Basic training

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I have always wanted to be in the armed forces and once I reached the age of eighteen I made my way to the recruitment centre in my local High Street to check it out. At this point I knew I was gay but had little experience as I came from a provincial town and had only just reached eighteen years of age.

I had a long with the recruitment sergeant and after a medical became part of the basic training intake of a signals unit. This was to be thirteen weeks of seriously hard work both physically and mentally. I am a very fit lad who represented the school at swimming and cross country running. I am just under six feet tall and weigh just ten and a half stone. I know I am considered good looking which is probably because of my blue eyes and blonde hair. Eye candy as one of my mates called me!

Anyway I joined in with other new recruits and we were split into groups of twelve in long dormitory type sheds, six beds either side and stove in the middle. Because of sport I am used to stripping off in front of other guys although I used to be nervous because I am lucky or maybe unlucky enough to have an unusually large . Flaccid I am about 15 cms and full on errect 27 cms. This alweays caused comments and whistles in the showers but I have got mainly used to it and am quite proud of my length.

Nothing was further from my mind when we were given our first circuit training session and then all piled into the communal showers, than sex. But to my amazement the talk was free and liberal particularly in rspect to cock size and whether gay was good or straight was better. I had decided to be 'out' from the beginning and therefore told the guys I was gay. Initially no one else came forward but in the changing room five of the showed out gay and two of the others as bi.

That night the lights dimmed at 10pm and the wide awake talk turned to sex, we were all 18 or 19 years old, one 20. I had a preference for being top until then but what could have been a nasty turn of events proved to be my eye opening moment. The and bi guys all congregated around my bed and Josh said that as I was the pretty I should be first to be fucked. I gave a whimper of protest stating I was a top but three of the guys held me down over a pile of pillows and held my ankles apart. I was offered up as a virgin. Josh was actually, thank goodness, experienced and not too . He then slowly opened my arse up with his fingers and using lots of lube eased his cock into my arse.

By now the other guys were out of bed and stood close by watching the action. It was my first fuck and it felt fantastic. Josh explosed into me and I could feel the stickyness leaking out of my hole. Peter then leaned down and licked me out and deep kissed Jamie. From that point on it was a fuckfest of pure delight. Michael said he was predominantly bottom and really wanted to take me. I felt so horny and really, dare I admit it, proud. I took him from the front with his strong legs over my shoulders and at the last second pulled out and drenched his face as I am also a massive cummer. Only three of the went back to bed and proved to me that in actual fact most boys or men are either gay or bi in some way or another.

This was to be the pattern for the next thirteen weeks although Josh dropped out half way through the course. We have all split up now into various parts of the world and UK and now nineteen I have a who fucks me and loves to be fucked. There is no action we do not get involved in and one just has to watch that you don't come on to another regular who will resent your advances. The signs are there to be read. Life is good.

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