Blown Off Shore

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Part One

I joined the Navy in the summer just after I graduated from high school. Shortly after turning 18 that August, I went to see the local recruiters in my township. I passed all the tests with flying colors and could pick any school they offered. I choose the dental school in San Diego, California.

After finishing boot camp at Great Lakes in Illinois, and Dental School in San Diego, I was stationed on-board the ARD 30 (a submarine dry dock).

Aboard that ship is where my first real sexual memory of thinking of another took place. He was an Electrical Engineering 2nd Class Pretty Officer and I was an enlisted, E3 ranking, Dental Technician. We were not supposed to fraternize since we were of different rankings. But our eyes met and the fantasies in my head began.

He was so hot tall, lean and by the looks of his crotch, hung like a horse! He was in his thirties, almost twice my age. He was so freaking hot! He was married and so was I, however, we both knew we needed more, a lot more. His wife recently gave birth to twin boys and my new wife was expecting our first child later in the year.

I never really thought about before that day, however, uncontrollably I was mesmerized by the huge bulge in his pants. I was blatantly staring at his cock! When I looked up and away from his cock, I found I was busted. He had noticed and was smiling at me knowing that I was checking him out. My face was red hot from embarrassment. I couldnít wait to leave formation so I could retreat to my station.

I was on-board the ARD for about 3 months before I had to pull my first duty. This meant spending the night on the ship. I had off-base housing being an enlisted married man. But tonight I had to stay on-board and pull a 4 hour shift, on watch, on the quarter deck. My shift was from 2 AM until 6 AM. That meant the officer on duty was responsible for waking me up and assuring I was ready to relieve the person before me on-time. I didnít know it but that Duty Officer was him, my fantasy man.

I climbed into my rack around 6 PM so I was well rested for my shift. I knew that I needed my rest since my shift would end an hour before formation to start the work day.

I woke-up shortly before my alarm. I didnít know it but the Duty Officer would come to wake me up for my shift. I lay there in my rack half awake and half asleep ... fantasizing about Sir. I had no idea that he was coming to wake me up. I laid there in my rack with a massive hard-on. Throbbing and thinking of what I would do if he were there at that moment. I thought about sucking his huge cock. Licking it, licking his balls, sucking his cocks head, sucking his cock into my throat.

Suddenly I heard the cabin door open. I had been all alone since no one else was on-board ship and were all off base on Liberty. I shut my eyes and laid there as if I were sleeping not knowing who was coming into the berthing quarters. I crack one of my eyes to see who it was coming in. Oh my God, I thought! It couldnít be, but it was, it was Sir!

I trembled not knowing if I should get up or just wait to see if he was just passing through the cabin. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I laid there for what felt like an eternity waiting to hear the forward door close letting me know that he left. I didnít hear the forward door open, or close. I opened an eye and noticed Sir looking around the cabin and going to the shower room and checking to see if anyone else was in the area. After closely checking the berthing and showers he was heading back to my bunk. I assumed to wake me up. My cock was still, if not more hard as a rock!

The cabin lights were down low except for the forward shower area ... it was lights-out after 10 PM. It was, what I called mood lighting.

I opened both my eyes slightly to see if I were alone again and could climb out of my rack, hard-on and all to start getting ready for my duty. When I looked up I saw Sir standing at the door with his right hand down in his pants massaging his cock as he watched me laying in my rack. I didnít know it but apparently my throbbing cock had caught his eye. He liked what he saw. Since I was born with my endowment I never realized that my cock was above the normal standards. Never measured until awhile later. Sir was turned on by my cock .. playing with his excited hard-on and definitely enjoying the view.

Time was passing and I knew I should be getting up since it was an hour before my duty call on-deck. I closed my eyes and just laid there not knowing what to do. I was startled when I felt a hand on my cock. Sir wanted a feel and caressed my throbbing cock while, so he thought, I was still sound asleep in my rack. He wanted a better feel so he put his hand under my blanket and grabbed my cock under my skivvies, or boxers by today's standards. I heard him moan as he grabbed and stroked my cock from my balls to the head. Guess he liked what he was feeling. I moaned as if I were still asleep and squirmed in my rack giving him a better feel. I felt the blanket being pulled down. His hand moved off of my cock and the blanket thrown to the bottom of my rack.

