Bottom Initiation

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

For a long time, I had been extremely turned on by the thought of bottoming for a Dominant Man. Being forced to submit to spankings and whippings, paddling and caning, enemas, bondage, clothespins, whatever the master wanted to do short of cutting or blood play, anything gross or unclean or illegal. Besides that I was game for just about anything. I finally got up the nerve to attend the local BDSM ’s monthly meeting. A couple of years previously, I had been through their orientation and was familiar with a few of the members. They all greeted me warmly. They talked about the upcoming events, conferences and play parties, we all had dinner and drinks and most lingered afterwards for socializing and maybe setting up an encounter for that later that evening. I was just about to leave, when a tall, dark man of about 65 approached. “hi,” he said, “my name is Master Matrix, and Tom over there told me that you might be looking to bottom for the right master?” “Why, yes,” I replied, “I am actually very keen to do just that, and have been for a very long time.” He looked at me directly in the eyes. “Well, Martin, that is your name, right?” “yes, Martin that is right”, I said. “Martin, I can give you a wonderful and fulfilling experience, if you’re game”. “Tonight”, I asked. “Yes” he said looking in my eyes once again. “You can check out my references with the President of the club. You trust his word, do you not?” “Of course, He is the one person here that I know well, and whose opinion I can trust. Just a minute and I’ll be right back”

I went over and got the ear of our club president, and grilled him quickly on the resume of Master Matrix.
He assured me emphatically, that Master Matrix was a person of the highest character and morals, who followed the BDSM code to the letter. He just squeezed my hand and said, “go for it, Martin”.
Walking back over to Master Matrix, now in somewhat of an over anxious state, I said “OK, let’s do it”

He reached out and took my hand and looked me in the eye again and said, “ From now on, you will refer to me as ‘Master’, here is my card with address. Park in the back and come to the back door. I’ll be waiting for you. Do you understand?” “Yes sir, Master, I will be there in about 15 minutes. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life as I drove to the Master’s house. I pulled into the ally in back and drove up into his back parking area. It was very secluded, surrounded by huge oak trees. I walked up to the back door and knocked. The Master opened the door and grabbed my arm and pulled me in. He did not say a word, but led me down the hall and into a small room. There was a chair and a clothes tree in the corner. A small dresser with a couple of towels on top. A small desk with some papers on it. “Martin” he said softly, “ I want you to go over the consent form on the table, and check off all the things that are ok, and the ones that you will not do. It will take a few minutes. Then, I want you to strip off and put on this Jock-strap”, pulling it out of the drawer.

I quickly went over the form. There were none of the offensive things I mentioned earlier, on the list, only things I wanted to do, or did not mind trying out for the first time. At the bottom, it said, “if you agree to all, check here” I checked the box. Then, I got undressed, carefully putting my street clothes on the desk. I pulled on the jock strap and sat down in the metal chair. In about 5 minutes the door opened. The master stood there in very short black leather shorts, that were attached to leather straps that went over his shoulders. Black ankle high boots and a black leather mask covering the top half of his face.

He picked up the paper, and smiled “I was hoping that you would check the last box, Martin, I can see you are an open-minded person ready to experience new and stimulating things” “Yes sir,” I replied, smiling.

“Good, now stand up and turn around” I did as I was told. The master first grabbed my wrists and secured them together behind my back. Then, the lights went out. He put a hood over my head. I began to shake a little.’’ “It’s good to be a little frightened of what will happen to you, Martin, but that is part of the ‘rush’ of it all”. ‘Yes, sir” I choked out. He took my right arm and led me out of the room and down what I guessed was the long hallway I had briefly seen. I could hear him open a door, and we started down some stairs. At the bottom of the staircase, I could hear him open another door. He led me into the room and helped me sit down, ow, into a cold metal chair.

