Angry Black Panthers Raid University Lacrosse Team

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Angry Black Panthers Raid The University Lacrosse Team

Contributed by: johnyboy
(This is a continuation of my story, University Lacrosse Players Get Punished for being Real Jerks. I hope you like it; I think you will.)

This is what happened next. Tom and Randy were released from prison for lack of evidence. Truth is they had just gotten away with almost raping a girl. But, while spending some time in jail they were messed with by the guards and the other inmates. They were broken and humiliated. But now they were released. They were leaving that Hell hole and returning to their friends. They heard that the other members of the lacrosse team were planning a big surprise for them. They would be welcomed as heroes, despite their comeuppance in the jail. Truth is, they intended to tell their teammates that they stood up inside the prison, and had beat the crap out of all the inmates that tried to take advantage of them. If you, dear reader, believe this, please read my story: “University Lacrosse Players Get Punished for Rape.”

In secret, Tom and Randy went to the ’s, to be examined from the savage rapes they endured. As you may recall, Randy suffered a “fisting”, while Tom was forced to endure a broom handle being inserted into his anus. Both young men apparently were okay enough, though. Even their shaved pubes were starting to grow back. Since the lacrosse season was over this did not concern them much. They were not about to use any locker rooms any time soon. They were all too ready to party again with their teammates.

That night, at the party, all the lacrosse team, at least a dozen guys, where there. Most were wearing their blue lacrosse jerseys. They all drank, and bragged of their exploits with various “bitches”. Tom and Randy recognized a friend of theirs, Joe. Joe had participated in the disrespecting the girl as well, but due to the fact that there was no evidence. He suffered no punishment, and was not arrested. “Hey, guys! Sorry about what happened to you! But that is the way it is sometimes. I know it sucks. But, look, they had to let you two go anyway, right?” “Yeah, man, hey, it could have been any of us. No hard feelings, bro.” Tom, Randy, and Joe thus embraced, and cemented their friendship. After all, the three had got away with rape. Why hold a grudge? And, anyway, Tom and randy liked Joe. He was a handsome kid, about twenty-two years old, had a dark, mature look about him, and a small goatee on his chin that came from his lower lip to his chin. His hair was short and dark brown, he was tall, almost as tall as Randy, with brown eyes. He was a little more muscular than Randy, though, a little more built like blond Tom, but brunette in complexion.

With music playing too loud, and the beer flowing, the party continued into the small hours of the morning. Yes, it was great to be a university lacrosse player! This was especially true of Joe, who got away with "dissing" a woman, because the cops were so stupid.

In the other side of town, another kind of get together was occurring. It was a top secret meeting of the Angry Black Panthers. They were holding this meeting at the request of their new leader, Abdul, on the subject of the disrespect to “sistah”. Abdul whore a steady piercing expression. He was tall, about six two, and powerful. He wore a small beard and dark glasses most of the time. On his head he wore one of those Muslim caps, only a black one. This matched the dark color of the leather clothes he wore. All in all, Abdul was the kind of man you didn’t want to mess with. “We are not going to tolerate this kind of sloppy police work any longer! They think that because they are white they can insult one of our sisters and get away with it! I will conduct, with your assistance, an investigation of my own, and get to the bottom of this! We will interview those white bastards ourselves, and find out the truth! If the police won’t do it, then we will!!”

Abdul’s little statement, which had him shouting by the time he was through, was met with cheers from the twenty odd Angry Black Panthers, and their girlfriends, at the meeting. The Angry Black Panthers all wore dark colored uniforms, and under their jackets, sported weapons of various kinds. They were all armed. At least two of the members has M-16 rifles in their possession. They believed in being well prepared, because, in their view, to stand up for the rights of the African People, and refuse to be an “Uncle Tom” was dangerous work and won you many enemies. Their girlfriends wore dark clothes, too. Some had leather pants. As a rule, their women looked as tough as the men. Some were large, others just lean and mean. They all looked well prepared to do battle for their people.

So, that night, the twenty Angry Black Panthers, and their girlfriends, piled into about half a dozen big old cars, and headed off to the party that the lacrosse dudes were having.

Laughing and slapping each other on the backs, the lacrosse dudes were really whooping it up. “Hey, why don’t we get some strippers over, just like last time! We should get nigger ones, they’re the !” This was Joe’s suggestion, which met with total agreement from several of the teammates. Randy and Tom, however, didn’t go along. There experience in jail had made them shy of that sort of thing. “Count us out, guys.” With that, Randy and Tom left the party that night, to grab a bite to eat. The others just shrugged, and started looking, in their drunken state, for escort services. Then there was a loud knock on the door. Bang, bang, bang! “Open it, I don’t know who the Hell it could be at this time of night!” One of the other players got up from a couch he was on, and walked to the door.

