Bellview : Part 1

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My name is Cody Badson, I’ve always enjoyed reading erotica and I thought I’d try it for myself. Before you read the story, please note that I’m not a fan of romance. If you’re looking for two guys who fall in love, find another story. I’m also into realism, so don’t expect hot steamy sex straight away. If you have any comments please email me at CodyBadson [at] gmail [dot] com and follow me on Twitter at .


Jake is beginning his first year at Bellview School, an all boys boarding school. Along with friends and enemies to make, he also starts exploring his sexuality. Fitting in his class work, extra curricular activities and encounters with other boys, he finds himself in a few sticky situations.


His bag was already packed and leaning against his bedroom door, his phone was on charge and his clothes for the day folded neatly on his bed. His hands were resting on the cool windowsill as he stared out of the window into his back garden. It was a warm sunny day, the trees and grass seemed more green today. Today was a big day, something that he was looking forward to, but also very anxious about. A sudden jolt in his mind. Did I pack my pencil case? With a quick run back to his suitcase he found that he had packed it. He had packed most of his room. Most of his life stuffed into this suitcase.

‘Jake?’ A voice sounded from downstairs.
‘Yeah?’ he replied calmly.

‘Are you ready? We’re leaving in five minutes!’ She yelled up again. With a mumbled response Jake took his phone of charge and packed the charger into his backpack. He zipped up his backpack and sealed his suitcase, turning to his clothes on the bed. After pulling up his boxers he turned to the mirror. He sighed deeply as he looked into his own icy blue eyes. You’re ready, Jake, you’re ready. He had to catch his breath for a while as he figured himself.

His hair was a bit messy and white-blonde, even more white in the summer, his skin slightly tanned from his days out in the sun, with a tan line just above his boxers waistband. His tanned skin covered his slim body, faint abs pushed out, a v-line leading from his hips to below his boxers. His almost hairless legs made him stand five tall. As he stared at himself in the mirror, his chest rising and falling with every breath, his defined jaw twitching slightly, he completely lost track of time.

‘Jake!’ His mother yelled again, this time more urgent.

‘Yeah, I’m coming!’ He yelled back, scrambling to the rest of his clothes. He pulled on a pair of light blue skinny jeans, plain white socks and white converse shoes. A slim fit t-shirt messed up his hair as he put it on, but he quickly brushed it back with his fingers. He threw the backpack on and pocketed his phone, picked up his suitcase and left his room, with the door slamming behind him.

His suitcase banged against the stairs as he ran down, before handing it to his father who was halfway out the front door already. His mother went through a quick check list with him as he mumbled ‘yeah, yeah yeah’. As the three of them walked through the threshold a voice yelled out from the living room.

‘Have fun little bro! Stay away from Mr Dermott!’


They had been driving for two hours when Jake’s phone had started losing signal as they went along the motorway. His parents had been talking about keeping in contact, cleaning his room and staying out of trouble but Jake was no longer paying attention. It seemed as though he wasn’t even part of the conversation anymore.

‘You have to keep your things together, when you take something out of your cupboard, always put it back later!’
‘You’re right, and leave your bedside table clear.’
‘And your wardrobe organised.’

They droned on so much they hadn’t noticed that Jake had put his headphones in and started listening to some music. He tweeted about his journey and then closed his eyes as the countryside passed by, staying awake but making the journey seem quicker.

Jake’s older brother, Tom, had only just finished his five years at Bellview. Jake didn’t know much about the school, but he knew Tom was profoundly fond of the school, since he got a tattoo of the school logo on his leg. Tom rarely spoke about it though, only telling his family about the boring classes and strict regime, which worried Jake a lot. Before he started packing for school Jake tried to ask Tom about the boarding, who do you share a room with, what do you do on weekends, how to get some privacy, but Tom often replied with ‘It’s too complicated’.

A symbol of a bell atop a tower indicated the entrance to the school, as Jake recognised from his brothers tattoo. The car drove past the gates and down the winding road towards a modern, yet classy, school. Jake peered out the window paying attention to the surroundings, his new home, and to the crowd of people making their way into the building, parents and their offspring alike. Jake climbed out of the car and grabbed his backpack as his father took his suitcase from the trunk of the car, then they all made their way across the car park and towards the entrance of the school. Inside the glass entrance were a few parents kissing and cuddling their children, wishing them well and giving them a final lecture on how to act in such a prestigious school.

