An Accident at Work

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Tony and I had been sharing an apartment for about a year. We had known each other for ages so it was a no-brainer when we got out of high school, had gotten jobs and he got an apartment and asked me if I wanted to room with him. We got along great- we both had steady girlfriend, loved hanging out with each other and had many of the same interests.

One afternoon I was at work when my cell phone rang. I don't usually pick up my cell at work but the caller ID came across as the local hospital, so I picked up the phone. It was Tony's sister. Tony worked construction and had been on top of a two-story high scaffolding when it collapsed. He had landed on his stomach, broken four ribs, his nose and both arms in the fall. I immediately dropped everything and drove to the hospital as soon as I could. When i got there, Tony was out of the emergency room and in a regular hospital room and heavily sedated. He was talking, but it was mostly just nonsense- he didn't even know where he was or what had happened. Both his arms were in casts and he was really bruised up.

I spoke to the and was told that Tony would be in the hospital a couple days then would be released. Luckily, I had a week of vacation time to take so I told his sister I would stay home for that week and take care of him. His release date arrived and I went to pick him up. The nurse gave me care instructions and a list of his meds and when he had to take them then explained to me that Tony would need assistance with the "most basic things" as she put it- using the bathroom, cleaning himself up- things like that. She asked me if I would be comfortable with that and I said fine. I browsed over the care instructions- things like sponge baths, home therapy, etc. They loaded Tony up into a wheelchair, brought him down to my car and off we went. I could tell he was still in quite a bit of pain, but he said he'd be okay.

The first thing when we got home Tony looked at me and said "Dude, I have to go to the bathroom." So off to the bathroom we go and he's standing there in front of the toilet then looks at me and says, "This is embarrassing as shit. You're going to have to help me out- I can't even pull down my own pants." I laughed and replied "Don't even worry about it!" and reached down and pulled down his sweat pants and helped him onto the toilet. "Man, this is so embarrassing" said Tony, "but could you reach down and put my under the toilet seat?" He turned beet red as I reached down and placed his member under the seat. "I'm going into the kitchen" I said, "call me when you're finished." I walked into the kitchen and fixed a pot of coffee. I could hear him moaning in pain as he sat on the toilet, then he called out "Okay, I'm ready!"

I walked in and asked him if he needed help getting up. "Yeah" he replied, and I grabbed around the waist and pulled him off the toilet. I reached down and started to pull up his pants and just as I got them part way up, he said "Okay- now this is REALLY embarrassing."

"What?" I replied.

"Dude, you're going to have to wipe my for me." He laughed then quickly stopped, stating "God- that hurt! Don't make me laugh!" I looked at him and said "How we gonna do this?" He replied "I don't know! Just do it, I guess!" I reached down and pulled a wad of toilet paper off the roll, then said "Turn around and bend over a little." He did and I reached down and wiped him off, exclaiming "Dude! What did they feed you at that hospital? Raw sewage? That is really sick!" He let out a moan then muttered "Dude, I said don't make me laugh!" That was that and I spent five minutes scrubbing my hands clean then helped him back into the bedroom. It was going to be a LONG week!

We got to talking a bit and I soon made the decision that it would be that I just stayed in his room with him in case he had to get up during the night or anything. We had a blow-up mattress that we used for company so I moved it into his room. It soon became very apparent that getting him in and out of bed to go to the bathroom was causing him way too much pain, so that afternoon I ran to the local Walgreen's and got a bed pan then cut off the top of a gallon plastic milk jug for him to piss in. And man, did he ever have to piss a lot. He was pretty much on a liquid diet at that point as swallowing and chewing caused him a lot of pain. Getting his sweat pants on and off proved to be a huge hassle as well, so off they came. I decided to move the TV into his room as well, so now I was spending all day in the room with him lying naked in bed as we watched TV when he wasn't sound asleep from the pain meds. He took it all in stride and started to joke around about me having to hold his when he peed and wipe his ass for him.

