Arranged fist time

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This story is the story of how I ended up becoming a pathetic sissy bisexual craving whore.

My hands trembled as I finished typing. It was arranged. When was up to them. I was walking home one night after my car broke down. Through a wooded area I have walked countless times before. I heard some voices, muffled but could just make out what they were saying. Sniggering followed. I knew I should of turned around but didn't as I thought I would be safe. How wrong was I??

I stopped to light up a cigarette and walked hearing steps behind me. As I stopped again to extinguish my finished ciggie I felt a pair of powerful arms grab me from behind and cover my mouth. I couldn't move.

"Tonight we going to make your night bitch" came my captors voice.

He dragged me through the bushes to a small clearing, there were two other guys there. As my captor removed his hand a gag was quickly inserted in my mouth as my hands were tied tightly. I was lead to a broken tree at just the right height to bend me over and I was tied to it.

In the limited light I saw my captors. 3 hunky dudes all wearing face masks. I felt my trousers been pulled down as my legs were then secured to the tree. I felt there hand groping my cheeks and finding my hole they jested about its tightness.

I felt a knife slide up my ass crack and squirmed.

"We ain't going to kill you. We just don't like tops" they said as they slide the knife up my back and removed my t shirt and hoody.

They talked for a few minutes amongst themselves still groping my ass. Eventually one moved to the front and started playing with my nipples. The others saw my cocks reaction. They seemed pleased.

"This bitch very willing. Looks like tonight we really Will change his life"

Just as the sentence was finished a hard cock violated my exposed hole. I could do no better than scream in to the gag. Tears streaming down my face.

Each one took their turn in violating my hole and torturing my nipples. After a few attacks I felt myself getting turned on at the humiliation I found myself in. Eventually plucking up the courage to push back as they thrust forward. They responded by making their thrusts deeper. I lost track of time and how many cum loads my anal passage consumed.

They eventually grew tired and gave me a stark warning.

"If u tell anyone of what happened here tonight then. we will do worst next time. If however you enjoyed tonight, next time you walk past here be . Have your clothes in a bag. Once we gone u can then dress and carry on."

I shook my head to acknowledge their threat.

They untied me and ran away sharpish. I gathered my thoughts and tried to reflect on the turn of events. I broke down in tears.

I started to walk home once more. I got in and weighed up my options.

The following day I went to the police station. On the way I felt waves of emotion and guilt. Guilt not of been raped but the guilt of enjoying it. Is it right to enjoy rape? My mind swirled. I didn't even get to the station and turned back home. For weeks I hid away reflecting on that night.

I made a tough decision and went back to the path. I stripped and walked.

"Oh look. Bitch has come back for more. Naked already"

I blushed as they lead me to the clearing. This time there was 6. A smile crept across my face as I bent over the tree to be tied up.

" fucking amazing" said one. "Just one night made him like this?"

The original 3 just nodded.

No gag this time as I accepted that that night they were right. It would change my life. And with that the first two cocks entered my mouth and ass. This is it. Confirmation of what I had felt for years and had been awakened strongly that first night. I was now a slave to cock and cum. Give it to me boys...

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