‘Leave your bags in the hallway and make your way into the hall. Induction begins in ten minutes!’ A short and stout woman yelled above the noise of bustling and emotional parents. Jake’s father took his suitcase and backpack and led them to the hallway, leaving him with his mother.

‘I want you to call every week, if you need anything just let us know!’
‘Yes mum…’
‘And remember, if you’re feeling homesick, just know that you can come home on the weekends, we will come and pick you up!’
‘I know, mum…’

Jake was anxious about these completely new living conditions, but he was more excited to be getting away from his family for a while. He didn’t dislike them, he just wanted to be a bit more independant. His father returned and gave him a firm handshake, before his mother gave him a big kiss on the cheek and hugged him for at least two minutes. As they walked away Jake wiped the lipstick from his cheek, looking back at his mum wiping away her tears. He looked around at all the other boys making their way into the hall, and followed them in.

Inside the large hall was hundreds of seats in many rows, all facing a stage at the end of the room. A few boys tried to sit at the back of the hall but teachers told them to move to the front. Jake walked along to the sixth row from the front and sat next to a boy with dark hair and dark eyes. He seemed nervous and stared straight forwards as Jake gave him a slight smile. Jake looked at the boy from the corner of his eye, he was wearing a white hoodie with dark skinny jeans, he was quite skinny and smelt distinctly of aftershave. Another boy sat the other side of Jake, this time saying a quiet ‘Hi’ as he sat down. Jake replied to the brown haired boy and shuffled a bit on his chair.

‘You have lipstick on your face’ he said to Jake, looking at his right cheek.
‘Oh, thanks’ Jake replied, rubbing his cheek again.
‘I’m Matt’ he offered, his voice a sort of high pitch.
‘I’m Jake’ he replied, smiling. Matt had slightly long hair, reminding Jake instantly of Justin Bieber. He knew some of the boys would find that a reason to poke fun. Matt was wearing a white t-shirt and an open blue shirt with beige chinos, quite fashionable Jake thought.

‘Okay, okay, settle down’ a man said from the front of the hall after everyone had entered. The hall still had hundreds of empty seats, but Jake assumed it was for the other students in older years.
‘I’m Mr Dermott, head master of Bellview School’. He said with a tone of authority. Jake remembered what his brother had said, stay away from Mr Dermott.

‘Today you will have time to find your way around the school, make yourself comfortable in your dorm room and meet your classmates. Tomorrow you will begin your classes, there is no time to waste, so make sure you get an early night. Classes start at 9am sharp, so make sure you are ready before then, the washrooms will be out of service from 9 until 1. You’ll find induction packs inside your room, please do not lose them’. He said with a monotone voice. Jake was trying to pay attention, but kept smelling the boy to his right, his aftershave was faint, but quite sweet. Jake looked down at his lap and edged his eyes to the side, Matt was drumming his fingers on his legs, the other boy was twiddling his thumbs nervously.

Everyone stood from their chairs, Jake quickly stood up too as everyone started filing out of the hall. He hadn’t paid much attention at all. Outside the hall were a few teachers, holding pieces of paper above their heads.


Jake went to the first teacher and stood behind the crowd until he reached her. The same short and stout lady from earlier had a list in her hand.

‘Name?’ She asked as Jake approached her.
‘Jake Brooks’
‘Room 113’ she replied.

Jake looked at her for a while, awaiting further instructions, she looked up from her papers and gave him a stern look, so he simply walked away. Down the hall Jake grabbed his backpack and suitcase and followed the general crowd, they left the main building and headed down past a large playground and field towards another large building. Outside the building a few women were trailing large bags, filled with bedding, quilts and pillows. Jake walked past the women and into the building, looking around as he walked past a reception and a living area.

The hallways stretched the length of the building, Jake walked down a hallway without noticing the crowd had already gone up the main staircase. He walked past a few large rooms, studies, kitchen and canteen area and a library. He reached another staircase and went upstairs to find all of the other boys scanning the doors for their rooms. The building was three stories high with many rooms, Jake knew it would take a long time for him to find his room. He squeezed past other boys with his suitcase looking past a few doors to the bedrooms inside. Some other boys had already dumped their suitcase on their beds and greeting their roommates, some were looking extremely awkward.

