Bad Dirty

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My P.S.: I always loved to be fourced-to-service or slave for , have a , they look and smell good to me, as well as their hot dicks and their sexy bodies, and especially the middle-fat builds, I like their roughness, and I really wish so I was black.

That was happened for two days ago, I'm 18 Years old, my school is filled with crimes and thugs, the learning level is so slut in my school, but I'm doing my , for sure, almost all of the students are black or even brown, there's only 17 students are white.
I had a for browns more than blacks, and it'll get great when they're fat, I had some white friends in that school, ugly and nurdy at all, but no black, They thought I was or something stupid, anyway, one of my friends had black friends, but he don't feel the same towards them.
Once a day, I was standing in some corner of the hall, looking at the beautiful bodies around me, suddenly, five of the black men came around, Fortunately, one of them was a little fat, with a middle color, almost bald, little hairy, he has got wide thighs and muscles, the one with 10 inches thick dick there. He was called Fox, He was 18, and I loved him, he looked very male.

One of them started:
"Yow, hardworkin' bitch, wazz up", "Hello" I replied stupidly, "What the fuck with U?" "May be he's imagin' some white thinny dick like him" said Fox..., Then they all laughed at me loudly, "What, What 'bout some black big one"
My heart started to beat and the blood got streaming over my chest and my whole body, I was thinking about something to say "Are you kidding" I said, "What the hell with your , no I'm not fuckin kiddin".
I got so fed up then, and was loosing my focus all that day, just thinking about his smily face when he's fucking me.

In the end of the day, I went following Fox's home, it was in a strange place, I just had to have a clue, What's the lifestyle of that ?, He was unlocking the door, while then, He saw me starring at him, "You thought about it bitch boy, didn' you", Then I kept lookin at him deliriously, then grabbed me and pulled me against the door, "Get the fuck in bitch"

I was screaming fearly when he pulled me inside his home. he was the one in the school who lived alone, anyway, he spanked my face and I slut down on the floor, undid his zipper and put down his shorts and pantes, sat on my face and put his hard dick in my mouth and his hairy big thighs was around my face, it smelled all sweaty and hot!, "Suck that monster dick bitch", I couldn't say nothing, I was downthroating his dick, then pissed in, I could feel his salty hot dirty piss filling my mouth and my throat, After I swallowed all the piss, started fucking my face and I could taste his big precum, "Now Lick that dirrty hole" He said, I licked on his hairy ass, and his tight big hole, smelled like he haven't a bath for a while, tasted salty and hot!, "Put your nose in bitch, If you don't, I'll do it then" he said, I entered my nose in his hole, I ain't find nothing not hot he command me to do, "Now get on your fuckin knees", He commanded, I kneeled for him, He raised his arms up, showing off his hot armpits,"make me wanna fuck you" he said, I knew he'd let me lick on his hairy hot armpits, I began licking and sucking on his large muscles, then his armpits, tasting his sweat, then moving to his nipple, sucking and licking hard on it.

"Turn the fuck around, You're gonna be my slave fucktoy, I'm gonna be your monster boss", I turned around, he grabbed my cheeks, spat at my hole, sticked his dick suddenly in my hole, and fucking hard, I began moaning like a bitch, he was going deeper in the mood, faster, then I got the most pain I felt ever, It was getting thicker and larger, and more fucking painful. just began to cry.
"Turn around so I can see your pussy face moanin' while your little baby ass playin with my dick", As soon I turned around crying, He spat at my face, and made the "FUCK YOU" symbol by his middle finger, "Now get ready for this load", I saw a light smile on his face, and realized he's going to cum, I baged him like, "please don't cum inside, please don't, noooo, ooo.."

He laughed when he came a big cum in me, and took a deep breath then and went relaxing on the sofa.
"Make a cup of tea fucken slave" he ordered, "well, .." I replied, "you're telling me sir, master, or you're fucken dead"
"Yes Master" I said, "Yeah" He said loudly, "You're servin' my ass all the weekend" He said, "OK sir", I havn't got no choice, I can't run off, I'm locked up, can't resist anything, he's much stronger than me, but was totally glade to be serving him.

