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Bunkers are not for sleep reviews

Posted by patrick (email: patr)
hey i really like your story and im wondering if you could please give me somue advice on how to turn your str8 friend into you. i really like this guy but im too afraid to tell him the truth about me, but i really feel like i want to do stuff with him more, like giving him blow job and stuff. Please if you could help me and give me the best advbice it will be great.
Posted by Jason (email: jsal)
I can say he is very horny when hes drunk and one girl doesnt do the job most the time he has to jerk off the rest and he would really be turned on if you let him ride you with telling him stop and sometimes he gets this feeling where he has to cum in you and your mouth so he can get his load out so he likes 2 fucks i would say
Posted by Jason (email: jsal)
patrick read [first day on leave] its a 30 day series of action and if you want me to write another about this one ill tell you what we did in iraq as we were stranded in a snipers nest and with 500 rounds of ammo with 2 cocks locked and loaded on its target
Posted by rhaff (email: rhaf)
i hope will again
Posted by rhaf (email: rhaf)
i was so shock to see the review of 'rhaff', i d0nt kn0w why is that, i mean i d0nt kn0w if i was really the 0ne who posted it. Or maybe i was the 0ne who wrote it and i didnt check it because im so sleepy when i read it on one day. Nice story again ronnie, hope you'll continue ur stories.
Posted by rhaf (email: rhaf)
patrick, i dont kn0w if this work. If you two are friends then why dont u tell him frankly. Read some stories here to get some tips like the stories of micheal booker 'detention', 'ro0mates' and 'heights', Matt roberts ''changes'' and etc. They are interesting but they are l0ng stories. Or maybe, be close to him, ask him to help you with ur activities, pretend as if youre n0t aware, get m0re of his attenti0n, untill you will be develop to each other. Be attractive like a real man, i mean have a nice body for him to realize that he love u too. Be passion. Haha! Joke, im telling u this but i never tried it for a man. I was just reading some of the stories here. Sory. . .
Posted by ronnie (email: jsa)
rhaf i think u should give me a topic to write next time im planning on fucking a recruit because he has been begging for a promotion so ill write about how he screamed to my cock i guess
Posted by garth (email: gmye)
great story waitn for number two to come out
Posted by Michael (email: mchl)
This story got me wanting a military man to fuck me
Posted by EleanorRivera (email: Elea)
Beautiful and erotic story. Very well done. Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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