A sex surrogate for a married black couple!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was always getting sexual partners on Craig’s List. I was totally a gay white man who loved primarily . I was in my early 40’s and had from time to time steady black friend’s sometimes living with them other times separately. I had a couple of them that were married and their wives knew that they on occasion screwed other men and some cared some it didn’t matter as long as they paid the bills.

Then I came across this one add where this black married couple a man and his wife a woman wanted a White, Hispanic or Oriental subservient slave or to live with them and provide sexual favors to the husband at least while the wife is pregnant. He posted a picture of himself and of his penis which was enormous. They only wanted serious inquiries. Duties would be helping clean house, cook meals and sleep with the husband who had a tremendous sexual appetite. They preferred a nurse in case the wife went into labor early.

I was intrigued because I had been in nursing school and only lacked two credits and it was a live in arrangement. I had to submit photos of myself with a resume and they would interview the top few. Sure enough I get a message asking me to come visit with the couple and I am nervous not knowing what to expect, but drive over to their condo. It is much to my surprise a very nice multistory and bedroom condo. The husband and wife both are professional people, both college educated. He is a stock broker and she is a real estate broker.

I ring their bell and the wife Cassandra meets me at the door and invites me in. I reach my hand out and I immediately notice that she is 6-7 months pregnant and I shake her hand. She calls out “Duon he’s here.” Cassandra is a nice looking lady a little bit heavy which may be because of the pregnancy. The husband bounds down the stairs and he is a handsome muscular well dressed man. He greats me with a smile and he points to the living room and he sits down on the couch and his wife sits down in the recliner and he points to me to sit beside him on the couch which I do.

He then says that they liked my resume the and hope that I will take the position as a sex surrogate and live in helper to help with household and other duties. It will be a 24/7 job and I will get one day off every other week. They have a spare bedroom that I can leave my clothes and things in. He explains that he hopes that I am opened minded enough to accept the job and role demanded. I reply that I am willing to do everything that is demanded of the job and can start whenever they want me to. He says the first thing is that he wants me to suck his cock with his wife looking on.

Duon unzips his fly and pulls out a very large dong and motion me over and I drop down to the floor on my knees and I swallow his giant flaccid shaft and begin sucking on him. I occasionally glance over at Cassandra. She says “don’t mind me that is one job that I hated doing anyway and I am used to it.” She then explains that they have tried several other men and they didn’t work out. They were too bothered with Duon’s wife watching them have sex and didn’t realize that it was a full time job. They just wanted to have sex and then leave. I have to admit that I was finding it a turn on with the wife watching. My own cock was hard and Duon after a few minutes of my sucking was rock hard and oozing pre cum. The picture did not do him justice. His prick was close to 11” hard and much thicker and longer than mine. I could barely get my hand around his thick shaft.

After about 15 minutes of my blowjob Duon’s big dick throbbed in my mouth and I felt the explosion of his creamy seed shooting down my throat. Duon grunted and moaned and looked straight at Cassandra and said “he will do nicely.” She looked at him and me and said that she was glad and it was okay with her if I wanted to stay and take the job. I said that I accept and that I will go pack and back that afternoon. Duon then asked me what size of pants and shirts that I wore and I told him and he said that he has some special outfits that he wants me to wear. He went and showed me what it looked like and it was a tight body sock with a hole in the back and a fly opening in the front and a tight fitting top that matched and a pair of shoes that looked like moccasins. Also, he said that he did not want me to wear any underwear underneath the . I told Duon that I didn’t have problem wearing the uniform and left to go pack and return.

About 4 that afternoon I arrived back with my two suitcases packed with enough stuff to go about 2 weeks between washings. As I came in Cassandra directed me to my room upstairs. Their master bedroom was at the top level which was the second floor and my bedroom was next to the master bedroom. Cassandra was however sleeping in the third bedroom which also had its own bathroom downstairs where the garage and laundry room was located on the lower level. Cassandra then handed me the three outfits that they wanted me to wear. It kind of looked like a bunny suit without the ears and was weird with my bare exposed. I put my things away in the chest of drawers that I had and changed into my uniform and then went down to the main living room and kitchen on the main level.

Cassandra said that I looked cute in the uniform and that Duon will love it when he gets home from work. She then told me that I was to get dinner prepared and she gave me the recipes and what was to be prepared. I noticed that there were only two chairs at the dinner table and I asked her about that. She replied that I will not need one and for me to shut up and don’t talk back and get the dinner prepared. I noticed a change in the tone of her voice like she was not kidding so got all of the food out and prepared according to the recipe she gave me. She showed me where all of the plates, dishes, cook ware, silver ware were and I took it from there and after about an hour I had the table set. The meal cooked and I put the food on both of their plates and placed the eating utensils and napkin by their plates.

In walked Duon and he says that he hopes dinner is ready and glances at me with a very menacing look. He sits down and Cassandra joins him sitting opposite each other and he snapped his finger and tells me to serve them and I hand him a roll and her a roll and I dish out the food onto their plates and filled their glasses with beverage. Duon then says good you are learning well. He then tells me that I am not suppose to talk back unless I receive instructions to do so and that I was to call him master and Cassandra boss! He then asked me if I understood and I replied yes master, but where do I eat.

