Anything For A Good Fuck

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

"Hey! Come and spot me, willya?"

I turned to see Frank lifting weights. Automatically, my started to work itself up in my pants, but I mentally forced it back down.

"Sure," I said as I walked over to him. I placed my hands on the underside of the barbell and gently spotted him. "What are you lifting for anyway?" I asked.

"Just because," he replied. I tied as hard as I could to keep my eyes off of his rippling chest and biceps but they drew my attention like nothing I had ever known. This man drove me crazy, day after day. I went to the gym on a daily basis, mostly to see Frank, and every-time I would show up, there he was, tight muscle shirt, short, spandex shorts and dripping sweat. I'd jacked off everyday for a month to his muscular image.

We moved over to yet another machine ( I wasn't paying attention to which because of his muscular
sticking out of his shorts) I spotted him and enjoyed staring at him until he started talking like a .
"pussy" this and "tits" that. He talked about it for about 5 minutes before I had to put a stop to it.

"Actually, I'm gay. So, no, I don't know what it's like when you've got em' in a headlock with your cock."

He froze and let go of the barbell. I caught it and placed it back in it's holder.

"You're a fag?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm gay," I corrected him.

"It's the same fucking thing to me! Stay the away from me!" he yelled as he stormed off to the showers.
By this time i was used to people reacting like this, so I shrugged it off and finished up my workout. When
I was done, I went into the showers, stripped down and rinsed off the sweat. The showers were public, so
there weren't any doors or barriers, so when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye streaking across
the entrance of the shower area, I found it strange. No one usually runs past he showers unless they've got
something to hide. I turned off the shower, and without toweling off walked out into the open. There was no one there. I stood there a moment, thinking, but then decided that it was nothing and turned to finish my shower. When I turned around, there sat Frank. But Frank didn't look to angry any more.

He was completely naked. His shoulders. pecs and abs were all right there, ready to be licked and caressed.
He had nicely sized nipples that stuck out from his chest, which has always been a turn on for me. What
really shocked me though was the towel. There was a pink towel over his cock, which was hard and HUGE!
Maybe 9 inches long and 5 inches wide. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that it had to be , but I
just didn't know how big.

"Are you just gonna stare at it, or are you gonna come over here and get me off?" he asked me seductively.
Even though I had about a million questions to ask, I put them all on pause and moved over to release him of
his huge burden.

I knelt on the locker room floor and rubbed his cock through the towel. He groaned and told me to take it off. I ignored him and kept rubbing. Shit, I was still mad that this prick had called me a fag.

"Please take it off! I just want your mouth on it!" he groaned again. I looked up into his eyes and saw the lust in his eyes and obliged him. I tore the towel off and beheld the beauty erecting form between his legs. I almost fell over. It was more beautiful than I had assumed. It was cut and glistening with pre-cum and trembling for my mouth. Instead of enveloping it with my mouth like I wanted too, I caressed the trunk of it with my tongue until his whole body rocked with apprehension. Suddenly, I threw my mouth over it and slowly pumped my mouth up and down on it. He let out a scream which echoed around the walls of the locker room. Soon, he was pumping back into my mouth and we were so caught up that we didn't see one of the personal trainers enter the locker. He had his cock out and was slowly massaging his uncut prick. I would have invited him to come over, but FRank had other plans.

"Get the fuck out! Can't you see we're busy?" he screamed with pant. The trainer quickly got his rocks off and left. Not soon after, Frank came all over my face in huge spurts. He thanked me and stood to leave but I pushed him back down and threw my ass on his cock. He grunted and I could almost feel him smile. I didn't have to wait long before he started pounding his in my ass. Before long, he'd come again, this time in my ass, and I slid off. I turned around, still hard, and pumped my meat until I came a stream of jizz all over his chest. He leaned back on the locker room bench and I leaned over to lick it all up and suck on his nipples.

After we'd taken showers, gotten dressed and exchanged phone numbers, I asked him my questions. I turns out
that the same personal trainer that had walked in on us had been hitting on him for the longest time and he
just didn't feel any chemistry with him. So he'd told him that he was straight. When I'd told him that I was
gay, he'd noticed that the trainer had been staring at him and he threw a just to throw him off. But he told me that he was gay since the beginning.

Of course I knew that he was lying, but hey, anything for a good fuck.

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