In the evening,"make a dinner" he ordered, "Yes sir" I replied, I made a good dinner for him, gave him it, "can I get something to eat sir" I said, "Yeah, you'll get much to eat in the night, you'll still lubin my asshole all the night when I'm sleepin, or I'll bond you next to the toilet with the mouses goin there, all the night, What do you say if you don't wanna spend your holiday bondaged under cold water" He said, I was so scared, "I'll lube your asshole sir", "Good boy" He said.

At 11:00, "Yow, Gotta work" he said, I realized he was going to sleep, I went between his legs and put my head under his ass and started to lick and lube it, He was going sleepy saying "OAHHHHH, That's so fuckin good, I'll know If you stopped lickin, then You'll have to choice another game, do you want that" he said, "no no" I said fearly, "So keep it up", I spent all the night licking and lubing his ass and his crotch, I was really sleepy, but.., that's much better than else.

The next day, he woke up and saw me licking him, "Good job" He told me, I looked at him waiting for his command, "I wanna piss, take your pantes off" he said, I didn't have a clue what's the pants are used for if he wanted to piss, Why!, "Why master" I said, "fuck your pants off" He shouted, I did, He got his dick in my mouth, and pissed a small piss, but then he got it in my ass and pissed a large piss, I felt so horney and dirrty, "I want some water" He ordered, and I gave him the bottle from the kitchen, "Open up your mouth" he said laughing, then he drinked most of it without swallawing it, and start pumping it in his mouth, between his teeth, and then he spat it out at my face, most of the water was in my opening mouth, salty, just tastes like his mouth.

"I'm gonna go a shower, and you lil pussy, goin with me and do whatever I tell you" he said, "Yes master", I said.

Then I went bath with him, "take off my clothes cocksucker" he said, that word "cocksucker" just turned me on so much, I took off his pantes and his shirt, "clean me", I used the loofa and soap to rub his chest, and clean his legs, and felt so horny when I'm rubbing his feet, "now get the fuck under my ass" he said sitting in the tub.
"But master, I won't breath" I said, "So what, You want me to bond your ass?" He said, "No, I'll do it right now" I said fearely, dived my head in the tub, down his ass, and started to lick it, he moved it on me so I can't move my head, I still licking, closer to die, After 1 minute, he let me free, "Now suck my dick when I'm enjoying my bath", I moved to his dick and sucked it hard, putting my head on his thigh, Then he got his arm in back of his head, and took a deep moaning breath, blew his load in my mouth, it tasted salty and was much large cum, "now suck my toes", I moved towards his feet and sucked on his toes and his feet, I realized how much karma does he have, everything he tells me to do is so hot and deferent.

When I dryed him off later, and made breakfast, "Come here pussy" he said, "Yes master" I said back, "You were very good boy, you don' trouble nobody, don' smoke, don' run like gangstaz" He said, "Thank you master" I said, "Don't use that thank you thing, I'm not trynna do you a favour, give me that ciggarets" he said, "Here you are master" I said back, then he took one ciggatet and handed it to me, "light it, take it, come on", I felt so wrong but did what he told me, I took the first ciggaret in my life, "Now you're bad boy", I smiled a little and looked down shy.

"As for now, I did whatever I like to you, you were so fucked up, I was happy, now get over my place, you're so less than stayin here, you just can't be compared to my dick, you can be damn sure, if anyone knows anythin 'bout it, you're gettin fucken sick" he said

I got off feelin so bad and so good in the same time, I ain't have a place to sleep, just my silly friends's, but I got what I dreamed about, and I'm planning to make it with someone of his friends..

anyway, if you loved this story, tell me to write more.
If there's some error, write its alternative, or correct it, then I'm sorry for everything, I'm not American, even not English, I'm Arabic, but just moved to USA alone without my family to get the learning.

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