An Interracial Encounter

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

It was just hours before they would get in the car and take the two hour ride to the same sex they had attended last year. It was an annual event and it was there that Todd managed to overcome his jealousy of seeing his lover, KJ, sucking and kissing other men.

Todd had met Eric there and all day long, he wondered if the eighteen year old would be present again, Last year, Eric had only been eighteen He was still in High School. Todd wondered if he had moved away to attend college or if he was still hanging around Tucson. For a young kid, he had a helluva appetite for sex.

KJ never ate for twenty-four hours before going to one of these sex parties. He wanted to be clean and ready because he knew that he would be fucked. He was versatile and always hoped that he would have the opportunity to be a top, but with his small, five four frame that weighed only one hundred and twenty six pounds, most guys looked at him and decided that his round little was made just special for them.

Todd and KJ were both antsy as they anticipated the party. They stayed busy in the morning and Todd continued to work in the yard throughout the afternoon while KJ pampered himself. He had made an appointment for a masseur to come to the house so for an hour. As he lay on the massage table the skilled hands of Drake worked the kinks out of his muscled frame. He liked Drake the of all the men that gave him massages. The guy was straight so the fifty-six year old Englishman concentrated on the massage rather than sex that usually followed when KJ had the others massage him.

He let the lotions soak into his skin for the rest of the afternoon and it wasn't until just an hour before their departure that he showered, removing the lotions. He wore no colognes or deodorants because so many men were turned off by the sweet smells and tastes of such things. Todd still wore plenty of deodorant, but KJ had convinced him not to use colognes when attending sex parties.

The drive from Phoenix to Tucson was as boring as usual. It was a Saturday night so it seemed that there was more traffic than usual. It was early, still hours away before the party started, but they would check into their hotel, Todd would go down to the restaurant and eat something while KJ pampered himself some more. He kept a short, well trimmed beard and moustache that required lots of attention. Actually, he spent more time on it than necessary because it was always perfectly groomed, but it was his trademark. He kept his scrotum shaved smooth and the thick, dark bush above his cock trimmed.

Years earlier, when he was only twenty-four, Todd had trimmed KJ's pubic hair for him and shaped it as a heart right above the base of his cock. It had been difficult to maintain but both KJ and Todd liked it, so it was now a part of his regular routine. He had practically no body hair anywhere else. If he discovered one growing around his ass as they sometimes did, he had either Todd or one of his masseurs pluck it immediately.

Todd ate a salad alone in the near-empty restaurant. It was nine o'clock and if there had been a dinner crowd, most of them were gone by now. He wasn't much of a drinker but he had a glass of wine. He knew that he and KJ would have at least one peppermint schnapps in their room before they called for their ride to the party. KJ would probably have two or three of the sweet drinks over ice. Todd wondered if he had already started.

They had both bought some new and very expensive underwear for the party. They would be naked much of the time, but they knew from last years visit that it was a place to show off their best underwear. Todd's was a pair of tight, white briefs with blue and red stitching around the front, emphasizing his awesome basket. With just a little over eight inches of cock and two nice nuts in his sac, he didn't need to do much to attract eyes to his bulge.

KJ had found the most expensive jock strap he had ever owned. It was black, thin silk with a wide waist band. KJ loved to wear cock rings or cock straps and the one he picked for tonight was silver and turquoise. Between the two items, he had spent Three hundred and fifty dollars. His six and half inches of cut meat showed well in his new attire.

"You spend a lot of time and money on attracting guys to your cock when all they really want is that sweet little mancunt of yours," Todd had joked.

KJ hit him playfully. "Not true. There'll be lots of guys that want to wrap their lips around this piece. Just because they end up fucking me doesn't mean they don't like my cock also," KJ said, rubbing his bulge.

"Is there anyone in particular you're expecting to play with tonight?" Todd asked.

"Yeah. The host," KJ said laughing.

The host was Omar, a wealthy Arab that had asked KJ to spend the entire night with him during last years party. Omar had kept a low profile during most of last years event but he had approached KJ and asked him to sleep with him after the crowd began to thin down. Todd had ended up spending the night in a guest room alone. He certainly could have had company, but he was tired and had drained his balls three different times and didn't have the energy for another. He needed sleep.