Day two arrived and mid-morning I looked over at him. "Dude, I hate to say this, but you are starting to stink!" I said as we watched TV that morning. "You up for a sponge bath?" He looked at me groggily and said "Yeah, I guess." Off to the bathroom I went to fill a pan with warm water. I returned with a stack of towels and arranged them around the bed so the sheets wouldn't get all wet, then said "Well, hear goes nothing." I took the sponge and started off with his chest and armpits then slowly worked my way down his body. skipping over his crotch and getting his legs first. He sat there silently watching me as I sponged him off. "Sorry, dude- but you know what I have to do next!" I exclaimed. "Yeah," he replied, "Just get it over with." I placed my fingers around his cock and lifted it off his body and started to sponge off his balls and get between his legs as best I could, then released his cock and sponged that off to then carefully rolled him on his side and cleaned off his back and ass.

I toweled off his back and ass, then reached over and started to roll him onto his back when he suddenly exclaimed "Shit, now this is embarrassing..." I rolled him over and he groaned in pain then I saw what he was talking about- his cock was as hard as a rock, sticking up pointing at his stomach, 6" long at least and a good three inches in girth. "Damn, Dude!" I exclaimed, "Calm that beast down!" He let out a pained laugh and answered "Shut the fuck up." The rest of the day went fine. We just laid silently in his bed, me on the left and him on the right, watching TV and talking. I had to change his dressing in his nose a couple times and hold him while he pissed and soon noticed that he started to get a little fluffed up whenever I held his cock. We joked about it- everything was cool.

The next day it was more of the same. Around noon I decided it was sponge bath time again- we had been keeping the temperature in the house pretty hot so he could keep warm. This time as I was cleaning off his junk he got a raging hard-on and jokingly said "Can't let that go to waste! May as well take care of that too!" I looked at him and smiled. "Really?" I said. He looked up and replied "I was just kidding." I thought for a second then without saying a word, I rapped my fist around his shaft and slowly started to stroke him off. He just laid there silently staring down at me. I looked up at him and said "Does that feel good?" He smiled and muttered "Yeah." I kept it up, then after some time saw his balls draw in tight and felt his shaft start to pulsate in my hand. He let out a soft moan as his thick, creamy white load oozed out of his piss slit. I toweled him off then went to throw the towels into the washing machine down in the apartment building basement. I returned to the room, made him a protein shake and myself a sandwich then went to his room and we silently watched TV all afternoon.

That evening as we were watching TV, Tony turned to me and said, "Dude, I really appreciate everything your doing for me. I know you don't have to- my insurance will pay half for a nurse to come by every day." I looked at him and smiled, answering "No problem, Bro. You know I you like a brother." There was a moment of silence then he muttered, "That hand job you gave me this afternoon felt really good." I looked over at him and smiled then said "Time for us to get some sleep," helped him piss and cleaned him up a bit more then climbed into the air mattress and quickly dozed off.

The next day, more of the same then sponge bath time rolled around again with the same result- as I was sponging off his crotch he got hard again. I looked up at him and asked "You want me to take care of that for you again?" Tony smiled, not saying a word, and I started to slowly stroke his cock. After a couple of minutes he muttered "That really feels nice." I looked up at him, and whispered "Do you mind?" He looked at me with a puzzled look and a nervous smile and replied "What?" Without saying a word, I leaned in and took his rock-hard shaft in my mouth.

I had never sucked off another dude in my life, but I instinctively knew right what to do. I knew what I liked when my girlfriend sucked me off and I did the same. Tony just laid there looking down at me with a dead serious look on his face as I kept my eyes turned up at him, slowly taking his shaft in and out of my mouth. This went on a good twenty minutes when I heard him mutter "I'm about ready to cum." I just kept his shaft in my mouth and felt his load fill me up. I swallowed it down, then removed his cock from my mouth and turned to him and said "You mind of I lay here and jack off?" He smiled as I pulled off my boxers and said "Go right ahead."

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