Amsterdam : Part II

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was in Amsterdam on an after college month-long stay, compliments of my Grandmother, spending the weekend checking the city out. When I arrived on Friday morning, I checked into the youth hostel to be informed that there was only one double, deluxe room left and that I would be sharing it with another guy who had already checked in. The deluxe rooms had a private bath, but you had to use the showers down the hall. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but I didn't feel like looking elsewhere as a festival was going on in town and everything was booked solid.

When I got up to the room, the other guy wasn't there, but his large backpack was sitting in the corner. Definitely another American. I dropped my stuff off then went out, had some fun (see Part I of this story) and wandered around the city all day. I came back just after dark. There was a cafe at the entrance to the Hostel that served coffee, beer and snacks. The room was thick with smoke and reeked of marijuana and hash. Some French sitting in the corner was selling weed, so I bought a spiff from him and ordered up a beer then smoked it down and just sat there until late talking with some English girls spending the weekend there.

At around 10:30 I headed up to the room to turn in, still no sign of the other guy but they locked the doors at 11:00 PM so he would be back soon. I got undressed down to my bikini briefs, spread out my sleeping bag, picked up the book I had brought with and started reading when about 20 minutes later I heard the key slip into the door and in came the other guy, staggering as he walked through the door, obviously pretty . He was about six feet tall, shaggy long blond hair, a scruffy mustache and a little on the chunky side. He immediately said "I have to piss" then staggered into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. I looked over. He was at the toilet, facing away from me. He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor then he pulled off his boxer shorts and I could see his creamy white smooth . He pissed for what seemed an eternity then staggered out of his pants and boxers, leaving them in front of the toilet. He turned and walked back into the room and just stood there, t-shirt hanging down, partially covering his crotch, but exposing the head of his .

He looked at me and said "Hey, I'm Mike. Who are you?" I stood up and introduced my self and he staggered over and high fived me, saying just "Cool." He looked down at his crotch, smiled and said "Sorry!" then looked back up at me. I replied "No problem dude." He walked over to his bed and sat down. He said he was from Wisconsin and was attending his Junior Year abroad, studying in Germany. We talked for a bit longer then he said "I'm gonna hit the sack!" I just said I was going to read a while longer- he said no problem then laid back in the bed.

He kept looking over at me with this funny look on his face and finally said, "I've seen you someplace before. You ever been to Wisconsin?" I said no and went back to my book. He just kept staring at me then after a bit he says, "I know! You were in the Red Light district weren't you? You were at that place with the rooms with the windows in them! I saw you in there! Some old dude was sucking your cock!" You had the curtain open and were just sitting there with this stupid grin on your face!"

I turned six shades of red and just muttered "Oh shit. Caught." He started cracking up laughing then said "Did it feel good?" I just smiled, not saying a word. I went back to my book as he just laid there. It was about ten minutes of total silence as I read, when I glanced over at him. He had pulled up his t-shirt and was playing with his cock and just staring at me. I just looked at him and said "Shit, dude..." He smiled and said "You like sucking cock?" I answered "Your a little drunk, aren't you?" He grinned and just laid there playing with his meat. It was pretty good sized, I'd say five and a half inches and really . He said "Well?" and I answered "I don't really feel like it right now."

A few minutes later, he's still playing with himself, and he says "Come on, I'll suck yours too." I thought about it a second. I was feeling a little horny from the spiff I smoked earlier and said "Okay I guess. You want me to come over there?" He said "Yeah" so I got up and pulled off my briefs and walked over to his bed. He said "Lay down next to me with your head by my dick and I'll suck you at the same time." I climbed into bed and started playing with his tight little balls and his dick head with my tongue. He took me right in his mouth, and after a few I got hard. We just laid there. moaning softly, sucking each other off. He wasn't the cock sucker in the world, but it felt okay. After a bit, he withdrew my cock from his mouth and said 'Hey, you wanna fuck me? Come on, it will be fun. I haven't had cock in me in ages." What the hell. I got up and said "Get on your hands and knees. I'll fuck you doggy style." He complied, and I got behind him, spread his cheeks and spit on his tight hole.

I slowly eased my cock into him. He muttered "Damn- that hurts. Spit on your dick and go real slow." I pulled out. I was barely in him - he was really tight. I spit in my hand and rubbed it into my shaft then eased it real slow inside him until I was in all the way to the base of my shaft then I just let it sit there." He muttered "Oh FUCK!" as I started to glide my cock in and out of him. It only took me five minutes or so to cum. I just came inside him, then leaned down and put my lips to his hole and sucked out my cum.

He looked back and said "Damn, Dude! That's gross!" I didn't care. I always ate my own loads. I just climbed out of his bed and he rolled over and started jacking off. I stood by his bed until he was ready to shoot then took his load in my mouth and swallowed. He just muttered "Shit! I came a lot" then I walked back to my bed. Not a minute later, I looked over and he was passed out cold, snoring away. I just shut off the lights and went to sleep.

The next morning I heard him moan and say "Oh fuck!" then he jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door. I heard him in there puking his guts out. He came out a few minutes later. I was just sitting on my bed naked and said "I'm gonna go take a shower." I put on my shorts, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and left. After a quick shower, I got back to the room. He was sitting on the bed, still naked, head down with his elbows on his knees and holding the side of his head. He muttered something about being sore and reached back and scratched his ass, then got up and went back into the bathroom. Ten minutes later he comes out and says, I'm sorry- I don't remember a thing from last night. What time did I come back? I hope I didn't piss you off or anything. I just laughed.

He looked up and said "Man, I bet my girlfriend is going to be royally pissed at me. She hates it when I get drunk." I said "Girlfriend?" and he said "Yeah, she's over in the girl's section." After a bit he got dressed without even showering first then came out and grabbed his backpack saying they had a train to catch. I said, "Well, nice meeting you" and he apologized again for coming back wasted said, "Nice meeting you too" and left.

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