Better Late Then Never

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I can’t even try to describe what it was about Damon Parrish that captivated me so, but he did. He was short, curly haired, and freckled from head to toe. I don’t know if we went to elementary school together or not, but if we did, I don’t remember. My attraction developed in junior high school and when I try to pinpoint a particular day that my obsession began, I always arrive at 7th grade gym class, and seeing him nude for the first time.

Needless to say, I was freaked out by the thoughts that ran through my head. I managed to suppress them as well as refrain from acting upon them until well into high school. Like most of the other boys that I lusted after, I did so from afar. I could never imagine any of the guys that I had grown up with wanting to do the things that I thought about all day, and dreamed of by night.

Like myself, Damon never had a “real girlfriend” and I think that this was the reason that I couldn’t move on and kept my feelings for Damon on a back burner, just incase. I couldn’t lose on this deal. Even if we never “fagged-off” as many called it back then, he was still a really nice and trustworthy friend. To my eyes, he was the hottest in school even though 90% of the student body would say otherwise. It didn’t matter to me because I saw things that others could not.

It only got worse from there because high school was coming to an end, and Damon was not a kid I grew up with. Once high school ended, I would most likely never see him again. On the night that we graduated from high school, I saw Damon in the sea of caps and gowns. It was sad to me because of how quickly the crowd was dispersing. I wanted to scream “Wait! Where in the fuck is everybody going!” This couldn’t be it.

I spent a major part of my life with these people and they’re scattering like cockroaches when you turn on the lights. Apparently they all had lives to lead, I didn’t. I walked up to Damon as he was shaking hands with a few guys. I just stood there waiting patiently for my turn, like a fan waiting for an autograph. When it was just he and I standing in the middle of the football field, I stuck out my hand to say goodbye, and good luck to the first person that I have ever fallen in with.

He looked directly at me, then at my hand, and back at me. “What the fuck is that? He said. “That aint gonna do it buddy.” And then Damon hugged me and patted me on the back. I was just as short as Damon, while the other boys that I lusted after could have been sucked off while I was standing up. But Damon and I fit together like puzzle pieces.

“Take care of yourself buddy!” Damon said.

“I do every night.” I replied.

Damon smiled and said, “You say shit that I’d never have the balls to say, even if it was true.”

“Yeah! I’ve checked out your balls a few times over the years. You’ve got some work to do.” I said.

“See what I mean? Just like that! I don’t know if you’re joking or serious.”

“Would it really matter if I was joking or not?” I said.

“For you?, No. For everyone else?, Yes! I’ve already come realize that you’re a pervert.”

“Why Damon Parrish! That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. Take care raisin nuts.” I said.

“You do the same donkey dick.” Damon replied before walking out of my life. I just stood there watching him walk away until he was lost in the crowd. I went into a close by porta-potty and cried for a solid hour.

My life, well my adult life that is, got off to a slow start. I dove head first into a 5-year tour of smoking crack cocaine, unprotected sex, and at a time when were dropping dead like flies. A few of which, I had shaken hands with on graduation night, out on that football field. I would never have suspected that they were like me. Not back then at least.

The next 5-years was completely different. Somehow, I had managed to break out of that living hell and plot a new course. I had started a business and became moderately wealthy in very short order. Then one day out of the blue, I got a call from my mother. She said that a package had arrived at the house from the high school. On the front of the envelope was emblazoned. “It’s Reunion Time!” Damon was the first thought that entered my mind and I smiled. But it also saddened me a little because, I also realized that I hadn’t thought of him in so long.

When I was in my 5-year, crack cocaine, any will do phase, I couldn’t escape the thought of him. I often felt that he was the only thing that could have saved me from this hell. I thought of how ashamed I would be if he knew what direction my life had taken. I hated myself for no taking a chance and telling him that I was in love with him. Maybe we could have had a chance to build a life together that would have taken me in a different direction. Perhaps these thoughts are what gave me the strength to get out of this nosedive that I was in. Maybe he did save me after all?

I went back and forth over the idea of attending the reunion for weeks. I was going! then not, going, not, going, not. Then I found out that the ticket was non-refundable and thereby settled on; Going! Ironically, I was very nervous had hadn’t felt that way since high school. I had no hopeful expectations of seeing him there whatsoever, okay well that a fucking lie. Let’s just say that I hoped for the , but prepared for the worst.

I arrived at the hotel and parked my car, locked it, and set the alarm. I had taken a grand total of 10 steps before I heard my name being shouted from across the parking lot. A fat, bald guy is waddling towards me. He was barely able to squeeze between two parked cars. I studied his face and even as he stood right before me, I had no clue. He just stood there like he was getting ready to say the pledge of allegiance.

He was actually covering his photo/nametag. When he could see that I wasn’t going to come up with his name, he moved his hand away and exposed his senior picture. I almost shit my pants. Here was the 3rd or 4th hottest guy in school looking like 300 pounds of shit, stuffed in a C&R Clothiers suit, off the rack of course. I came very close to just getting back in my car and leaving but then I saw a guy that hadn’t changed a bit. Maybe butterbean here was the exception and not the rule. It serves him right. Payback is a bitch and it looked like she had partnered up with father time to jack this mother fuck up. 10 years ago, this guy was so fine, I’d have sucked his daddy’s dick just to see where he came from. Now I was willing to bet that you couldn’t find his dick if you tried.

I had a few drinks in the lobby and missed the dinner in the ballroom. I was very glad that I came and it was nice to see some of these people again. I recognized 75% of them from across the room. But I had yet to spy that face that I had come here to see. I was too busy scanning the crowd and not the people standing to either side.

“Hey there sailor! You come here very often?” I heard to my left.