He then told me that I will eat on the mat at the edge of the kitchen once they were through eating and all of the dishes were washed and put away. I asked him master may I speak and he replied “speak slave!” Where do want me to sit while y’all eat? He then said he wanted me down between his legs under the table and I was to give him a blow job as he ate his dinner. He then said now slave!

So I crawled around under the table and unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock and began sucking him. It was surreal as Duon and his wife carried on a conversation about the day’s events as if I wasn’t even there giving him a blowjob. I am sucking and slurping on his giant cock and he will occasionally give out a moan and a comment “ooh that feels good!” Then I feel his big stick vibrate and it explodes in my mouth. I swallow all of his creamy liquid and he reaches under the table and pats me on the head and says “good job slave!” He and Cassandra get up from the table after eating and tell me to clean of the table and they will put up the dishes and they will put out my food and water for me.

I hear them turning the TV on and they sit watching TV and talking and I clean off the table and clean and wash everything. Sure enough Cassandra comes back in the kitchen and puts out a plate with food on it on the mat in the kitchen and a bowl of water. “Eat slave”, she says to me! I squat down on all fours like a dog and I eat the food and drink some water until it is all gone. Cassandra then tells me to clean up those dishes and put them away and then join them in the living room. Cassandra sat in the recliner and I was told to lie down on the couch with my head in Duon’s lap face down.

I come into the living room and Duon points for me to assume the prone position on the couch and he unzips himself again and he pulls out his flaccid penis and he directs me to lay down with my face in his lap and suck on his dick while they watch TV. I suck on him for the better part of an hour and Duon has incredible stamina and his huge member leaks and oozes precum as I suck and pleasure his cock. I feel his penis begin to throb several times in my mouth and when he gets really close to climaxing he stops me and has me pull off his stiff member. He then yawns and tells Cassandra that he was ready for bed and he looks down at me and says “that means you to!”

He gets up and goes up stairs and looks back at me and tells me to follow right behind him. We climbed the stairs up to the second floor and I start to go into my room and he shakes his head and says “no, follow him into his room!” I follow him as he goes and strips until he is nude and he tells me to be naked face down in the bed and I was to wait quietly for him. I hear him brush his teeth and he gargles and he turns off the light. I feel him climb onto the bed. He spreads my legs with his hands and with his powerful legs and that is when I feel his huge hard daddy dick’s knob pushing into my tight pink hole. I can tell that he has applied a slippery coating onto his member because he is able push it all 11 hard inches all of the way in me even passed my tight sphincter.

Duon does not believe in foreplay and the next thing I feel is his monster pole pounding into my rear like jack hammer. Duon fucks me and fucks me so hard that I feel a burning sensation in my rectum and it stings as he thrusts his powerful hips driving my head against the headboard with every stroke. It literally knocks the breath out of me and I can’t help, but make whimpering noises as he spreads my pucker out stretching out my gape like it has never been stretched before. Duon fucks me and fucks me for at least 30-40 minutes. Then he grabs me and stops and twirls me around until I am on my back. I am so fucked silly that I am just like a limber rag doll. He then manhandles me and grabs my ankles and spreads my legs pushing them both back so far that I was surprised that they would bend that far and he then begins rapidly assaulting my bottom even harder than before.

I almost lose consciousness and I am awakened as he bites each of my nipples as he pummeling my rear and then kisses me on the lips and French’s me as he fucks me into unconsciousness again. At some point after over an hour he climaxes and ejaculates inside me. I wake up some time during the night because I feel him push his huge hunk of meat into me that is hard again and he fucks me from behind with me lying on my side facing away from him. He pounds me and dumps another heavy creamy load inside my sore bottom and we fall asleep and that is the way we sleep for most of the night with his spent snake still buried in my rear.

In the morning we are still connected when I come to and his alarm sounds and he has trouble pulling out of my well used ass because the semen has dried and acts almost like a glue. He finally yanks his big wiener out of me and my hole is completely numb from the abuse it received. I moan as I try to stand. My gape is so large now that I can’t believe it. I get my clothes as Duon is showering and getting ready for work. I put on my work uniform and Duon comes out of the shower and then tells me that he wants his morning blowjob. So he makes me drop to my knees and I open my mouth and I go to work bobbing on his semi hard cock and soon he is hard and throbbing in my mouth. I feel him explode again and he empties his huge daddy balls and I swallow my breakfast, I guess. I have his seed still in my ass and in my belly to start the day.

I lose count how many times that Duon had orgasm that day and night at least half a dozen. Now, I know why the others had quit. If I didn’t love it so I probably would have also. Well, this is my daily routine house chores, being bossed by Cassandra and getting pounded by my black master in the evenings and during the night; No wonder Cassandra didn’t mind this arrangement. I was taking what she would be receiving from Duon. Even after the baby came they wanted me to stay over. I had always loved taking big black dicks up my ass so I am getting what I wished for!

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