Boys and Their Toys- Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This story is entirely fictional and a personal fantasy of mine dealing with the huge range of available today. Enjoy!! But always be wary of sharing toys with strangers.

Part 3- Dildos, Beads and Fists

The was in full swing in more ways than one; I had just received my first arse pumping by multiple guys who were being serviced by fuck machines that were pumping them full of latex at he same time. Now I had spied a huddle of men in the corner and was curious.

As I closed the gap I could see that my new friend Mike was in the centre of the ; lying backward on a bench his legs kept up and apart by a set of stirrups straight out of a Maternity Ward. I watched in amazement as a huge dildo was pushed deep into his hole; his body gleaming with sweat and oil that 2 guys were massaging his body with. He had stripped down to a small leather strap that kept his cock and balls jutting out of his bush and leaving his butt bare.

Inch after inch was fed into the widening hole and the further it went in the bigger the grin on Mikes’ face. I wondered how much he would take when the last few inches were in and the dildo was slowly being removed again. I couldn’t believe the size of the thing until it was revealed in its full glory. The latex was at least 16’ long and looked at least 5’ wide. His hole gape like a freshly landed fish as he moaned at the lost of his prize and a man stepped forward to fill the void. He knelt in front of the hole and slowly pushed 3 fingers into it, then 4, and then his hand started disappearing into Mike. I watched in awe as his fist and wrist was sucked into the tight chute and couldn’t believe that not only did Mike seem to love this torture but had a raging hard on still.

My cock had never lost its stiffness even though I had just cum but this sight made it ache it was that hard. Mike was being fucked by the fist and the others were massaging all parts of his body. He groaned and pushed forward to take the fist and shuddered when his cock was taken by another guy’s mouth.

I felt someone push by and as I stepped aside for him to pass noticed that there were several movies playing on the walls. Each had a different scene of dildo torture and a few guys were sitting on the benches enjoying the view. I sat down on a larger dildo than originally and pumped some lube to ease my hole; then turned the vibrate on to a pleasant level.

My gaze was distracted from the by the scene in the room; various groups had formed, servicing themselves with toys or helping another out with their pleasure. I spied my blonde Adonis walking toward me his cock although soft was still swinging freely in front of his low hanging balls; his strong legs bringing him closer to me.

“Howdy mate! You okay? It can be a bit much at first but I am sure glad that you jumped right in! Handled that sling like a pro!” he said with a smile. It was only then I noticed a slight Aussie accent; this man could get any man or woman to fulfil his every whim.

“Yeah thanks” I replied “Just catching my breathe”

“Well, I’m Dave” he said eying the cock between my legs “If you want I could give you a bit of a tour.”

I nodded my agreement and stood letting him take the lead. “Bit rude of Mike to leave you hanging on your first outing but his loss is my gain!” he laughed. Spying two chests in the corner he bent to retrieve something out of the first. I had to physically restrain myself from plunging my cock straight up his firm arse. He had presented his finely fuzzed orbs as he rummaged around. I reached out and gently kneading them and when I didn’t get any protest explored his crack with my fingers. The fuzz parted and I let one of them enter his warm, moist hole. Shivering with delight he stood again holding a couple of items.

“Plenty of time for that” he admonished playfully “Try this on.”

He helped me into the complex strap and soon had a dildo firmly inside me; I could feel the vibrations as he turned the devise on and I then helped him, secretly jealous of the toy and that it wasn’t my cock.

Grabbing two beers from the other chest, Dave took me by the dick and led me around the room. I was starting to understand why he said it was a bit daunting. I thought there were only 10-15 men but as the party was livening up at least 45 men were scattered around the place taking up all the machines and cock they could handle.

We first went by Mike who was still getting fist fucked by another guy and he smiled and waved as we passed “Don’t keep him all to yourself, Dave! There at a lot of guys here wanting the new meat!” he laughed and then grimaced as the fist was roughly pushed into him bringing him back to what he was there for.

The slings were all full and the men were being service by others in slings above them; still more were waiting in line for their turn, either in the slings or overhead.

I hadn’t been past the slings and soon saw that I had only explored a third of the room; to my left I spied what looked like a wall devoted to cock but on closer inspection realised that there were real cocks through glory holes and men were frantically going from cock to cock keeping them hard.

“Yeah, that’s a game.” Explained Dave “If the guys in the front let one cock go soft; them it’s off to the room for him!”

I marvelled at the stamina of the suckers there must have been 15 cocks on the wall and as soon as they got one hard another was rapidly deflating.

Beside the wall 3 guys were a study in concentrating sitting on a bench similar to the one we had left behind. I looked on curiously and wondered why they were concentrating when Dave came to my aide again.

“If you don’t get in exactly the right position those balls will sting like mad” he was backed up by a yelp as a young guys stood suddenly. Out of his arse popped ping-pong ball sized bead after bead as the string was revealed and as the last one popped out the string retracted back into the hole in the bench.

“The beads are shot into your arse by an air gun. It won’t kill you if they miss but I think his night is over” he laughed.

They young guy limped past and he was holding his crotch; Dave stopped him and inspected the wound. “Nothing to worry about mate just put an ice-pack on those balls and you’ll be right as rain!”

We laughed again as he hobbled away.

“Accidents can happen but we have a on hand if anything serious occurs. Normally just carpet burn or the odd lost dildo” he said pointing out a stocky man in the corner who was receiving the beads expertly.