"Omar didn't even fuck around until the party was almost over. You were pretty well used up by the time he got you in bed," Todd reminded him.

"Well, used, but not used up. Anyway, he didn't care. He was the best pussy eater I'd met in a long time. He spent most of the night with his tongue in my ass. He fucked me plenty, but what I remember most is all of the ass-eating' that we did. I loved eating his hairy ass and he loved the fact that I didn't have a hair-one on mine, so neither of us got much sleep," KJ remembered.

"Yeah, I remember. You slept all the way home and then for twenty-two hours straight after we got there," Todd reminded him.

"What about you? Anybody from last year that you're hoping to hook up with?" KJ asked.

"Maybe Eric if he's around. He was hot for a kid," Todd said.

"Yeah, he was hot. Maybe we can have another three-way with him," KJ said.

The three-way hadn't happened at the party. Two weeks after the party, Eric had called Todd and said he'd like to get together. He was in Phoenix visiting relatives and wanted to get away from them.

Todd invited him over and both he and KJ and worked his ass over. The kid had slept the night between them. and between the two of them, they kept the kid busy most of the night. KJ and Todd had kept the kid awake most of the night with a cock planted in one end or the other. KJ remembered that every time he got to sleep he was awakened with Eric's mouth around his cock so it wasn't like they took advantage of the boy.

"Yeah, that was fun. He's really into black guys so I'm surprised that he even bothered with us," Todd said.

"Well, wouldn't you say you're into black guys?" KJ asked.

Todd grinned. "Yeah, I guess so. Especially those little ones, like Terry," he replied.

KJ wasn't a guy that one could put a label on. He just loved sex. He could handle a big cock, but he liked small ones and those in between. He liked black guys and any man with an accent. He liked guys that looked like Todd most of all. He always got turned on by guys that were blonde, five nine or ten, in shape, with nice flat stomachs and big arms. But, KJ wasn't very discriminating when it came to sex. There was a guy in Chicago that came to see him about twice a year that was sixty years old. Each time he came, KJ spent two full days playing with the guy. But, KJ liked a kid like Eric just as much as his old friend.

Todd left his wallet in the glove compartment when they arrived. KJ brought nothing with him other than the skimpy little shorts, sandals and cut-off tank top. He liked showing off his tight little stomach but he would shed everything but his underwear and cockring almost as soon as he entered the house.

Todd, always more conservative, wore loose fitting deck shorts with deck shoes and a white tee shirt. He too wouldn't have clothes on for very long.

Inside, they checked out the room as quickly as they removed their clothes. There were only three people inside. all of them on one of the big mats. They were sucking one another. They were all too tall and chubby for either KJ or Todd to take an interest in.

Once outside, they headed for the bar. Omar, the host, was sitting at the bar with a couple of , One of the guys caught Todd's eye immediately. He was actually shorter than KJ. Todd wondered if the guy weighed more than a hundred pounds. He wore nothing but tight pink jock strap while his friend, a man of five seven or so wore a pair of white Aussie shorts.

KJ and Todd stood at the bar since there were no more stools available. As soon as Omar saw KJ, he smiled big and stood to greet him. He kissed him lightly and turned to Todd. He shook Todd's hand and then introduced the two of them to his black friends. This is Maurice and David. This is Todd and KJ.

Todd could feel his cock stir as he looked over the hot little David. He wasn't a kid. Probably thirty-five or so. His friend, Maurice was about the same age, possibly a little younger. It was hard to tell.

Omar offered his stool to KJ and he accepted it, sitting next to Maurice. Todd stood next to David and had trouble keeping his hands off the guy.

"I love your jock strap. It takes a real man to wear pink," Todd joked.

"Thanks. I'm definitely all man. Don't let this small frame fool you," David joked.

"Oh, I can tell. My partners pretty small as well, but he's no pansy. He'll outlast me every time we come to one of these things," Todd replied.

"Well, I can outlast Maurice too but that's because he's not nearly as versatile as I am. He can get it up and keep it up, but he has to take some pretty long breaks. I think he wastes a lot of time by being being such a macho top. If if wasn't for me, he'd have no sex at all when were at our house in Bimini."

