Back Alley Marine

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Part 1

He was the most stunning I'd ever seen. His frame was bulky, muscled not beefy, and his macho swagger warranted a lingering stare. He wore a crisp white shirt and matching white pants; a classic Marine Corps look. Unlike some of his buddies – also clad in smart marine uniforms – this guy's pants fit snuggly around the most beautiful meaty I had seen in a long time. It was quite sight. The others looked good but they paled in comparison to this guy. He was prime, from head to toe.

I had been horny all day. I succeeded in shoving the itch aside several times but seeing the marine that night re-kindled my fire. This time I knew it would not be disposed of so easily. My throbbed underneath the fly of my shorts as I watched his every move. No angle of that stunning backside went unnoticed.

It was a warm summer night.

The air was thick with heat and the streets were thick with people. The crowds in the street were all drawn to the hope of a good night. I was drawn to the hope of a fantasy.
I already wanted to fuck the Marine Corps dude.

Would it ever happen?

The of guys all in white held me captive. They were not like the masses circulating around the cobblestone streets. They stood out. I could taste their masculine essence with my eyes.

I stood at the corner of a building, lurking behind the shadows, as I devoured the Marine's fleshy ass with my hungry gaze. I wondered what he had hidden beneath those slacks. If I had his butt in my hands, would I find smooth and velvety soft skin in my palms? Would he have a dusty pink hole, puckered and ready for action? Would he taste like heaven?

My cock continued to twitch at the thought of his . I could already smell and taste him within the depths of my dirty little mind.
His buds soon broke apart, each chasing their own girl in a sexy dress. Curiously, the guy I liked stayed behind and stood alone as he watched his buddies scurry off. I wondered why he didn't go with them. When he looked over to me, I knew exactly why.

My heart sizzled.

He had seen me checking him out, unbeknownst to me. I was shocked. Regardless, I knew when I was about to get action and this was one of those times.

I winked at the Marine and then discreetly slipped into the darkness of the alley behind me. I could still see him through a little crack. He was looking around nervously, making sure nobody would see him, a sure sign that an encounter was in the cards. When he finally made his way over, I felt like I would burst away at the seams.

Moments later, we were standing together, face to face. We stared each other down, saying more with our eyes than words could ever convey. We were all alone and hint of wicked sex lingered.

*** Part 2

“Hi,” I said.

He sounded nervous but the masculine swagger was still there. He didn't have to say or do much for me to sense it – he oozed of it – but he was uneasy and I knew almost immediately that he was looking for me to take the lead.
I tried my to break the ice.

“Not into the ladies, huh?”
He grinned.
No response.

When my attempt at idle conversation proved unfruitful, I dove right in and spoke my mind.
“That’s a hot ass you got there... Would to get my tongue up in between your crack.”
That seemed to get him going.

I was boiling over with lust. It was in my stare, in every breath I took and every word I uttered.
“I've got about twenty minutes,” he said. “Those guys went into a bar and thought I was with 'em. They won't even know I'm gone.”
He spoke fast and his gaze was intense.
At least he was speaking now.

Twenty minutes was more than enough time for me to do a number on his meaty ass.
“You can bone me,” he quickly added, to my shock and amazement. Sex in an alley with a perfect stranger – was he serious?
Now I was the one who fell silent.

I had no problem with fucking (I always had lube and condoms on me) but I pegged him as the fucker – not the guy who got fucked.
“Eight weeks,” he carried on. “That’s how long it’s been. Need my ass rammed.”
I swallowed hard.

Excitement welled up in my gut; the kind that kids get on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to tear open the gift.
There was nothing more left to say.

I reached down and grabbed that ass in earnest. It was as cheeky as it looked – full and round in my palms – and I couldn't wait to find out what lurked inside.
“I'm Brody by the way,” I said while I got his pants loose.
“Kalon,” he replied back.

His pants fell to the ground, revealing more layers of white. His flesh was pale and his underwear was as white as the rest of his clothes. And he was smooth, just as I had thought.

As soon as I got Kalon’s pants off, he bent over like a butt slut in heat, giving me easy access to his backside. His butt was a vision of perfection. The combination of his macho flavor and meaty cheeks was more than I could have ever asked for.

I quickly dove in, not bothering to remove his underwear. I sniffed his butt and smothered my cheeks all around his flesh and crack. My face slid around his meaty mounds easily, mostly due to the slippery fabric of his underwear. He moved his waist around to help accommodate my intrusion. I could smell his musty scent beneath the flimsy fabric of his skimpy underwear.

It smelt like a dream.
Manly. Musty. Soapy. Raw.