He waved us over and said “I told that little idiot not to squirm so much but he was enjoying it and couldn’t help it. Oh well, I’ll just have to have him when he feels better.” Just then another whoosh could be heard and the Doc was lost in the feeling of another bead filling his chute.

Dave laughed “How many tonight Doc?”

“15 and counting”

Dave wished him well and explained that the record was 23 and the Doc was constantly trying to break it. The party was a strange mix of , gym and competitions all themed around sex-toys and I was drinking in all the action. The dildo vibrated up my arse and my cock was stiff in Dave’s’ hand; I was ready for more action and asked him if we could be alone for a little while.

“Sorry mate” he said looking genuinely disappointed “but not on your first night. Mike would ban me if I kept you to myself.” I was a bit annoyed too and only wanted this stud all over me. “You’ll just have to wait; but until then I’ll be right by your side if you need any help.”

I agreed reluctantly and wondered which game we should enter; the noise level and action was heating up and loud voices of encouragement were coming from Docs seat as he reached 20 beads.

Dave led me by the cock to another part of the room; my dick was leaking so much pre-cum that I thought I would be dry soon but the slick feeling from Dave kept me going. A row of boxes were in front of us with holes padded with soft leather.

“Okay mate! Time to test your cock!” he pulled me to my knees and positioned me in front of the first hole. “It’s really easy; just tell me what you are fucking!”

I wanted to fuck him but was curious to find out what would be in the boxes; as my cock entered the first hole a cold sensation grabbed my cock and a soft yielding was felt. “That’s easy” I said “I used to fuck my pillow when I was 14 but I think this is satin”

Dave smiled and pointed me to the next box; entering I felt the cool wetness and shivered as I got used to the cold. The sensation was amazing and I started pumping the hole letting the heat from my cock warm whatever it was immersed in. “Um… it feels like jello?” I said, unsure.

“Right again” Dave smiled pulling me back “Here wait a minute; the rules say you need a clean cock when you enter the next box. He dropped to his knees and I grabbed his head as he licked my pole clean. “Hmmm… I love the taste of jello straight off your cock” he grinned licking the final piece off.

I entered the third box and felt resistance and then my shaft entering a warm hole. The ridges and firmness were a dead give away and I knew I was fucking an arse hole even before it was fully inside him. “What’s his name?” I enquired Dave laughed and called out to the box “Hey Fred! You need anything?” a muffled voice was heard saying he had run out of beer and Dave pushed his through the hole.

We moved away from the boxes and were heading toward a sunken area where I could see naked bodies everywhere. Dave took out the dildo and harness telling me that no toys were encouraged in the pit. After ridding himself of all garments he walked straight down into the pit and beckoned me forward.

I took a step and slipped straight onto my back as the floor gave way, the plastic sheet was slick with an oily substance and tilted toward the middle. As I sat up a fine spray of mist covered me with more oil which ran off to a drain in the centre. Dave laughed and grabbed me; propelling us both into the middle of the action, bodies were pressed all around us but we had a firm grasp of each other. I used this opportunity to stick my tongue down Dave’s throat and received his down mine. I was aware of hands, cocks and bodies writhing around us massaging every crater and prodding at anything in reach.

I managed to get to my knees and guide Dave’s cock to my arse hole and took the length quickly. A cock presented me with something to suck and I could feel another mouth attach itself onto mine. Dave moaned as he was impaled from behind and a huge man stood and fed Dave his massive slab of meat. Hands were everywhere and it seemed that I had joined one single mass of oily muscular tissue. I was getting lost in the moment as we fucked and sucked anything offered to us.

Mixing in with the constant spray of oil guys were letting loose streams of cum and most were content to service others instead of leaving. The mass undulated as guys came and left and I lost track of time as Dave fucked my hole and others were touching, sucking and massaging our bodies. I felt my stomach clench and let loose with a river of cum into someone’s mouth but I wasn’t finished and let Dave continue to fuck me deeper and faster. I never really lost my erection and continued to suck and be sucked; at one point my cock was positioned to fuck someone and I plunged in with the momentum from Dave who was getting his from the guy behind him. We ended up in a 5 man daisy chain and each of us had a cock to suck as well.

Soon a crescendo was building and I spun onto my back to receive my reward; all the guys gathered around me pulling on their own or a neighbour’s dick. Dave plunged back into me and plugged my hole so roughly I thought it would come out of my mouth. Then stream after stream of hot cum drenched me from head to toe; some dribbling out others gushing so wildly that their owners had to direct the flow to the target. My head, hair and body were covered in the sticky mess and when Dave pulled out to send 5 strong jets to add to the mix I was in heaven.

We extracted ourselves and headed to the shower where Dave washed me gently under the spray. I got hard again under his caresses and he rewarded me with a quick blow job right there.

After blowing my 3 load into his mouth we embraced and I promised that we would see each other soon. On the way home I was tired but satisfied at the results and vowed to go back to the 46th Toy Chest Club meeting the only condition of membership was that each new member added to the club something to make it better. I was lost on what I was going to do but I knew that I only had to ask Dave (or Mike) for a bit of help and that would be easy. Until then I had a variety of toys to keep me amused and a couple of phone numbers for when I got lonely.

Can’t wait for next month!!

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