All Wet

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

There he was, at the end of the hallway. It was about 5:00 in the morning and the only reason I had gotten up early on my vacation day is because I needed to swim. The pool water had chlorine in it, but what the heck; I didn’t have a pool at home. Being at this hotel, I felt alive, somehow more open. Just wearing my trunks, I headed down to the pool, watching Mr. Mystery Man opening his door as I walked past him. He was about 5’8, curly blonde hair, and that’s all I could see. I could tell he was going to the pool to because he had swim trunks in his hand and a pool towel. This was my lucky day.

I myself was not to bad looking at that. Now don’t let your mind wander to far on this, but I didn’t look like my age at all. I was only 20, and I’m out and about because my parents are asses; I’m also Out, as is gay. My job takes me everywhere, so that is why I am here. Just too clear things up. Now I’m not that tall, but at least a decent height. Six , that’s a decent height for me. I dye my hair because light brown doesn’t do justice to my eyes. The black goes down ear length, but it looks damn sexy on me. I wear contacts; my eyes don’t get justice of their own, gray lenses. I don’t know why, but the gray just suits me. I have a six pack, now I know what you are thinking, but it is still growing in. It’s faint, but noticeable. Now, back to my lovely mystery man.

I’m at the pool, and I just jump in. The water feels so good, temperature just right. I start swimming a couple laps, and then Mr. Sexy comes out, changed in his trunks and everything. Unfortunately, he was wearing a white tee to cover that awesome body of his. So I do the obvious, and swim toward the edge of the pool, the part closest to him. I just linger there and stare at him, hoping he would catch me and say something about my bothering him. And luckily it did bother him enough to speak, words of and angel.

“Excuse me sir, but what do you happen to be staring at?” I took this as my cue and answered truthfully.

“I’m looking at you. Who else would I be looking at?”

“No one I guess.” His voice wasn’t deep at all as if he hadn’t reached puberty yet, but it still had that sexiness in it. I needed bait for him to come in with me, so I started luring him enough to take his shirt off.

“You know, you could swim a lot better without your shirt on.”

“What makes you think I’m going to swim?” I had no idea. I just figured since he was out on the pool deck, not his balcony.

“I dunno. I was just hoping you’d swim with me.” I threw him the rope, and now all he had to do was grab a hold of it.

“You sure got a lot of guts mister.”

“Mister? I’m not old enough to be called mister. I’m only 20.” That was it, that was the rope. Now I would get to hear his age, and he might just come in. Yes!

“20? Still old to me cause I’m only 18. Two years is a difference.” Difference? Big? What the heck was this kid talking about? Kid? What am I talking about?

“Come on, come on in, the water’s warm.”

“No thanks, I like it on the dry land here.” I was fed up, I was trying to be nice but he wouldn’t bite my big thick rope I threw to him. Fine, I’ll do it my own way. I took some of the water in my hand and tossed it at him, and since my aim was good, it wet his white shirt right on the nipple. Ha! That bitch got what was coming to him, well, at least he got some of it.

“What the hell?” He was pissed, but at least that got him to take off his shirt. Wow, what a hot body he had. I never mentioned he was tan, but his skin looked like gold in the sun. His hair was like the sun, shining in the brilliant light. Damn he was hot! “You know, I might as well get in while I’m wet.” I didn’t know what he meant by wet, but I was liking this so far. He came in by the stairs and slowly waddled his way in. Once he was in he swam towards me. I was beginning to feel lucky already.

“I need to show you something.” Ohmigosh. I can’t believe he wants to show me something. I wonder what it is.

“What? What do you need to show me?” I was so curious, wanting everything he had to offer.

“Can we get to know each other before I show you whatever it is I wanted to show you?” This was getting better every second of the way.

“Sure. I’m Matthew, Matt for short. And you?”

“Kevin. Nice for the introductions, although I doubt they’ll do any good. Ha-ha. But here it is.” I leaned forward, expecting maybe a kiss or a hug or something, but not water spit in my face.