Master then secured my arms to the back of the chair, and my legs to legs of the chair. When he pulled off the hood, I couldn’t believe it. I could not see well, because the room was lit by only candles, but I could see well enough to know that I was in a fully equipped dungeon, with all sorts of chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling. There was a cabinet full of implements of torture, whips, floggers and crops. Chairs with straps, a St, Andrews’ cross, slings and benches for who knew what. Master came up to me and rubbed his hand over my chest, concentrating on my nipples. He squeezed one between his thumb and finger until I yelped out. “now Martin, you know the ‘safe words’, just use the green, yellow and red, do you understand?” “yes Master, I understand”. “Good” he said in a low tone. He then untied me and made me stand up. Leading me by the arm, he took me over to the wall and tied my wrists and ankles to the St. Andrews’ cross, facing the cross with my back to him. He rubbed my back and butt, down to my thighs and up between my legs, giving my ball sack and cock a good squeeze. “Oh yes, I can see your little pecker is beginning to stiffen up, Martin, you must like this, eh?” He was breathing on my neck and rubbing my now rock hard cock. He stepped back. I couldn’t see what was happening. “Now, Martin, I think we will start with a little flogging. Before I could say anything, I felt the whip hit my back, WHACK!, “ow” I cried out,. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!!!! In increasing hardness. I fought the restraints. He continued whipping my back and then down to my butt and thighs. After some time, I could not tell, he stopped. Turning me around on the cross, he continued the flogging on my chest, belly and tops of my legs. The red welts were beginning to rise all over. He stopped, rubbing my chest and nipples. “Good Martin, very good.” Reaching down and rubbing my still rock hard cock. Unhooking me from the cross, he led me over to a step stool, and made me get up on it. It was only a or so off the ground, and I could not figure this out. He then tied my hands behind my back once again. He sat down in front of me, his face about the height of my crotch. Reaching up, he pulled down the black jock strap, exposing my still rock hard cock. He reached out and touched it. “Oh, how nice, Martin, you have such a lovely cock” “ thankyou master” I replied, wincing under his grasp. He leaned over and took the tip of my dick into his mouth, licking around the head ever so lightly. I started to get weak in the knees and it was hard to stand up on the stool. Pulling off, he looked up and said “I have a little endurance test for you, Martin”

Smiling, he turned and picked up a rather strange looking device. It was an iron, Plumb line weight attached to strings that themselves were attached to clothes pins. He carefully attached the clothespins to my ball sack, ever so lightly. Ouch, that was smarting already. He took the weight and stuck it in my mouth. “Now Martin, I want you to hold this weight in your mouth for as long as you can stand it, then, let it drop to the floor. It will pull the clips from your ball sack. I think you will find it most stimulating.” He grinned a wry smile. “However, if you do not hold the weight for enough time, you will be punished further and harder. Do you understand?” I nodded in agreement. He picked up a stopwatch and hit the button. “go” he said. I stood there for a very long time, I thought. Time was becoming irrelevant to me. The clothespins were burning my ball sack in pain now, how long could I hold it. I spit the weight out and watched it drop in slow motion, when it reached the end of the line, it ripped the pins off my balls.
YEOWEE!!!!!! The pain was swift and excruciating, I had never felt such pain. I dropped to my knees off the stool and balled up on the floor in pain. Tears were actually beginning to well up in my eyes. Naked, lying on the cold concrete floor, I was shaking. Master helped me get up on my feet and sat me down in the chair so I could get my breath. “You did good Martin”…long pause, “but not quite good enough to avoid further punishment”…My eyes grew wide and I looked up in fear for the first time.

Master helped me get up and walked me over to the corner. Pulling back a curtain, I saw what appeared to be a medical exam table, equipped with stirrups. There were several enema bags hanging from two metal stands. “Hop up on the table Martin, and put your legs into the stirrups” I did as I was told.

Master then attached my arms to thick leather straps on the sides of the table, and my legs were strapped into the stirrups. He then took a latex hood and pulled it over my head. It had but one hole for the mouth, and he attached a hose to it that I was to breathe through. I could not see, I could not speak. I felt a greased finger part my cheeks and insert a suppository into my colon. I was helpless, at the complete mercy of this Master. I was having a great time…….

After about a minute, I felt my ass being parted again, and a large slowly inserted into my very tight asshole. It felt sort of like a butt plug, tapered on one end, then large tapering down to a thinner part.
I felt the rush of the water. Thank goodness it was warm. My colon and tummy began to fill. He would let some water flow, then clamp off the hose for a few minutes, then release more water. I felt like I was going to burst open, when he clamped off the hose for the last time. “Good, Martin, you have taken the entire two quarts, I’m just gonna let you sit for awhile and let the water work to get you good and clean. I need a clean asshole to fuck after awhile, grabbing me by my cock and jacking it up and down. You up for that?”

