Adam the Actor

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I have always loved performing. I sing and act and musical theatre is a great of mine. My Senior year in high school, my school drama department produced the musical Les Miserables. There is a named Adam that acts at our school. He had dark brown curly hair and a beautiful face with rosy cheeks. His body was exercised, as he was a basketball player. He had a muscle chest and toned abs. His calves were thigh and his arms were defined. He was cast as Enjolras, a supporting male character, and the lead role of Jean Valjean went to me. We spent hours working together on stage and off, learning lines, and vocal performance. One night we decided to get together to practice a song and I went to his house.

We went into his room and he sat down at the keyboard to play the accompaniment. He played it beautifully and we worked on some great music. He looked at me and said, “You've really been great to me. You've helped me grow and become a better performer and I think you are a really incredible person."

“Thank you," I replied, “I'be really grown fond of you, too."

He stared into my eyes and put his hand on my neck. He pulled me towards him and he kissed me. He closed his eyes and made out with me. His soft cheek pressed against mine while his pink tongue entered my mouth between his sparkling white teeth. I moved my hand to his smooth face and caressed his soft skin.

We made out for a good twenty minutes, and then I had to head home. Both of us had a long day of rehearsal ahead of us. The show was right around the corner.
The next day, I went throughout the day simply trying to stay awake in my classes. I saw Adam before fifth hour.

He was wearing sneakers, sweats, a thermal longsleeve shirt, and a beanie. His brown curly hair stuck out of the beanie above his beautiful round eyes. Through his sweats, his perky was visibly out lined. His strong legs moved and his balls tottered back and forth with every step. As I walked past him, his face winked at me and smiled. I smiled back, staring into his eyes and losing my mind.

All throughout fifth and sixth hour, I couldn't wait for rehearsal. I couldn't make my mind stop thinking about Adam.

Finally, school is dismissed and we head towards the auditorium. It is the week of the premiere. At a dress rehearsal, we perform the show of our lives and we put our hearts into that show.

When everyone else left, the lead roles stayed behind to help Mrs. Lewis close the theatre. Adam and I were the last two there, and Mrs. Lewis gave us the key and told us to lock up. We were still in costume, and as Mrs. Lewis drove away, Adam and I changed back into street clothes backstage.

We were the only people in the school. He took off his vest to reveal a six-pack and his trousers came off to reveal tight underwear, outlining his bulge. His bulky legs seemed to almost bust the briefs. I took off my costume and approached him in the dressing room. The light bulbs above the mirrors illuminated his soft badly dimly. I touched his chest with my left hand and with my right I grabbed his kinky hair.

I pulled him towards me and kissed him passionately. I sat on the counter and he sat on my lap, facing me. We kissed and he slowly made his way down my neck. He kissed my chest and licked my nipples. He moved down to my belly button, tongued it, and slowly traced the hair from my belly button down to my waistband. With his teeth, he slowly pulled down the undies and began to suck my . It was about 7 inches long. His mouth was wet and smooth, and I came and he swallowed. Then it was his turn.

I layed him down on the floor. I kissed him passionately, laying on top of him. I ran my fingers through that curly brown hair of his and worshipped his body. I kissed him from his toes to his calves. Then I licked from the knee up the thigh. I reached his hip and kissed him on the side. I moved up and rubbed his chest, licking his stomach as my junk dangled over his legs.
I proceeded to lick the head of his . It was thick and long, a nice fat cock. He came all over his own chest and then I licked it off.

He needed a ride home, and it was about 9:30. I had my car, and a bit of cash. I offered to take him home. When we got in the car, he plugged his phone into my car stereo. He set the phone to random and a song from our show came on, Suddenly. I sang every word, as it was my character's song. It talks about how different the world is when you have someone. I finished the song and he stared into my eyes. I figured he was probably hungry, so I offered to buy him some dinner.

We showed up at the Italian restaurant and both starving, ordered some delicious food. We ate at a table lit by candle and we talked as the evening ended. I drove him home and we said good night. I kissed him before he left. He smiled and winked to me as he went inside.
The next day was curtain. Our first performance. We all prepared and went on. We performed our hearts put and put on a great show. When the show was over, Mrs. Lewis congratulated us and sent us home. I took Adam in my car to and after at a restaurant rented out. We had a good time with the cast, and when it was over, he and I came to my house where I had some vodka and weed.

We drank in my bedroom, talking to one another. I had some vinyl playing and we drank as we experienced the music. We stepped onto the patio to enjoy the pot. We laid down in the grass of my six acre field, and we stared into the night sky. I passed him the joint and we both laid there happy with one another at 1 a.m. We went back into my room and put the records back on. No one was in the house but us.

I looked at him. He was tired. He was adorable. He was beautiful. He was incredible. I stared at his chest and he looked back at me with lust.

I moved to him and I put my face to his. I began to kiss him, and he closed his eyes and moaned. He grunted as I kissed his lips and then I moved to his clothes. I stripped him completely naked and pushed him to the ground. I shoved my thick soft cock into his wet begging mouth. He began to suck it and it immediately began to harden. He pulled my dick out of his mouth and began to remove my clothes. He pulled down my pants and threw them to the side of the bed as I tore my shirt off of my firm chest.

He spit onto my penis and stuck it back in his mouth. It was so wet and smooth and I felt like I could cum. I threw him off of me and onto my bed and I laid him on hiss back. I pulled his legs into the air and shoved my face into his ass. I licked his clean hairy hole and made it wet with my saliva. I shoved a finger in there and he groaned in pleasure. I forced in another and he screamed. One more finger shoved into that hole and he got loud. He yelled and hollered as I vigorously fingered his sweet raw hole. The whole time I was jacking my own cock.

I put my fists on either side of his shoulders and I leaned down, forcing his ass up and legs down. I put my tongue in his mouth and shoved my thick cock into his tight ass. His curly pubes tickled my cock as I fucked him so hard he screamed. I fucked him until he came, and when he did I wiped it off of his stomach and slapped him in the face with it. I continued to fuck him raw. I dominated his ass, smacking it at every leisure. I threw him on his side, ass facing me and I fucked his hole some more and he groaned. I came all inside him and I cuddled my arms around him. My cock felt so good in side him and I threw my leg over him. His ass was the perfect pillow for my cock and I left it in. I fell asleep with one hand in his hair and the other around his abdomen.

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