“YOU !”

“Hey, you started it. Now I’m finishing it.” Might as well get the introductions over with by a kiss. Since he was close enough already, I leaned forward and kissed him hard on the mouth. “What the hell was that?” He pulled away and just stared at me, and then he did the last thing I would expect; he grabbed my hair and pulled me into another kiss.

“So what, you gay now?” I don’t know why I asked it, it sort of came out.

“Yes, not now, but forever. Why, you have a problem with that Mr. Matthew?” Again with the mister, when was this kid going to learn.

“I think I need to teach you a lesson Kev. “

“Why? Have I been a bad ?” That’s when I grabbed him and kissed him fiercely, but passionately at the same time. While kissing him I started taking off his trunks, hoping to get a glance at that youngster’s . He obviously knew what I was trying to do and started taking my trunks off along with his. I couldn’t see his dick cause it was hard with all the water between us, so I grabbed it, stroking it to get a measurement. The thing was huge, well not huge, but a good size. It seemed to be about seven inches; still shorter than mine, but bigger than other guys I fucked. I guess he got the same idea and grabbed my dick.

“Fuck! How big is the thing?”

“Nine, nine inches just for you.” The kid looked like he was quivering in the water. Guess a young kid like that had never fully experienced a huge dick like mine. “So do you want it? Do you want me?”

“Fuck, of course I want you Matt. I want all of it.” And there is was, the end of my rope had come back and now I was ready to teach him a lesson. He needed to learn to take his punishment, that kid spitting water in my face, ha, not for long.

“Turn around Kev. Now!” I had to let him know that I was in charge, and that was the way it was going to be.

“Oh, so now you’re being forceful. I like that.” Of course he liked it. He never had anyone older than him teach him a lesson; except his parents, of course. He started turning around, but to slowly, so I grabbed him and twirled him around, his back facing me. The water was calm around us, except for that little wave I caused right now. The water might as well turn into a hurricane now, cause it’s gonna get hot in here.

I lowered my hands to his ass, grabbing his waist on the way bringing him toward me. I then led us to the four foot section of the pool; I didn’t want fucking him to be hard for me, so I was going to make it as easy as I could. Back down at his ass, I squeezed one finger in him.

“Shit, your tight Kev.”

“It’s cause I want to feel you when you come in, I wanna feel all of you.” I slowly started fucking him with the one finger, hearing him moan I just went faster. “Faster Matt, go faster.”

I wasn’t about to let him tell me what to do, so I took the one finger out and jammed up three fingers.

“Shit Matt. Ow! Be careful.” Like I was gonna be careful with this , ha, that’s stupid. I started fucking him with my fingers, and from the inside, I could start to feel him get hotter. I started stretching his hole, making sure I was in as far as I could go. “Aw, Matt, you make me feel good.”

God, I didn’t want him to feel good; I just wanted him to feel me. All of me, just like he said. So right then I started with my plan, I crammed my pinkie and my thumb into him. Now my whole hand was in him and he was writhing in pain.

“Matthew, oo-hh, oowww Matthew, stop it! Stop it!” I was fist fucking him now, and he couldn’t do anything about it because I had him pinned to the edge of the pool with my other hand. I was starting to get hard now, just watching myself fuck him with my fist, it was an instant turn on. “Matthew, please stop. Please.”

He was crying now, his face red with heat. He was erect from all the pain I caused him, but he was now moving with me, moving with the fist. He was fucking himself now with my fist, and I thought, this was supposed to be me leading him, not him coming up on me fucking himself. That’s when I had an idea. I took a breath and went underwater. Kevin looked at me, but with my hand still in his ass, he couldn’t move. Once I was directly below him I imagined my hand like a boxing glove and shot it up father in his ass. My whole arm went in pretty much, all the way up to my elbow. It was hard fucking him underwater, but hey, under here I was in charge.