“Who are you?” “Never mind that!” And with that, Abdul, and his companions shoved their way into the house, armed, and with their 9mm pistols drawn. “Nobody move! Just stay still, and you won’t get hurt!” The lacrosse dudes were stunned. “What do you want? Money? We have some! Take whatever you want!” With that several of the dudes, suddenly looking very sober, started reaching into their pockets, and proceeded to hand over their wallets. Abdul nodded, and two of the ladies collected these. The women also asked for the guys’ watches as well. These the terrified youths were all too willing to hand over. All in all, there were about a dozen lacrosse players in the house, along with the twenty Angry Black Panthers. “Now, I want your names, and ATM codes! And they better be right!” The dudes, in terror, thus took out a piece of paper, and wrote down their names, and next to each, the codes for their ATM cards. They handed this to one of the black females, who smiled and winked, “thank you, white boy!” Then the woman left the house, to Abdul’s instruction, “don’t take too long!” “Don’t worry! I don’t want to miss any of the fun!” Several of the Angry Black Panthers smiled slightly at this.

“I know that several of you cowards were involved in racially insulting an African woman a couple months back! The police have only arrested two, and these were released. I want to know who else here was involved in that attack!” Joe’s jaw dropped. Yikes! Several of the team looked around. A couple looked at Joe. “Okay, so no one is talking. Then we will have to interview you all individually, one at a time, until we get to the bottom of this.” The whole team turned pale as ghosts, even the ones who until now had decent tans. “You first!” Abdule pointed to a tall skinny Freshman player named Pat. Pat was long and lean, had red hair, and freckles. He looked young, even for a Freshman. Or maybe it was the emotion of fear that suddenly put the wide eyed look of fear on all the guys. “Step foreword!” Pat hesitated. Abdule reached out, grabbed Pat’s jersey, and yanked the youth foreword, who, despite being an inch or so taller than Abdule, looked about thirty pounds lighter at least. Pat was tossed foreword like a doll, and then shoved toward the upstairs for his interrogation. “What are you going to do with me? Please! I don’t know anything!” Pat’s pleas were useless. He was marched upstairs with Abdule, one of his girl friends, and another Angry Black Panther, a large fat man named Leroy.

From the upstairs, the other players could hear crying, and slapping. It was obvious that Pat was getting a good going over. They also heard shouting. “Tell me more! Tell me more! Everything!” Joe, at this point, was really getting hysterical. Suppose Pat gave him up? Next, Leroy came down the steps, and summoned another team member from the . This next was Eric, a medium height and muscular blond. Eric faired no better than Pat, who he saw sitting on the floor on the bedroom. Eric got a beating, too. But, still, no one gave up Joe. Abdul realized that this was not working.

So, Pat, Eric, Leroy, and Abdule, and Abdule’s girlfriend, came back downstairs. “I see, you don’t want to give up the man who degraded the sistah? Well, maybe you are the ones who need to be degraded! All of you! Listen to me!” Abdule spoke in a loud voice to the lacrosse players. “Take off your clothes! All of them! Everything!” The players just looked at each other. “You mean, you want us to stand here, naked?” “You catch on fast, white boy! Now, strip!”

Abdule wanted to continue the interrogation. Just then, the woman with the ATM cards came knocking at the door. Abdule went into the small porch that separated the living room from the front door. “You got the money? Good!” Abdule never realized that ordinary college kids had such big accounts. “Did I miss anything?” “Nothing much, I am continuing the interrogation process though. Haven’t found out anything, yet. Oh, yes, I am having them all strip. That should increase our psychological advantage, and help degrade these punks a little. We can also search them more thoroughly that way.” “Well, it seems that you thought of everything! Good job.” Then Abdule and the lady had a romantic kiss on the porch. “Hey, boss, excuse me..” Abdule turned and found one of the junior members entered the porch, and wanted to ask him something. “What do you want us to do with their things?” “Collect them! Pick all of them up, and bring them out to the car. They belong to us, now, not to those punks! Everything! Every stitch!” “Uh, you don’t mean, umm, underwear, do you? I mean, they got to have…” “Look, what did I just get finished saying? You dense? Everything!” Thus several of the Angry Black Panthers marched, back and forth to their cars, carrying all the garments that the lacrosse dudes were wearing, down to socks and underpants. Of course, they had already taken their wallets, ATM cards, money, and had emptied their accounts, collectively, of thousands of dollars. Despite this, Abdule was not quite prepared for what waited for him inside.

