Best friend Carl

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My first blow job was in the summer after my senior in High School while I was on a camping trip with my friend Carl. We were camping out in the woods near his house. At eighteen, Carl wasn't tall, only about five- eight, nor was he -shouldered, but he was well proportioned. He had strong shoulders and arms, green eyes, light brown curly hair, and a wide, firm mouth. And I in contrast am five-foot five, small framed, with blackish hair, and not much body hair though.

Carl got his uncle to get us a six-pack of Coors. After drinking it, we were buzzed and he suggested we compare our cocks. His was about four inches long soft and with two massive balls pushing it up and out. All around the base of his cut cock grew a ticket clump of black curly pubic hair. Mine on the other hand, was a little nubbin of a thing…so small that it caused him to smile.

He came over to me and gently forced my head down into his lap. Suddenly I was face to face with his reddish/purple head. I frozen, wondering how I got to this point, when my gaze fell on the slit in the tip of his head. I got all tingly and wanted to see if it was real. I tentatively reached out and wrapped my fingers around his now hard, throbbing cock. It was definitely real. It was warm and soft to touch, yet hard in my grip. It was the first time I ever touched a cock that wasn't mine. I sat there, staring at the cock in my hand, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. In a slight daze I began gently caressing it, rubbing the shaft and moving down to caress his balls. I can tell Carl enjoyed my touch because he arched his back, pushing himself against me. I could feel his erection growing in my hand.

Submissively I kneel down and plant a kiss on the tip of his hard throbbing cock and then run my tongue all over the head. I slowly move down his shaft and gently kiss his balls, licking them, running my face over them, and then sucking one at a time every so softly. I could hear him moan, as he runs his fingers through my hair and as I sucked him into my mouth.

I could taste the saltiness of it, and then I took the head out of my mouth and run my tongue under it, circling, licking and then sucking him back into my mouth. Instinctively, I started bobbing my head, rhythmically move my mouth up and down his shaft. I could feel his excitement grow as I gently suck him and my hand caressed his balls.

I sucked faster and faster until with a powerful moan I felt him tense up and then he was cumming. The taste wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought maybe it would have a sweet taste I guess. Still, the salty flavor of his cum burned on my tongue as I swallowed it down. I felt his cock pulse in my mouth for a couple of squirts and then he pulled out and squirted all over my face and in my hair.

The first shot hit me just below the right eye, but I couldn't pull back because Carl was holding my head. The second shot followed pretty quickly after that and got me right on the nose. It began draining off the end of my nose and caused it to itch like hell, but things were moving too quickly for me to react to it.

The third shot splashed against my cheek, and a fourth shot hit me square in the right eye. Laughing, Carl then took his cock and rubbed his cum into my face. It was a little humiliating, but I guess that it didn't gross me out too badly. He let go of my hair, so I stood up and began started trying to wipe the cum out of my eyes with my fingers. "Those were some good shots,” Carl bragged, 'I hope you enjoyed that." Then for the rest of the night it was like I was Carl's possession, his slave. It was so humiliating. He made me stay naked and wouldn't let me wash the cum off. Like all testosterone driven teenagers, he was quick on the recovery so I had to suck him off two more times before morning.

I've often wondered why had I sucked Carl's cock, but the answer was simple, I'm a submissive cocksucker. I was afraid to say no, because I liked to please and wanted to be accepted. When Carl pushed my face into his lap, I didn't resist. Instead I was compliant and obedient, in a word, submissive.

Whatever the reason, from that point on I became Carl's personal secretive cocksucker. He threatened to tell everyone that I was a cocksucker, so I had to do everything that that he wanted. Whether I liked it or not, I was Carl's slut, his bitch…his cocksucker

Although I tried to not to face the truth, I have a dependent personality and my sense of self-worth is depended upon other people, people who are only too happy to use me for his own sexual pleasures, as Carl had and would continue to do, if I allowed it, which, of course, was a foregone conclusion.

Sometimes he would call my house out of the blue and tell me to come over his house and blow him. And of course I did. Carl cruelly used and abused me to fulfill his every whim.

Shortly after school started, Carl met Melinda, the girl that he eventually married. Once they were going steady she would let him get to second base and even on rare occasions, get his hand under her skirt. But, she was adamant about being a virgin bride so a quick feel was as close as he ever got. That's where I came in. On the way home from their traditional Saturday night date, Carl would swing by my house so I could suck his cock for him.

One summer, Melinda's cousin spent a couple of weeks with her. Melinda couldn't go out with Carl without taking her cousin along. So not to make her feel like a fifth-wheel, I was drafted as her date. She was kind of shy but sweet, so I didn't mind. We went to the drive in and in typical teenage fashion, instead of watching the ; we had a hot make out session.