Seaman, he said in a loud voice, time to get up! Come on, get up and out of your rack now sailor!

I jumped up as if being awakened and jumped out of my rack onto the deck of the cabin. Yes Sir! Awake Sir! And proceeded to rub my eyes standing there with a raging hard-on.

Sir stood there smiling and pointed at my hard cock and said, guess youíre happy to see me sailor? Giggling and breathing heavy while staring at my fully exposed hard cock.

Yes Sir! Always happy to see you Sir!

Thought so Seaman time to get ready.

Yes Sir, right away Sir!

I turned to my rack to pull up the covers and grab my from the storage in the back when I felt a warm presence close to my back. A hand came to the front and grabbed my cock. I could feel a huge cock rubbing on the crack of my through my skivvies. I groaned and moaned out loud and turned around. Sir was right there in front of me.

What do you want sailor?

Sir? I murmured.

He repeated, what do you want sailor?

Off the record Sir?

Yes, off the record sailor. What do you want?

Cock Sir, I want big cock!

Looks like you already have a big cock sailor (his eyes looked down to my crotch).

Yes Sir! Want your big cock Sir! Want to suck your big cock Sir!

Sir stepped two steps back from me and said, take off those skivvies sailor.

Yes Sir! Whatever you say Sir! And I quickly pulled down my skivvies to my ankles and kicked them into the corner of the cabin. I stood there, naked and feeling fully exposed. But my cock stayed hard as a rock even under the scrutiny of his gaze.

Sir turned and went to the cabin door behind him pulled it closed and locked it. He turned to me and said go secure the other door sailor.

Yes Sir, right away Sir! I replied. Completely naked, I walked to the other side of the cabin, pulled the hatch closed and locked it. When I turned around I saw Sir undressing quickly. He was almost completely naked by the time I came back to my bunk area. I stood there in anticipation as he pulled off his skivvies. He turned around facing me and I couldnít believe my eyes. His cock had to be at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. My jaw dropped at the sight of his huge hard cock.

By impulse I dropped to my knees and reached out to his throbbing huge cock. I grabbed it with my sweating hand and he moved forward as I pulled his huge cock up to my face. It was as if I had done this a thousand times before even tho this was my first time touching another mans dick.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed by its mother. Sir took control, grabbed his cock at the base and guided it to my waiting mouth. He put his other hand firmly on the back of my head as he pushed in the head of his cock. Suck it he said in a soft voice, suck that big cock! I opened my mouth as wide as I could, looked up at Sir and took his huge cock into my mouth. I slowly sucked the head of his cock swirling my tongue around it. He groaned and continued to say, suck it, suck that big fat cock sailor!

My mouth salivated as I took the head into my hot, wet mouth. The whole time I kept thinking how exciting it was to finally be sucking his cock. This is what I dreamed of for a very long time. Geez, his cock tasted so good! I felt it swelling and throbbing as I teased the head. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it forward forcing his cock down my throat. At first I resisted and gagged a little, but then I relaxed and let it happen. My throat opened wider to accommodate the length of his cock penetrating my mouth and throat, deeper and deeper.

I looked up at Sirís face as he pushed his massive cock down my throat. His head was slightly tilted back and his mouth was open, he was groaning with delight enjoying the warm, wet depth of my mouth and throat. My lips tightened around his cock like a glove. Holding it tight between my lips. Soon I was sucking it up and down. I started out sucking it slow and soft, up to the head and then down as far as I could without gagging. I sucked and sucked all the time with his hand on the back of my head, guiding the rhythm of the blow job I was giving to him.

After what seemed like an hour, my sucking became hard and fast sucking his cock deeper and deeper. Sir groaned and said, thatís it sailor suck that big cock! Keep sucking it just like that, donít stop youíre going to make me cum! You love that big cock donít you sailor? He said as he was looking down at me servicing him.

I could only murmur ... um-hmm!

I continued sucking, harder and harder, faster and faster! All the time watching his face, stomach and chest. His breathing was intensifying with each sucking motion. His chest was heaving up and down faster and faster, as if keeping time. His stomach tightened ... his abs more defined with each sucking rotation of my mouth. My own cock was raging hard and ready to erupt on its own just by watching him loving my blow job.

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