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Bills Last Day reviews

Posted by ozqueen71 (email: wpd)

Now that's the way to tell a great story !
Posted by Brent Majors (email: robe)
Story's intrigue grabbed and kept my attention! I had to read it all immediately! We never forget our "first." Exciting details made me hard. Reading this story plays like a good movie. It includes the context leading to this surprise sex hook-up, and that makes it extra exciting; way better that some that write about the sex only. Now I must JO with this hot scenario still on my hard cock and mind!
Posted by NurPerez (email: Nur_)
Wow, wow and wow again. This is a perfect example of how to write. Good interesting characters, nice genuine plot and the sex imagery brought to life by your words sparks and crackles from the screen. Thanks, I bow to your supremacy. Now i go here bit. ly/ivanovoivanovo.ru and hookup someone))))
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