As Jake walked along he passed another large room, the door was wedged open, inside was pure white tiles and the smell of cleaning products, above the door was a sign that said ‘Shower Room B’. He kept walking until he reached the central staircase again. Walking past the staircase he looked at the door numbers again.

115, 114, 113.

He pulled his suitcase through the open door and into the center of the room. It was somewhat small, with two bunk beds on either sides of the room, two desks with computers and other school supplies, a small sofa and a tv on the wall. Next to door into the room was a small bathroom, complete with a toilet, sink and small shelf for toiletries. He looked around the room at the other boys, they all looked as he entered the room.

‘You have bottom bunk’ a blonde boy said with a cheeky smile. ‘Reece’.
‘Jake.’ Jake replied, shaking hands with the boy. Reece smiled politely, his pure white teeth standing out more against his dark tan. Jake would’ve thought he was meeting an Australian if it wasn’t for his accent.
‘That’s Myles’ Reece said, pointing at another boy who was sat on the other bottom bunk, his bag beside him as he lifted his head from his phone.
‘Hey’ Myles greeted Jake, his dark hair was shaved short on the sides, the top was gelled in a small quiff. He was sat in a pair of blue basketball shorts and a tight red t-shirt. His obvious muscles clung tight to the material. Jake replied a friendly greeting with a smile.
‘And that’s Tony in the bunk above you’. Reece pointed out.

Jake looked up at the boy he recognised from earlier, the dark haired nervous boy that sat next to him in induction. Tony lifted his eyebrows and gave a small smile.
‘You ‘right?’ Tony said in a deep voice.
‘Hey’ Jake replied as Tony turned back to face the induction pack on his lap.

Jake put his things on his bunk, sitting on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor, the springs above his head creaking as Tony moved around. Reece took charge of the room, suggesting where everyone kept their things. As Jake and Myles joined him unloading their bags Tony still sat on his bed reading through the induction.
‘Do you want the wardrobe on the right?’ Reece asked Tony.
‘Hmm? Yeah, sure’ Tony replied. He eventually climbed down from his bed and joined the others in unpacking their suitcases.

Jake’s wardrobe quickly filled with his school , shirts, trousers and the school blazer, leaving little room left for his regular clothes. He bundled his underwear into one of the drawers near the wardrobes, and the contents of his backpack in a cupboard near his bed. After putting his toothbrush, toothpaste and hair gel in the bathroom he sat on the bed and joined the conversation. Reece sat next to him as they spoke about what the next day will entail, what lessons they might have together and what they planned on doing for lunch.

Inside the induction packs were their planners, listing Jake’s Monday lessons as English, French, Geography, Maths and Religious Studies.

‘Wanna have a look around?’ Myles asked, both Jake and Reece stood up, Tony replied a quiet ‘maybe later’. They left the room to find more boys wandering the halls. They made their way along the hallway and down the staircase and to one of the living areas, full of sofas, beanbags and huge pillows.
‘This looks like a good place to stay’ Reece laughed. They perched on some of the beanbags in the corner of the room, there were lots of other boys laughing and messing around, probably because they knew each other from previous schools.
‘What’s that other guy’s name?’ Myles asked.
‘Tony?’ Reece replied.
‘Yeah, he seems a bit quiet’.
‘When I got to the room he was already there, he seems nice’.
‘I think he’s just nervous’ Jake input.
‘Yeah, he’ll be alright soon’ Reece replied.

They spoke for a while, explaining where they were from, what they like to do. Jake learned that Reece grew up in the south, he liked swimming and partying. Myles grew up with a few older brothers, they got him interested football and wrestling, which explained why he was so buffed.

Before they knew it a young male teacher entered the room.
‘Alright guys, 9 o’clock. Back to your dorms.’

With a groan all the boys made their way back upstairs, Jake realised there were more boys than earlier.
‘They’re the other years, they’re back from the summer holidays’. Reece whispered to Jake, knowing he was curious. A few of them seemed happy to be back, some of them looked overly tired. They were greeting each other in the halls and dragging their suitcases to their dorms, some on the second floor and some up the next flight of stairs. Jake, Reece and Myles all returned to their room to find Tony using the computer to checking his Facebook, Reece filled him in on their conversation as Jake and Myles sat on the sofa to watch two episodes of South Park.

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