Be Prepared for Anal Sex

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I have always been pretty much a faggot. I first sucked another 's when I was fourteen years old, and I got hooked right away. But I never understood why some men want to be a bottom, to get fucked, to take it up the . I imagined that they did so to service their partners, that they stretched themselves and endured excruciating pain as a submissive act, receiving nothing in return besides the feeling of being stroked if they were lucky, or rammed if they were unlucky.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not until recently did I hear from a friend who likes to be a bottom that the anus and rectum are a sex organ. The same tissue that feels such intense pain can also feel sublime sexual pleasure once the pain goes away. And my friend also gave me an anatomy lesson. The rectum is not straight. It is a tunnel with many curves. It must be reshaped to receive a loving penis.

Most bottom boys find this out the hard way. Their first experience is not worth the pain. You need to prepare yourself in advance, so that your will not feel bad about hurting you, or, worse yet, and more likely, feel good about hurting you.

Rule number one is to relax. I prefer a fetal or spooning position. I have always loved the feel of a man's warm body behind me, his arms wrapped around me, his penis against my butt. If I had loosened up my anus, I could have let him inside.

Generally we are told to begin loosening ourselves up by probing with our fingers. But they can only reach so far. I chose another way to do it.

I used carrots fully lubricated with Vaseline. Yes, I know, we are warned against both measures. If the carrot goes all the way in you may need surgery to get it out. This is easily solved by using a carrot longer than you can possibly take, and by using a paper towel for a hand hold. Petroleum based products like Vaseline can damage latex condoms. This is easily solved by being more selective about your partner. If you cannot trust him to fuck you without a condom he is not the right man, and you shouldn't be letting him inside you in the first place.

Carve the tip of the carrot until it is a smooth knob resembling the tip of a penis. Start with a carrot more slender than a penis, and gradually work your way to ones of proper thickness. Do not try to push it in. Hold out your butt as far as you can, and hold the lubricated tip against your butt hole, at the correct angle, rubbing or poking as gently as you can. Let your anus beg for what feels like a penis. After a while, it will be drawn in. Apply a little bit of pressure and it will pop through the opening. This will hurt, because you are stretching the muscles of your sphincter. Try to the pain until it goes away. If the pain is too much to bear, pull out. You can always try again later.

The same muscular motion that pushes out will also pull in. I know this sounds contradictory, but it is not. What makes the difference is pressure from the outside. Push inward with the carrot only as hard as you need to, and not a bit harder. At the same time, push outward with your anus muscles as strongly as you can. It will get more difficult as you probe more deeply. Finally, at about two inches, you will pass through a major obstruction, which I believe is called popping your cherry. Now you have entered your rectum.

The momentum will cause the carrot to slide on in, further and further, of its own accord. This will hurt, maybe a lot, right at the tip of the carrot, and at all the spots you had to stretch in order to get where you are. Hold on. Keep the faith. That pain will go away, someday soon if not today. And when it does, you won't be afraid to go in there.

Now you are ready to learn about your own rectum. Your body is unique. Figure it out for yourself. Don't wait to do it by trial and error during a sexual encounter, because the errors will hurt.

From here on in, your rectum winds and turns, with distinct ridges and folds, all within reach of an average sized penis, after which it curves sharply toward your left side. You will need to guide the carrot gently in various directions that you can only learn by experimentation. Go as slowly as you possibly can, allowing your throbbing rectum to draw the carrot in the needed directions. In the beginning these will be throbs of pain. But sooner or later, maybe not today, the pain will go away, and these will become throbs of sexual excitement.

In my opinion, based upon my own body, the anus and rectum are meant to be stroked, not pounded. I prefer very long strokes, sometimes as slowly as possible, sometimes with a bit more force. After a few long strokes the anus and rectum seem to produce fluids of their own, and every stroke feels different. Sometimes it feels like the point of a sword, piercing but not quite hurting. Sometimes it feels like a plunger, with the anus and rectum fully aware of the entire knob.

With every inward stroke the passage must be opened up again. But when your bottom is fully accustomed to being penetrated, the tissue will make way each time, and you will be thrilled as it does so. In some parts of the passage the carrot will move forward easily. In other parts of the passage your throbbing muscles must draw it in. Roll your butt around to draw the carrot in the right directions.

Somewhere in there, within reach of an average sized penis, is the last ridge, beyond which the passage curves again and the carrot hits a spot on your wall. When pressed this spot will hurt a little bit, but you won't care. You will feel pinned, helpless, gasping and moaning, unable to move, except for the involuntary spasms of anal orgasm. You can grip the knob head with your rectal muscles if you want to. Or you can surrender and give yourself a chance to rest. When you have had enough, thrust outward with your rectal muscles and the carrot will start to withdraw.

Always withdraw slowly, either with muscular outward thrusts, or by pulling it out, or both, gently stroking the sensitive walls of the passage as you do so. If you are careful, the Vaseline, having coated these walls, will protect the tissue from tearing. If there is still too much friction, withdraw the carrot, coat it again with Vaseline, or with cold cream, and slide it back in. Otherwise, pull out to some point where your throbbing tissue will allow you to reverse directions, but don't pull out entirely. Learn to keep it inside you, as you will want to keep your man inside you.

I now have full command of my anus and rectum. It took two weeks of obsessive experimentation to accomplish this. But now I have two fully realized sex organs, and I wish I had done this long ago.

No doubt, some men can be fucked more forcefully and rapidly. I can only bear this for a while before the tissue becomes too sensitive and subject to pain. But if I am stroked gently I can enjoy it for longer than any man's penis can keep it up. You will learn what you like and what you don't like. All you will need is someone who wants to you, rather than dominate you.

Being a bottom boy is a dangerous thing. You are completely vulnerable when a man is inside you, especially if he's bigger than you are. If you want to be a lover, and not a slave, stick to boys your own age. No matter how strong your cravings, never let anyone take advantage of you.

The irony is that I didn't know any of this when I was a sexually repressed teenager. Now that I have experienced this amazing sexual awakening, I have the anal sex drive of an adolescent, and I may need a young man to satisfy me. But now that I know my own passage, I will be able to guide his penis on a voyage into my body. With enough practice, you can do it too.

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