Brayn Nearer Dangerrous

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Tony and I were cruising around in my new Acura he vaguely glanced toward me.
"Tony what do you want to do?" I asked him.
For the moment, Tony was silent and lifeless then the life came back into his eye's and he lauged it off.
"You have to make a decision, you know what I mean. I said to Tony.
Then I looked back at him Tony was a handsome . I had parcked the car in a parking lot. "Where you wanna go? Tony asked.
I hesitated when I told him let's go to my house. "Dams!" I looked at Tony."Damn dude it's to late he told me I told him will be quite and Tony smiled and grabbed his crotch. This was somthing that he had not done all night. I know that he was .

We were still in the parcking lot when Tony unzipped my jeans my poped out. My cock was pink and silky he touched the head as it emarged from my foreskin. Tony gave me bowl job in my car as the rain came down with each flash of lightning he sucked harder.
THere was no denying it my car smelled of Tony, his wild cock and . That wild funky guy smell gushing from out of Tony.

He had me. He puld my jeans white undershorts down-hard for him to do since I was behind the wheel-and I let him. I got u and he squeezed in under my funky bare ass he started to lick suck on my balls, getting my savag, distinct, young man smell into his nostris- it shot straight into his lungs.

He sqeezed my some more and licked the whole fat length of my dick.
That's nice, man real nice" I said "What you did that was real magic. What you did.

I lowered my fingers down towards his face and jacked myself off he was still sucking my cock. When he was done and I was satisfied for now.
Time to go I said and told him to stop.
I started the car and pulled out of the samll lot next to the Saveway.
Sunddenly the Saveway was fare behind us, it was in the distance.
Tree linded the street houses painted in victroine colors, green, blue,white. I could see this by moon light, no one was out now.
It was allmost two i the moring. It was way to late; and things were just getting started.
"We'll be there in just five minuts, "I said. :You should buckle up!"
"Tony asked can I just walk out like this?
"Not in Anderon,"I said.
"Tony said the say that you the bad type.
"What do you mean? I asked. It's cool with me.You think that it's true dont you?" It's okay I toled him and he smiled at me.
It was a smile with a kind af jackass smart look with just a bit of genius.
"Besides, I said I know you think I'm somthing that I may our may not be.
"Yeah he said."

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