A tryst at the cove

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

"Uh uh uh uh uh", I was moaning and furiously jerking my while the shower sprayed my body with its cool water and on my lust induced body. I imagined my brown, lithe body being manhandled by Richard. I knew he was a man and older to me by at least 20-25 years but I could not help thinking about his firm strong hands caressing my body and inching slowly to my erect and stimulated cock.

I did not think I would be having such thoughts towards a person of the same sex as I was also into girls but Richard, who was my friend's uncle had the smile and the body which sparked a feeling of lust that I did not know existed in me before.

I had met Richard at the wedding of my best friend's brother. The wedding was at a beautiful resort by the beach and the groom's wedding was very large. I had reached about two days before the wedding as my college had just closed for the holidays. My friend Andy had picked me up from the airport and it was a long scenic drive to the venue of the wedding. I had been really looking forward to having a good time at the wedding but little did I know the type of fun that I was going to end up with.

After we reached the resort, I decided to go to the beach. Andy could not accompany as being the groom's brother he had to handle all the logistics side of the wedding. I changed and went down to the beach. The sand was white and it looked like not many people used to come to the beach.

I walked away from the resort and soon came upon a small cove at a bend in the shoreline. It was very small hardly bigger than the digs that I stayed in near college but it was secluded. It had only one path to reach and any one could have missed it if I had not caught the shimmer of water coming from behind a of grey rocks. I entered the cove and decided to have a swim in this naturally created pool. As I was stripping down to my swimming briefs I figured whether I really needed them and decided to swim in the water naked.

The water was cool and felt really good on my slim but athletic body as the heat from the sun beat down on the beach. The cool water and the feeling of being naked all led to my penis getting really erect. As I was happily swimming around I heard footsteps near the rock and a splash. I was startled and turned around and saw that a man had dived into the cove. The water had splashed all over me and I briefly went underwater. I surfaced again and saw that it was XXX man, probably in his mid fifties, tall, lean. He was smiling at me and was obviously pleased with how startled I was.

He waved to me and started to swim towards me. I waved back awkwardly, obviously embarrassed by my nudity. He reached me and shook my hand.

"Hi, my name is Richard. You seem to have found a good spot here."

I just nodded and tried to cover my erect penis with my hands, but since the cove was not shallow I started to sink in. Richard moved forward and lifted me up by grabbing me by my arms and scooping his hands below my armpits. That is when I noticed his strong, firm arms. As I splashed around trying to come up my hands reached out and grabbed hold of his shoulders. I saw that he had a firm taut chest with a smattering of grey hair that looked so delicious.

Instinctively my fingers touched his chest and he smiled. Suddenly I was very conscious of my nakedness but he sensed this and reassured me.

"Don't worry, there are a lot of people who like to skinny dip in this cove especially as it is so beautiful and lonely. Come let me guide you to the shore."

Saying so he lifted my hips and asked me to kick my legs while I held onto his shoulders. I could feel his fingers lightly brush against my penis and when I started to kick my legs his hand was firmly on my . We approached the shore and I could see a beach cloth laid out on the sand enough for two people to lie down on. He guided me to it and made me lie down.

When I laid down on my back that is when I saw the incredible sight.

The hot sun that beat down on us glimmered and shone his powerfully built body that was dripping wet with water. I could see the drops of water roll down from chest down to his washboard abs. My eyes traced this drop of water and came to a rest at the most beautiful cock that I had ever seen. I call it a cock since calling such a fine piece a mere penis would be an insult to it. It was erect, standing proud and glistening in the morning sun. I could see the veins that were prominently displayed on it and the cock head resembled something like a large red plum. The balls hung low and were about the size of small melons. I guessed his cock to be as much as 9 to 10 inches.

I realized I was staring too long as I felt my drool drip out of my mouth and fall onto my chest. I turned my face away embarrassed that I had so unabashedly stared at his wonderful manhood.

He gave a short laugh and sat down besides me.

"So do you like what you see?" I nodded my head dumbly and he smiled once more. He had the most charming smile that I had ever seen on a guy let alone a man of his age.

He then changed the topic and asked me where I was from. I told him I had come to the nearby resort for a wedding and he was surprised as he too had come to attend the same wedding. He told me he was Andy's uncle and he was pleased to meet me.

He then leaned across on to me and I laid back down. I was a bit taken aback as his chest came close to my face and I could get the faint smell of musk that was emanating from this Greek God. He reached over and lifted a six pack of beer that I had not noticed before and proceeded to give me one.

I took one long drink from it and it helped me relax a bit. Richard asked me what I was studying and was pleased to find out that I was Andy's best bud. While we were talking he gently started to rub my thighs. Slowly he progressed to my inner thighs and was gently caressing it.

I was getting increasing turned on and unable to concentrate on what he was saying. My eyes started darting down to his package and his cock was still erect and firm. The head of his cock was still not dry and it glistened like a beautiful red fruit.

