pack. I think I had my back pack when I left school earlier.” Glen was hoping that Wayne would go back so he could talk to Kevin for a moment privately.

Wayne smiled, “sure thing I‘ll be right back with it.”

Glen replied, “thanks dude I owe you one!”

Glen returned to the log and stood directly behind Kevin leaning over and talking in a low tone into Kevin’s ear. “Sorry dude, I had to get rid of Wayne for a few minutes.” Kevin could feel the mental melting process starting all over again.

Glen continued in his low tone in Kevin’s ear. “Do you think there is any chance that we could finish what we started earlier like later maybe at my place?”

Glen placed his hands on Kevin’s shoulders and started gently massaging them almost as if Glen were committing a sensuous act. Glen’s hands were slowly and seductively working their way down toward Kevin’s stiffening nipples under his tee shirt.

Kevin sighed deeply but managed to momentarily find his voice. “I don‘t know if I can take another pounding like that again today. I mean…”

Glen spoke up as Kevin’s voice trailed off and his hands continued to freely roam over Kevin‘s clothed body. “No, I don’t want to do you. I want you to do me, silly! You’re really sending some wild urges through my body. I want to feel your big stiff dick inside of me.” Glen’s hand was now gently rubbing Kevin’s crotch. Kevin’s cock was stiffening with the thought of what Glen was proposing.

Kevin was about to melt down completely again for the second or third time today! Kevin had enough presence of mind left to respond, “Damn, you want me to ummmm, do you tonight?”

Glen Replied, “Yes silly, what did you think I wanted. By the way I can promise you there will be no Jules or Wayne present or even sneaking up on us again. It will be just you and I after my Mom leaves for work tonight.” Kevin’s cock was so hard it was threatening to bust out of his pants!

Glen continued stroking Kevin‘s ever growing hard-on as he spoke, “look we can turn down the lights, put on some soft music, have a little wine and I think you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks. So, what do ya say about 8:30 tonight?” Glen was hoping for an affirmative answer from Kevin.

Kevin felt he was definitely well on his way to loosing his marbles again and traveling toward the light at a blinding speed! The rustling of leaves brought Kevin quickly back to reality. Kevin’s hips were starting to gently wriggle at the thought of Glen’s suggestion. “Oh yes, yeah I’ll be there. You‘re sure though there will be no Jules or Wayne?”

Glen smiled, “No baby just you and I. Now you can satisfy my fantasy tonight.” With this said Glen stepped away from Kevin just as Wayne appeared with Glen’s back pack in hand. Glen smiled at Kevin and stated, “everything is gonna be OK. You‘ll see, everything will all work out for the best.” Glen took his back pack from Wayne while thanking him and started to walk away. Glen looked back as he and Wayne were leaving and smiled at Kevin who had turned his head to watch Glen walk away.

Wayne usually had a childish sense about him. This time however, he seemed a little more serious when he spoke to Glen. “I guess everything went alright with Kevin?”

Wayne continued. “I saw that coy smile you shot back at him. I hope this whole thing works out I hate it when Jules gets a mean streak in her.”

Glen thought for a moment before answering Wayne’s question. He was choosing his words carefully. Wayne was known to be a gossip hound and that no secret was safe in his mouth. Wayne was really a cool, fun and a bright person except for the fact he talked too much some times!

“OK dude here’s the deal. You know we have to get Kevin ready for Jules. The plan I have in mind is to fuck Kevin’s cute ass every chance that we get! I am sure that after tonight he will be a willing subject for the both of us. Just be careful not to make him cum while you’re doing him. Jules wants that pleasure exclusively when she does him at her .”

Glen continued, “We are going to make this as easy on Kevin as possible. Like you said Jules can be really mean when she doesn’t get her way. Trust me, I don’t want to be there if she doesn’t get her way! Do you?”

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