As he and his lady entered the house from the enclosed porch they were first met by the solid throng of darkly clad Angry Black Panthers and there ladies. They could only see the backs of these, as all were facing foreword, deeper into the room, and intent on the events unfolding inside. Thus, initially, Abdule was left to push, gently, his fellow brothers and sisters, to get through all twenty, and to help his lady into the living room. His view of the deeper interior of the house was thus obstructed by this, and by getting through the crowd. “Excuse me, hey, guys, excuse me, we got work..” Abdule struggled for several seconds to get through the crowd, and into the house deeper, before he, when he was finally through the other Panthers, could look up and see fully what was going on.

Big, fat Leroy was the last obstruction to Abdule’s view, but at this point he thought he could at least see the heads, and some of the shoulders of the lacrosse team members. He wasn’t sure what he would see. He had given the orders to his members and had taken some things. He only saw a couple of apparently bare shoulders and the tops of several heads, obviously Caucasian from the blond, brown, and red hair, and apparently looking downward. That was all Abdule could really see of the events on the inside of the house. “Hey, Leroy, gang way, man!” Leroy finally looked around, saw Abdule, smiled, and stepped aside, “enjoy, boss.” Abdule was not sure what he meant by that, when Leroy then stepped aside, and, finally Abdule and his girl, got a clear look from in front of all the Angry Black Panthers.

In front of him were about a dozen university lacrosse members crowded together, facing the Angry Black Panthers, but most with their eyes downcast toward the floor. At first Abdule couldn’t believe it. They were all stark naked! He looked again. All were facing him and his fellow Panthers, but with their hands clasped tightly over their genitals, and their faces obscured by the fact that their heads were facing the floor. There were about a dozen, arranged in approximately three ranks, almost like a team year book photo. Only no year book would ever show a view such as this. Andule saw more of the tops of their heads, as most of these boys tried to hide their faces in shame. He saw the solid mass of pale white flesh before him, the bodies of what used to be arrogant young men. Yes, some were blond, most had brown hair, and there were a couple redheads. He noticed one of the players-the lad named Pat. He was tall, and standing behind most of his teammates. His chest and shoulders were only visible, as others were standing in front of him. Yet, even in this view, Abdule could see that Pat was long and lankiy, without much muscle, and had practically no body hair to speak of.

The rest of the team ranged from medium height to tall. None had a lot of body hair. A couple has a little bit of hair on their chests. This was obvious a source of pride to these in the locker room, but not here. In this place their bodies were only a source of shame, as they all universally bowed their heads, and all, especially the front row, tried desperately to cover their privates. Where was all their locker room bantor now? Was this the same team whose members enjoyed so much those group showers? It sure couldn’t have been from their shame and humiliation. But they were.

Abdule checked them over, from their feet up their thighs, to their clasped hands. Yes, it was true. His members made sure orders were in fact followed. They had indeed undressed completely. The arrogant university lacrosse team, the privileged punks who so despised poor African Americans were now standing, completely helpless before the Angry Black Panthers and their ladies, and they stood there stripped naked! Abdule turned around, and thanked his crew for a job well done. They looked back, and at the white punks. There ladies were all smiling ear to ear. “Okay, we have work to do! The interrogations must continue! We’ll start again with you! You in the back! Step foreword! Now!” Abdule indicated Pat with his finger, and after several commands, the terrified youth stepped through his teammates. He finally reached the front and stood directly before Abdule, his head bowed, trembling, and desperately trying to hide himself. He was several inches taller than Abdule, but much slimmer. He also looked a lot lighter than Abdule. From head to toe, he had long arms and legs, a flat chest, and a smooth body. He had, as I said before, red hair and freckles. Abdule figured that he must have a small red bush of pubic hair, too, but couldn’t see that yet, as his hands were over that. If Abdule used his imagination, the kid almost looked like a woman. Actually, if one used their imaginations, the whole team looked effeminate to the macho Angry Black Panthers. And it seems that all these kids, could, as if they were mind readers, tell this. They felt stripped of their manhood along with their garments.

“Okay, all of you, upstairs, and be quiet!” The other Angry Black Panthers ordered all the nude victims to proceed, single file, up the steps at gun point. They were thus now exposed from the side. And of course, as they walked, their asses were exposed now, too. This made them even more self conscious. Several of the team turned around to look, only to find that their suspicions were indeed correct. The ladies of the Angry Black Panthers were indeed checking out their backsides. And, yes, so were the men!

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