By now Richard was quite close to me and I could again smell the heavenly musk smell emanating from his body. I looked up and I saw that his face was now very close to mine. I opened my mouth a bit and he leaned and kissed my mouth. I did not back away and thus encouraged he moved in and started kissing me. Our tongues met and we indulged in long and passionate kissing.

It was the first time I was kissing a guy that too such a one and I did not this side of mine where I would be attracted to a man. All these thoughts were pushed away when he lifted his hands and started to fondle my cock. I moaned in his mouth as he continued to kiss me. He then pushed me down on my back and rolled on to me.

I could feel his cock touch my stomach as he continued to kiss me hard. My hand instinctively went down and caught hold of his cock. It was wide in girth and I could just about wrap my fingers around it. He perked up a bit and continued to kiss me. I started to rub my hand up and down his cock and this excited him further.

He started to lick my neck and small and rapid nibbles on my ear. This really turned me on and it was obvious that this man knew his way around a young guy's body. He then moved down to my chest and sucked and bit my nipples. I was moaning loudly and asking him to go on.

He suddenly flipped me over to my left side and cuddled me tightly. His hand now reached down my back and grabbed my ass and he started to maul them. His hands were rough but it was sending waves of pleasure all across my body. He continued to kiss me his tongue exploring my mouth.

Suddenly I moaned loudly and broke the kiss. Richard had inserted his middle finger of his left hand deep in my asshole. His fingers were long and it felt like something alien had entered me. It pained a lot for around 2 minutes but gradually the pain gave way to pleasure and I started to grind my hips. I was enjoying this and I felt that I was about to cum. I screamed loudly and a huge gush of cum sprayed forth from my cock.

I had cummed all over Richard and he leaned behind and looked at all the cum that I had sprayed on him. He lifted up a gob of semen using his fingers from his rock hard abs and tasted it. He smiled and said to me,

"That is one of the most delicious cum I have ever tasted."

"And it was the most mind-blowing orgasm that I have ever had Richard. Thank you so much for this." saying so I too lifted a generous quantity of my semen from his body and put it in my mouth.

"Do you want me to clean you up?" and saying so I started to lick his body where all of my cum had fallen. His chest, his rock hard abs and some of it had even fallen on his cock.

I cleaned up his chest and abs. I then moved down to his cock and hesitated. I had never seen a man's cock at such close quarters and I had certainly not sucked it before.

I felt a hand on my head and it was Richard caressing my head and smiling at me. That smile was enough for me and I opened my mouth to take his hot shaft in. It was deliciously big. I felt maybe I would disappoint Richard with my blowjob skills but as my tongue flicked around his cock head he started moaning.

Encouraged I started to swallow his cock. It was huge and at first I could only fit his cock head in mouth but slowly I built a steady rhythm and soon I was slurping and spitting on his cock. I ran my tongue down his hot shaft and felt the prominent veins on his penis on my tongue.

I licked his balls and sucked at them. Richard was moaning loudly now and was lifting his hips up in order to stuff more of his cock down my throat. His powerful thrusts were causing me to swallow more and more of his cock. I could feel his cock head hit the back of my throat as his thrusts increased. Even after this only half of his cock was inside my mouth.

"Yes ! take my cock in your pretty mouth. Do you like to have your face fucked!!" Richard was talking dirty now and I was absolutely loving it. My tongue was dancing on his cock in my mouth and I tasted a bit of precum that had leaked from his cock. I then flicked my tongue on his cock slit. It was a specially sensitive part and Richard moaned loudly. My head was bobbing up and down his cock with my saliva dripping down his manhood.

He then held my head and pushed his cock deep in mouth and shouted loudly. His cum shot like powerful river and started to gush down my throat. He was cumming a lot and even though I tried swallowing it some of it was dripping out of my mouth and leaked down his cock.

I lifted my mouth but he his cum was still shooting forth and hit me in the face and chest, coating my lips, eyes and nose. He cummed for a good whole minute more and he lay there panting heavily. The cum was dripping from my mouth and onto my chest and thighs as I sat there in front of him. I started cleaning myself up and gobbled all the cum that was coated on me.

While doing so, Richard had taken out his phone and proceeded to click a few photos of me while I was eating cum. I smiled at him and he got up and kissed me a few more minutes. We exchanged phone numbers and he got up and cleaned himself with the water.

"Are you not going to clean yourself up?" Richard asked me.

"I love the smell of your cum on me. I will clean up when I get back to my hotel room." I replied

Richard knew he had turned me into a cock lover and was pretty pleased with that.

We walked back to the beach holding hands and before entering the hotel, Richard pulled me behind a large hedge and kissed me passionately while fondling my ass over my shorts. His kissing turned me on even more and I asked him whether we could have sex again.

"Of course I would love to sleep with you again." saying so he pinched my nipples and I bit my lip with delight.

I reached my room when my phone chimed with a text message. I opened the message and saw that it was a picture of Richard's large cock with the caption, "Get your ass ready for this monster as we are going to fuck every night of this wedding."

I smiled and knew I was on the road to sexual ecstasy.

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