Things got so hot that later into the movie when the girls went to the restroom, Carl made me jump up in the front seat and give him a quick blow job. Melinda had been playing with him, so his cock was already out and hard. She had him so worked up that as soon as I closed my lips around it; he went off like a volcano.

When his cock erupted, the first blast hit the back of my throat and slid down my throat like a salty raw oyster. Knowing what was expected and wanting to please, I swallowed his entire load and sucked hard on his semi-erect cock drawing every last drop from his spent tool.

I almost got caught. Carl was so caught up in emptying his balls down my throat that he forgot to keep his eye out for the girls. Fortunately, it was dark enough that they didn't see me rising back up as they came giggling up to the car.

I couldn't help chuckling to myself when I heard Melinda cooing in sympathy when she discovered that Carl's little solider had shrunk. Giggling, she promised to bring him back to life. I guess she succeeded because after we dropped the girls off he made me lean over and suck his cock again while we were stopped at a red light.

While we were stopped a carload of guys from the other high school stopped beside us. It was dark enough that they couldn't tell I was a boy, so thinking that Carl was getting lucky on a date they cheered and whistled for him.

I must have sucked Carl off every way and everywhere possible. Besides the drive-in and on the road, I sucked him off at the lake, in convinces store bathrooms, the back row of a darkened movie theaters.

On Saturday nights he still swung by after a date with Melinda for his blowjob. This went on until Carl eventually went off to college.

I have since been a secretive cocksucker throughout my life and I'm fifty-one now. It still excites me knowing that society frowns on it, yet I continue to do it. I love sucking off 'strangers.'

Once I turned twenty-one and discovered adult bookstore, I went cock crazy. I practically lived in the adult bookstore in the next town. The one I frequented was unique in that it had a movie theater as well as the individual viewing booths and glory holes. The open theater was for the bolder types and the viewing booths were for more private anonymous encounters.

When I started going I was naïve and shy so op-ed for the privacy of the viewing booths. The first time I went there I couldn't believe how dark and sleazy the booths were or how bad they reeked of testosterone, sweat, and even a little fear. I suppose the taboo aspect had something to do with it, but being down on my knees in a dark booth sucking a stranger's cock through a 'glory-hole' and swallowing his load was exciting, so exciting that one visit was all it took, I was hooked. After that, I was there every Saturday and Sunday, morning, noon, and night. Surprisingly, Sunday morning during church was a good time to suck cock. I was amazing how many guys snuck by to get their cock sucked while their wife and kids were in church. I was so cock crazy that I sucked every cock, that I could get my mouth.

A few months later a guy in the next booth ran out of tokens right in the middle of getting his cock sucked. Instead of going and getting more tokens, he gave me a half price coupon and told me that if I'd meet him in the movie theater in the back of the store that he'd let me finish him off. I'd never been there before and was curious about the place. Since things were a little slow that night, when I ran out of tokens I decided to take him up on his offer.

Even though I was a frequent visitor to the viewing booths, I'd never been in the movie theater which was located in the back of the store. I was still extremely naïve back in those days and it embarrassed me to be seen buying tokens so I'd always tried to check buy them when there was no one else at the counter but the clerk. The entrance to the viewing booth area was only a couple of steps from the counter so it was easy to buy the tokens and in 2-steps fade behind the curtain and no one notice. The movie theater on the other hand was located in the rear of the store. After buying a ticket you had to run the gauntlet in plain sight of all the customers to get to the back and enter. You can't imagine how embarrassed I was to buy a ticket and entering the theater. As I moved down the darkened aisle trying to find a seat, I felt like everyone in the theater was looking at me and knew that I was a 'queer' and that I was there to suck cocks. When I sat down, I looked behind me and saw a guy playing with his exposed cock. When he caught me looking at him I was so embarrassed that I scrunched down in my seat so no one could see me.

In a few minutes I felt someone sit down beside me. Without turning my head I glanced over and saw it was the guy from the viewing booth that I'd been blowing. As I sat there staring at the screen, he reached over, un-zipped my pants, took my cock out, and started stroking it. Instead of me sucking him off, he jacked me off. This was really strange for me because up to this point I'd always been the active one and no guy had ever touched me. After he made me cum, I looked around and discovered we had an audience. Several guys had moved over and were watching him jack me off. With a beet red face, I leaped up and fled the theater. On the way home I vowed that I never go back in there, that I'd stick with the viewing booths where no one could see me.

My vow didn't last long. After I thought about the situation, I realized that sure everybody in the place knew that I was a queer and that I was there to suck cock. But I also realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of, because that was why they were there too. They were there either to suck a cock themselves or to get their cock sucked. Either way, they were no more anxious than I was for it to be known that they frequented the place. What happens in the theater stays in the theater which was a good thing because the preacher's cock wasn't the only one that I sucked over the years. My son's principal for instance. I suppose it was because he had more to lose, but he stuck to the viewing booths.

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