"Bimini?" I know that place. KJ and spent a couple of nights there last year while we were vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale. We had fun. Not much gay life there though," Todd remarked.

"Yeah, its pretty homophobic, but its where we live. We spend more time here than there," David said.

"You're a pretty . I hate to be bold, but the truth is, you're the hottest guy in the place in my opinion," Todd said, putting his arm around David's shoulder.

"Thanks. That's a big ass compliment since there's about a hundred guys here," David chuckled.

"I mean it. When I saw you wearing a jock strap my heart jumped into my throat. I hope that means what I think it means," Todd said.

"What do you think it means?"

Todd replied cautiously. "I...ah...think it means that you might like a little ass play."

"Is that what you're in to?" David asked.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm afraid I've got some of the same issues that Maurice has.

"Well that's not all bad. It surprises me though. You're so blonde and pretty. I could see you with your legs up in the air," David chuckled.

"Sorry if that disappoints you. I've tried that stuff. I figured I should stick to the things I'm kind of good at," Todd smiled. He was going crazy wanting to drag the cute little guy off into a tent or a mat or just anywhere that he could push his face into that tiny little set of cheeks. He leaned forward and kissed him.

David responded favorably and opened his mouth, letting Todd explore a little.

The bartender had set a Margarita down in front of him and he had barely touched it. "If I down this real fast, would you be interested in hitting the mats with me?" Todd asked.

"Right now? Are you serious? Yeah...I guess...We just got here. But hell, we might as well do what we came to do," David said. He had no Carribbean accent. Todd wondered how long he had had been coming to the United States.

Before David could climb from his stool and Todd could finish off his drink, Maurice and KJ stood up. Maurice stood behind David as KJ stepped up to Todd. "I guess you probably know whats about to happen?" KJ asked sheepishly.

"You're about to get some black cock and so am I?" Todd grinned, leaning forward and kissing him on the mouth.

"Yeah, I hate that I'm such a slut I end up getting laid by the first guy I meet, but he asked and I can't turn him down." Then he added, "Not that I would want to. He's pretty hunky."

"Yeah, I see that," I replied.

I took David's arm as he climbed down from his stool and said, "What's your pleasure. Under the stars or in the tent?" I asked.

"Oh under the stars of course. That's if we find a lounge or mat," David replied.

By now, there were already lots of lounges and mats that were occupied but as they made up their minds that they would have to go to one of tents, they discovered a couple of oversized cots with thick mats on them. David and Todd took one while KJ and Maurice claimed the other.

While KJ and Maurice lay on their sides facing each other, they kissed as their hands explored one another's body. Maurice wasted no time at all squeezing KJ's buttocks, while KJ reached into Maurice's shorts and fondled his already erect cock. It was huge. Nearly nine inches. It wasn't something to fear for KJ. He had taken cocks that were even bigger. He wasnt' a size queen by any means. He was first fucked by an uncle that had a cock of nine and half inches. It was awful and he hated it. He never got used to the big rod until several years later when he went home for a visit and ended up in bed with his Uncle Dwayne once again, By that time, he'd been around enough so that he easily took the big fat cock.

Todd and David's kisses ended quickly. Todd rolled David onto his stomach and as the firm buttocks were presented to him, he wasted no time at all burying his face between the sweet cheeks.

"Slow down," Todd said to himself. It had been a while since he had discovered such a beautiful, black body.

David lie silent as Todd pushed his tongue into him. David tastes was mild...almost sweet. He was clean. He wouldn't have cared. He loved holding the firm ass cheeks in his palms as he worked his tongue up and down the tiny crevice.

Next to them, KJ was crouched over Maurice sucking the big, black cock. He had his hand wrapped firmly around the base of the cock as he moved his face up and down over the remainder of the piece. His ass was high in the air as he crouched on his knees, slurping on the dark, hard meat.

Maurice was a kisser. Every minute or two, he tugged at KJ and pulled him close so that he could kiss him. The kisses were tender and passionate. Maurice seemed unhurried. KJ liked that but his own cock was already making the front of his jock strap moist.

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