Birthday sex with John

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

As i wake up my phone rings and its my john calling but his contact is saved as Papi.

Papi: Get up sleepy head, Happy birthday, baby.

Hey and thanks .

Papi :Welcome ill be over there in min is your parents home ?

No there not

Papi Great ill be there soon you

Love you too bye


Today I'm turning 21 and feel the same really i thought i would feel.... Just different be honest.

I get up out of bed and look in mirror showing my naked body. I hate sleeping in any type of clothing.

I look at thick kinda body frame my dark smooth skin, my 7 inch and bubble butt.

** *walk to bathroom and turn on shower

I love being home alone i can just be a little nudist and just be and feel free.

I get in shower and start to lather up with my body wash.
on my chest, arms and neck then to my dick. I start to jerk off lathering my dick in body wash .

" Ahhh fuck "

I start too rub the tip of my dick as pre cum comes out

* knocking at door*


I feel so aggravated enjoying my little shower jerk session.
I hurry up and rinse off.

I grab my towel and wrap it around me and rush down stairs.

* opens door to see my bf licking his lips looking up and down at me*

Papi : I hope you don't come downstairs like this to door all the time

You know i don't baby

Papi : come here* grabs me and holds me in for a kiss* you smell so good, baby

Thanks * I start to feel him getting hard and grab on his dick *

Papi* start to take clothes off first his tank top and his pants just like me he free balls so his dick just stands at attention as soon as his pants fell. Revealing a thick vieny brown dick 9 1/2 inches throbbing with pre cum oozing out *

I get on my knees and start to lick his precum as i look him in the eyes and start to put his whole dick in my mouth as he moans and puts his hand on my head fucking my throat

Papi: ahhh shit, suck that shit * rubs my head*

I start to take towel off and jerk off, I get up and we move to the couch. We got into a 69 and he starts to eat my just the way i like. I start to throat his dick .

Papi * eating my ass and then starts to suck my dick from back *
Ahhh fuck

* start to go in and out his mouth as he fuck my face at same time*

Papi: damn, you taste so good* He slaps my ass* Now get up and give me that ass

I get up and start to put his dick in me slowly as my hands grip on his shoulders and just silence as you hear nothing but the moistness from my ass as his dick enters stretching my tight hole .

He wraps his arms around me and pushes me down on him as he thrust his dick me

Papi : take this huge dick * as he pushes harder into me as my dick flops on his belly each time he does as i precum on his chest going everywhere * Get up I'm about cum lets do doggy real quick


* I lay on couch as he spits on his dick and start to pound the shit out of me. And slaps my ass then push my face down into couch cushion *

Papi : I'm about cum where you want it?

On my face baby

* He starts to pull his dick out of me and flips me over and fuck my throat feeling his dick pulsing knowing he about to cum.
I start to jerk him off *

Papi : I'm cumming, ahhhh, fuck, I'm cumming

* His shoots a large load all over my face and chest*

Papi: dam now give me your cum!

I get up and he starts to deep throat me feeling im bout to cum he still sucks on me and i cum in his warm mouth.

He gets up and open his mouth showing he didn't swallow it. We start to kiss feeling his tongue with my warm jizz on it. And he starts to rub on my ass hole And he starts to lick his cum off my face as we still make out .

birthday ever..

*** Thank you guys for reading. I am beginner so please don't be harsh.

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