Of course I could not answer with the mask on and tube in my mouth. My abdomen was really beginning to hurt now, and I thought I was going to explode if I did not get relief soon. After and undeterminable amount of time, I was released from the table and let go to the toilet. I was on the toilet for a good half-hour at least, draining my swollen belly and colon. More water kept coming out. Eventually it ran pretty clear, and I realized why Master had given me such a large amount of water. He pronounced me clean and ready for a good ass fuck.

He made me stand in front of him again, while he sat. He took my semi flaccid cock into his mouth and sucked it back up to attention. Turning me around, he fastened a gag into my mouth and led me to what he referred to as the main bench. I was bent over the bench, and then tied down with leather straps, my ass up higher than my head. He spread the cheeks of my ass and played with my tight hole. “Oh yes, Martin, this is opening up nicely, now,” inserting first two, then three fingers up my ass. I moaned in pleasure as he fucked my ass with his fingers. He pulled out slowly and without warning smacked my bottom with his bare hand about a dozen times, very hard. I could only growl into gag and grunt, “UH, UH, UH, UH”, with each stroke of his hand. He stopped. In the mirror I could see him walk to the wall and pick up a leather strap. “We have just begun, Martin, you will now be punished for your evil thoughts, all those dark secrets you hide in you mind. I know you have them, we all do……” The strap came down hard on my ass, THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! I tugged at the restraints and groaned into the gag with each swat.

After about 30 strokes with the strap, he changed to a long, thick wooden paddle. The next 10 swats were almost unbearable. I tugged at the restraints and cried into his gag, tears welling up in my eyes. The master took mercy and stopped, Walking around in front of me, removing the gag, he said softly, “Martin, I want you to suck my cock now. If you do a really good job, I will spare you any more harsh punishment. Do you understand?” I opened as wide as I could. Master’s cock was long and slender, about 9”. It was difficult to take it all the way in, but eventually he got it to go in and down my throat a bit so that I could swallow the entire thing. All of a sudden I could feel him shake a bit and he started to pull out, but then he suddenly shot his hot man spunk on to my face. “AHHHHH!, OOHHHHH,” moaning in pleasure. I was hoping he would be happy. I was disappointed to find out otherwise.

The Master was indeed a bit mad because he had shot off a load on my face “I was saving that for your tight, virgin pussy ass, Damn it all” He slapped my ass again. “Not done with this yet” I began to panic.
“I thought you were done with this part”? I questioned. “, You do not question, You obey when I command…do you understand?” Grabbing me by the cock and squeezing down hard….”YEOW!!!, yes sir, yes sir” He went to the wall and picked up the one thing I had been dreading all evening. The rattan cane. He walked back over, lightly rubbing it on my ass. “I am going to give you ten hard strokes with the cane, Martin. After each one, you will say, ‘one, thank you master, may I have another, two, and so on. If you lose count or stutter or forget, I will start over” I did not have time to answer, the first swat came down on my bare ass with a cracking THWAP!!!!!! I could do nothing but cry out “YEOWWWWWEEE!!!” “Martin, that is not correct, you have to learn self discipline. We will start over.
Needless to say, I have never been spanked like that before, and I hope never again. We had to ‘start over’ a couple of more times, and, in the end, I received almost 20 strokes from the cane. My ass would show the red welts for the next two weeks, no joke.

I was almost done in now, and completely spent, But the night was not over quite yet and in the end, turned out to be a very fulfilling evening. Master soothed my burning ass with ice packs and kept the swelling down to a minimum. He stroked my cock back up to erection, and then sucked on it till I had an orgasm. He led me upstairs to his bedroom, laid me back on the bed and fucked my ass for an hour, eventually getting me off again too, this time with his penis massaging my prostrate. An unbelievable orgasm. I spent the night, and in the morning he brought me coffee, and then seduced me again, ramming my ass with that slender, 9’ rod of pleasure. I go over to see him on a regular basis. The punishment is not always so severe. He does not want me to get to many calluses on my ass, he wants it soft and spreadable.

Spread wide for that delicious cock the I dream about nightly...

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