My heart was already pounding by the word ‘sailor’ because it was Damon’s voice. I just leaned over while looking straight ahead and replied.

“All the time, where else can a sailor go to find a little seaman?” I said before looking at him.

He hugged me just like he did that night and it was incredible. It erased a decade and I felt like it was a week ago that I hugged him on Grad Night. I bought him a drink and we slowly sidestepped out of the ballroom, and into the hallway. He bought the second round from the bar in the hallway and we managed to slip out a door to the pool area.

All of the gay thoughts had left my mind for the better part of an hour. It was just great to see him after so many years. We made a quick trip back in for another round, a quick piss, then back out to the pool area. It’s funny how taking a piss next to a buddy can bring back so many memories. That’s how Damon and I came up with the nicknames. That first day of gym class I was just pulling down my briefs when I caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I looked over to see Damon with his jaw dropped. I had the good fortune to develop to nearly my full size by 8th grade. It’s nothing too impressive now and would be considered as pretty average, but seeing it on a skinny 8th grader is quite a sight. I looked over at Damon and he wasn’t doing too bad himself, but his nuts were literally like marbles. Thus, I became “Donkey Dick” and he became “Raisin Nuts” It was something we called each other strictly when nobody could hear.

Sitting fairly close to Damon out by that pool was stirring up all sorts of feelings. We got around to what we did for a living and I told Damon that I tried to become showgirl in Las Vegas right after high school, but it didn’t work out.

“I see, couldn’t fit that huge cock in those skimpy outfits could you?” Damon said.

“Bravo! That was such a bold and perverted comment. I’m so proud of you Raisin Nuts, they must be as as figs by now.” I said.

“I learned from the best!” He replied.

“What about you? What have you been up to lately.” I asked.

It was getting real serious out there and I thought that maybe the sexual innuendo was becoming too much. I remembered that even in high school I could take that sort of talk too far.

“Let’s see, what have I been up to? Well my record is 6 times in one day.” Damon said.

“That was your record back in high school. Tell me something I don’t know.” I replied.

“Let’s see. Bet you don’t know that you’re the first guy that I ever fell in love with.” Damon said.

I looked over at him but he was looking down. You could tell that he was waiting to see what would happen. I couldn’t speak because I knew that I would start crying. He heard a sniffle come from me and he looked up just as I was pulling an envelope from my coat pocket. I had tears running down and I handed him the envelope.

He opened it and began to read what had taken me more then 100 tries to come up with the finished version, there in his hands.

Dear Damon,

I don’t even know if you’ll show up at the reunion. But if you’re reading this then you have and that was half of the battle. But what is also means is that I have chickened out and found myself unable to say what I’ve wanted to say since September 14, 1979. That’s the day that I fell in love for the very first time. And it was you that I fell in love with.

You would think that for someone that can say such “off the wall” shit as I do, that I’d be able to say to someone as wonderful as you, that I love you. Not loved, but love, as in still do, and always will. But I got frightened Damon and chose the cowards way out by slipping this into your pocket when you weren’t looking.

I hope that tonight was a night that will not soon be forgotten. I don’t know if I met your wife? maybe saw snapshots of your kids? I just know that I didn’t want to miss another chance to let you know how special you are to me, and how much you have impacted my life over the past 10 years. I’ve fallen in love many times in my life, but the first time will forever belong to you.

Much Love and Happiness,


Damon was as much of a mess as I was by the time he finished reading my note. He came over and sat on the lounge chair next to me and we hugged. I didn’t know what else to say or do, I was waiting for him to say something because the silence was killing me.

“Can I buy you another drink?” Damon said.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

“There’s a mini bar in my room.” He replied.

We got up and ran back into the hallway past 50 or so classmates that lingered. It was obvious where we were going and I felt liberated.

We never did have that drink. We tore at each other’s clothes as soon as we walked through the door. It had been so long since we’d been naked together. He was as beautiful as he has always been. We hugged as our cocks grew between us. I ran my hands up and down his back. He was so soft and warm.

It was like gym class all over again, except we didn’t hug with boners back then. We got into the huge shower and relived all of our erotic fantasies from gym class. Damon had me pinned against the wall in the shower and he started to kiss me wildly. He placed his hands on my shoulders and started to push me downward, against the wall. I was on my knees, face-to-face, with the most beautiful dick that I have ever seen.

I inhaled it right down to the base while I squeezed his and pushed he forward until he got his own groove and started fucking my face. I pulled Damon down to the floor with me and continued to nurse on his cock. He balls were still as tiny as I remembered and I found that I could fit both of them in my mouth and I suck them with my lips wrapped around his scrotum. He kept telling me that he has always dreamed of riding my cock, but I wouldn’t let him lose. I was sucking his balls and finger fucking him at the same time. He was going nuts.

“Please! I need that cock in me.” And started to shove a finger up his ass, then two. Oh fuck! I need your cock. Please! Let me lose so I can ride it.” He said.

Damon startled my waist and held the tip of my cock against his ass. I watched the expression on his face as he sat down slowly, allowing my cock to slide up inside of him until it was all the way in.

“Oh fuck! I’ve dreamed of having this cock up my ass a million times and I wasn’t even close” He said

What control he had. He bounced up and down on my cock until he brought himself to the edge. He did this several times until he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I’m getting ready to cum! Get ready! Oh fuck! Here it cums, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

His cum began to fire off like BB’s landing all over my face and chest. He just kept coming and I was amazed that such tiny balls could squirt that much cum.

We got out of the shower and went to the bed where it was my turn. Damon fucked me 3 times until it started to become daylight. By 10:00 am, we still hadn’t had enough of each other and paid for another night. We slept that Saturday away, naked and exhausted. Saturday night we started all over again.

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