Accidental African Slave : Part 53

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The next day I returned to the pit and worked until time to train. I met Kwaku at the tool shed and we talked a little, then he started the training. I have to admit I did try harder, but Iím just not the aggressive type. Kwaku kept me on the mat, and thatís when he lost his temper. He took his and stomped my so hard it mashed my balls into the mat. I let out with a scream and begged him to stop, which he did.

He told me he didnít mean to hurt me, but to get my attention. The next thing I know he slaps me in the balls, and tells me if I donít fight back Iíll get more. He slapped me in the balls again, this time I lost my temper and attacked him. He laughed and said thatís what he wanted, to see some aggression from me. But he told me not to charge into it blindly, but have a plan and use my skills.

He acted like he was going to slap me in the balls again, but I was able to grab his arm and caught him off guard, which caused him to fall flat. I jumped on his back at the waist, and held his shoulders down. He laughed and let me know thatís what he wants and expects, I got off him, and when he started to get up I took my foot and pushed his ass back down. I think it made him mad, because he got up and proceeded to slam me to the mat.

His method worked because I really got into trying to take him down. By the end of the training period, I was staggering around and Kwaku wasnít doing much better. We were glad to get hosed down, and take a few minutes to rest. When the overseer came to tell us it was time to quit, I quickly got dressed and headed to the top.

I went to the ís office, and ask him for something to help with my headache and soreness. He had me strip so he could check me over, and said I was fine, just a few bruises. I got dressed, took the medicine, and thanked him.

While I waited for Araway, I answered the doctorís questions about my training progress. He said he would send the same medication down to Kwaku, he said it sounded like Kwaku probably needed the medicine.

Finally Araway came, and we walked to the truck. I commented on climbing in the truck, and told Araway all about my training with Kwaku that day. He said he liked Kwaku, that he was good for me. He said I needed someone to discipline me, and teach me to take things seriously. He told me I was too easy going, and lacked or needed more incentive.

We arrived home, and I went in and got cleaned up for our supper. I then joined Orsty in the kitchen, and helped him get things ready. At the dinner table, I had to tell Orsty all about my day and training with Kwaku. He seemed to be impressed with my taking everything and not giving up.

After the meal I helped Orsty clean up, and then went to my room. I stripped and looked at myself in the mirror, I liked what I saw. Even though I had a nice body before, I was really starting to put on the . And I couldnít help but notice the bruises and scratches from my training.

I got ready for bed, and once I crawled in I was out like a light.

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