I continued to fuck him until I was out of breath, and took my hand out as I swam up. Kevin was leaning over the edge of the pool, breathing frantically, trying to catch his breath. I knew that he had never felt like this before, so I grabbed him from the edge and turned him toward me. I kissed him before he could get a breath, and I was pretty much suffocating him. I could tell he was getting something out of it so I let off him, and he staggered forward, getting ready for the next kiss. I was leading this thing, so I pushed him hard against the pool wall and took a breath. I lowered myself under the water until I reached his cock. The thing was moving with quick frantic motions because its owner had had so much pleasure with the fisting I had given him earlier. I opened my mouth, making sure no water was coming out, and started sucking him off.

I could tell Kevin like it because he soon grabbed my hair and began face fucking me, each time with quick thrusts into my throat. It was getting harder and harder to hold my breath because each time he stuck his dick farther and farther in my throat. I tried to push off of him, but he held me under. I was frantic to get air, so I did the last thing on my mind. I grabbed his balls and squeezed until he finally let go. Shit, that little fuck almost killed me. As soon as I got up, I grabbed all the air I could, and then I did the most reasonable thing to do. I slapped him as hard as I could, and I could hit pretty hard. Kevin just stood there, rotating his jaw with his hand. I could see the red mark appear on his face, but hey, it was pay back.

“Oh, I almost forgot you were down there. Haha!”

“Forgot? Or was just enjoying it to much?”

“You? Who could enjoy you?” And that was the last straw. I had learned to control my anger, and now I was about to let it all out. I twirled him around, bent him over the edge of the three foot, and crammed my nine inch dick up his ass. Now my fist was probably eight inches around, but it didn’t have the stamina of my cock. I drove the thing up his ass, and oh how he was screaming.

“Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! Come on Matt. OW! You know I was just kiddin’ right?” Kidding? No, I didn’t know. Ha, hell I knew, but this was my time to shine. My time to get some of that ass of his. I drove my cock in and out, in and out, in and out, with a steady rhythm, but then I got faster.


“OooHhhhh Shit. OooHhhhh SSssssHhhhhIiiiTttt!!!!!” I was teaching this kid a lesson, and boy I liked it when he was learning. I had done this many times before, fucking the shit out of someone, but in the water it seemed to be going in slow motion. Still going fast I stopped, surprising him with no friction whatsoever.

“What? Why’d you stop?” I wasn’t going to answer his question; I just pulled him toward me, on my cock. Finally he got the message and started riding me. Damn it felt good to have this little shit do all the work for once.

“F-u-c-k Y-e-a-h!” I hadn’t had sex in a month, and that was pretty bad; having all of him on me I felt complete. “Shit, I’m gonna cum…..”

“Ooohhh, cum for me Matt. Ooohhh, cum inside me.”

“Think again pretty boy.” I backed up enough so he was off me, and I could see in his chest, his heart pounding frantically. Now that he was turned toward me, I grabbed his head and started pulling him under.

“Wait, wait. Let me get a breath.” He wouldn’t be under for long, so I kept pushing him under. His hands caught mine, and he started to struggle. I was bigger than him so I kept him under. He knew I wouldn’t pull him up until I had cum, so he started working. It felt so good, his hot lips on my head. I was so close when he started moving frantically, trying to get up. So I let him up, because he had to finish me off, I didn’t want him to die under there, so close to cumming. He came up and took a big gulp of air. He knew what to do know. He went under, this time knowing I was going to cum.

I was moaning so loud I swear someone could hear us. It felt so good, and that’s when I came. Kevin stayed under though, making sure he got everything. When he came back up we kissed, so romantic but then we became hysterical when my mouth caught the taste of my own cum.

“Oh Kev, you’d make any man a great husband.”

“Damn, you to Matt.” We just held each other in the pool, waiting for the sun to fully rise. Then we just swam a lap or two and went back in.

I think I might just swim early like this everyday for the rest of my life. Until I get married…

To Be Continued…

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