My cock grew harder with each sniff. I wanted to ram his ass alright, now that I had my face right up in it, and I was damn glad that he suggested the idea. Given how hot he was, I would have felt cheated had I not been able to bone such perfection.
When I finally got my tongue inside his crack, his tight hole quivered.

He resisted and I pushed. It was a game of cat and mouse.

The marine was a stallion of a fighter to the world and yet to me, he was the ultimate tease. He wanted my wet tongue up there alright, but even more so, he wanted me to pin him down before he gave it up. Unearthing my dominant side seemed to drive him, which was a major turn on. Dominance was my forte... I spread those fucking cheeks as far apart as I could and I let him have it. Once I stuck it to him, he draped himself over a ledge, melting over it like hot wax. I showed him no mercy as I worked him over into the sort of submission he hungered for.

“Yeah, eat my butt,” he kept on saying as my tongue slithered up and down his butt hole.

I nipped at the skin around his hole, tickling and teasing him with my teeth, and took every opportunity I could to dig my tongue deeper inside him. His hole clenched around my tongue each time. The further I went in, the muster his taste became.
The encounter quickly became primal and instinctive. It was deliciously urgent and unearthed pangs of desperation, even though penetration had yet to occur.

“An ass like this should not go eight weeks without a good pounding,” I said once I was back on my feet.
I gave him a light spank and he seemed to like it.
“Nobody knows, but I like to get it nice and hard,” he said and then let his eyes drift down towards my crotch.

He spread his cheeks for me, giving me a bird's eye view of the butthole that I was about to fuck and the cheeks around it that my pubes would soon be crushing into, once I was nailing him.
God was I the lucky bastard that night.

When I fed my cock up his butt, it went in without a hitch. His butthole ate up all eight inches of my cock in earnest, devouring my rod in all but a few seconds, leaving it surrounded by a sea of warmth and slippery softness.

I rammed him hard, right out of the gate. His butthole muscles felt like a cock ring as they squeezed down on me, milking my rod. I didn't want to cum too fast, but the way it felt to fuck the Marine dude’s ass, it was almost impossible not to.

His insides felt warm and soft, like dough, and his butt cheeks bounced around as I nailed him. It was a sight that would haunt me forever, I was certain of that. I loved how he looked, the macho dude all bent over and submissive, as I took his butt for a ride. I had to constantly squeeze his butt cheeks, just to keep myself from going crazy... Of course, there was no relief to be had in doing that. him didn’t bring relief either. He was much too hot for that. If I wasn’t tormented by his butt cheeks, then it was the layers of muscles that were straining in his back that got me. Then there were the muscles in his thighs that I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands all over. I even loved the nape of his neck and how it looked with his buzz cut and all.

What a fucking tease he was.

I grabbed him at one shoulder and pulled him in for a wet and sloppy kiss. That helped for a fleeting moment but soon, the insatiable hunger returned.
That’s when I plowed him, as hard as I could go, but nothing I did brought satisfaction. The hunger was greater at that point than it was when we got started. And yet, despite all the attempts to depress the hunger, I wanted more of it. The torment was appealing. It was the sort of dichotomy that only hot sex could bring.

Those butt cheeks, the spanking, the kissing... It was all too much.
I wanted to fuck him all night but that was not possible. When I finally felt like I would blow, I didn't hold back. I knew the drill. Relief could only be had through an explosive burst.

I came up inside his ass, foregoing the option to pull out and cum all over those beautiful cheeks that started the whole thing. Cumming inside his butt hole was far hotter an idea.
Squirt after squirt, the satisfaction settled in, and as I came, he did too.

What a ride it had been. An insanely sexy Marine dude and I, doing the fucking nasty in a back alley... I could hardly believe it.
And, it was not a dream – his being all spread apart at my waist was proof of that.

“You're fucking amazing,” I said when I was getting my clothes back on.
“Just what I needed, bro,” he said with a toothy grin. There was a wide smile plastered over his handsome face.

No action for eight weeks. He was the one who’d needed relief the most!
“If you stay, I’ll make sure that ass is never neglected,” I said as I reached in for another squeeze.

He grinned again.
“I leave tomorrow.”
“Too bad,” I said with a hint of regret. The one guy I found who was perhaps the best of them all and I would never see him again. Just my luck!

When he slipped out of the alley and back into the crowds, vanishing into the dark of night, it dawned on me that even though it had all been real, it was still truly a fantasy because I would never see him again.

At least I could say that I fucked a Marine.

It was one fantasy that I could scratch off my list.

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