Bills Last Day

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Bill had spent 4 years in the Navy and now it was time to get out and go home and live a normal life. Not many of his shipmates knew he was gay, some did, and they were his friends, some suspected, and others like me did not know.

I had known Bill for several months on our last deployment, and I had become very goods friends with him and his roommate on shore Denny. On several occasions, when we had been drinking, our conversations had turned to the subject of , and other gay topics. On one occasion, we had been setting around drinking when the subject of a getting a straight in bed.

Someone had said that you may be able to get some in bed, but you could not get all of them to have sex with another guy. Bill had said that he believed that he could. I had said that I thought that under the right conditions a man would have sex with another man and not have a problem with it. The other guys all started in asking if I was gay, and had I ever, to which I stated, "HELL NO, I'm not some fag," to which they all continued to make some comments, but then left the subject and went on to something else.

I by the way am the ships clerk. All personnel paper work and issues such as leave papers, transfer orders, discharge orders, etc. are handled by me or someone in my office. I'm 5'8" with a well shaped bod, and hung well (its a nice 8").

Later that evening, Bill made a comment, "have you every had sex with a guy, or have you every wanted to?" I replied "No, however, to tell the truth, sometimes I get a little turned on by looking a some of the guys on board who have great bodies." Denny says, "Yea, like Mike and Jerry, who are really put together.

I saw them coming out of the shower the other day, and they have really nice cocks." "Yea," said Bill. "I know that Jerry is a good 7 to 8 inches," "how do you know that?" said Denny. "Because, I had to wake him for watch one night, and he had a hard on, that made my mouth water."

I looked at Bill and said "are you gay?" Denny looked at me with surprise, "you didn't know? I thought everyone or most everyone knew that both he and I are gay." "You know I should report you," I said with a smile (this all happened before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" or before gays could openly serve in the . At one time it was against Naval Regulations to be a homosexual and be in the Navy, and if found out, you would be discharged.) Bill said, "yea, go ahead I could give a shit." and punched me in the shoulder. "Just kidding." I said.

Nothing more was said when we got back to the ship, and headed out to sea. When we were getting ready to return to port, we were sitting in the mess decks, talking after watch one evening about a week before docking, Bill said, "when we get in, I would like you to come to my discharge , what do you say?" I said "sure, what kind of booze do you what me to bring?" "Just bring your and " he said with a smile.

At the time I thought he was joking, because there had been no conversations while at sea on the "gay" subject. So I smiled back, punched him in the shoulder and said "OK, you got it." Denny chimed in and said, "but don't forget his discharge orders, or my leave papers, because he is going home the next day, and I am going on leave. Got it." "Yea", I said with smile, "wouldn't forget anything as important as that, now would I?"

A couple of days later, we pulled into port, and everyone except the duty section, headed out on liberty. (Liberty for those who are not in the Navy, is time off away from the ship, and you are not on leave. Usually it ends at 0730 the next morning, unless special permission is given to allow it to last longer.) I got my stuff, Bill's discharge package, and Denny's leave papers and departed the ship, headed for Bills discharge party.

When I arrived, I saw no other cars in the drive or on the street, so I thought that I was early and the one. I went up to the door, and rang the bell. Bill answered the door in shorts and nothing else. "Am I early?" I said. "No, you are not, as a matter of fact you are the only one invited. Did you bring the discharge package?" "And my leave papers", piped in Denny. "Well, Yea, but I thought you were having a party to celebrate you discharge from the Navy?"

"I am", said Bill, "but the gang is meeting at the club later, I and Denny just wanted a couple of good buddies this afternoon, and then we would go out later, is that alright with you?" he said. "Sure, I brought the papers and have nothing else to do." Denny handed me a beer and I sat down on the sofa, while he sat in the chair and Bill sat down beside me.

We shot the shit for a while, and then Denny said he had to get his stuff packed so he could leave early in the morning, and if he didn't get it done now, it would never get done, and he left the room for his bedroom. This left me and Bill on the sofa.

Bill looked at me and put his beer down, and reached over and took mine placing it on the table next to his. He reached over and took my hand and placed it on his tight, and smiled. He then started moving my hand up and down his leg, bringing it almost to his crouch when he did. My throat and mouth became very dry, and a tingling feeling all over my body.

I could feel my cock quickly getting hard, and I had a very strange feeling about myself. I liked what I was doing, and where I my actions were going to take me, but I was still fearful. I looked down at Bills lap and the head of his hard cock and popped out from the bottom of the leg of his shorts. He saw where my eyes were and said, "go a head and tough it, it won't bite", I reached over and placed my had on his hard cock which was about 6 inches, and as I did so, it jumped at my tough, I kept rubbing it, and as I did so, I was licking my lips, as well as trembled, with a cold feeling all over, which I always get with anticipation of things to come.

Bill looked at me, then got off the sofa and pulled me up, turned and took my hand and lead me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us. As soon as we entered he turned and kissed me, and I kissed him back. I had never kissed a man before, and it was great. As he kissed me, he also grabbed my very hard cock and began to jerk me off. I needed to get my hand on his, so I unbuttoned the top of his shorts and unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor, and as I suspected, no underwear.

Bill reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him, pressing is naked cock into my clothed cock. My breathing was becoming quite rapid and my kissing of him was becoming wild. I needed to have that cock. I backed off, and took off my shirt, and dropped my pants and underwear in one move. I had him laying on the bed with my next move, and my mouth on that beautiful cock.

My mouth going up and down the shaft, with my hand following it. It didn't take long before I felt Bill's body start to stiffen, and his cock stiffen and swell, and I knew he was about to shoot his load into my mouth. I readied myself for his load, and within seconds, Bill gave a very load moan, and shot his load into the back of my throat, I swallowed every drop, and pumped his cock dry.

When finished I looked up from his limp cock and he was smiling a very smile. "I thought you said you were not gay, and that you had never slept with a man, or had sex with a man?, that was one hell of a blowjob you just gave me, and I would of thought it had to come from and man who had done it before."

"Well, I haven't done it before, and I can tell you that was my first time for real. I have dreamed about it, but never done it." Bill smiled, "now its my turn to show you how to give a real blowjob." "Lay down, and enjoy." I laid back on the bed as he said, and felt his hot, wet mouth take my cock. He first took in into his mouth, and the way into the back of his throat, getting it very wet.

Then letting it slide out and running his tongue from the top to the base and licking my balls, which he took into his mouth and sucked, the allowing them to drop free, taking my cock back in and moving up and down, three to four times before licking it again, paying very close attention to the head of my cock, licking the pre cum from the hole it the tip. I could not believe how great it felt.

As he continued to suck it, he put his hand under my balls and gently squeezed them, running his finger between my balls and my ass. Then he started to finger my ass, which put me over the edge, and I started pumping my cock into his mouth. With in minutes, I felt the great feeling in my ass that told me I was about to cum.

I grabbed his head and pulled him down on my cock, and I shot my load into his mouth. He took every drop, and then licked my cock clean, finishing off by kissing me and letting me taste myself. I had never had sex that was that great before, but I was looking forward to having it again, and soon.

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