A passion for pain : Part 2

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

After my first session with Dillon and Geoff we met up a number of times. They introduced me to some of their friends many of whom were into to torture in a way and when they found out about my yearning for intense pain to bring on the pleasure I sought, they saw me as the ideal foil for their experimentation.

The thing I loved most was still being whacked on my bare arse with a studded belt but Dillon and Geoff had also used clamps on my foreskin and nipples as well as whipping my back with a belt. In all the sessions I had afterwards I received some or all of this treatment with it getting rougher each time.

Other flagellation devices used on me were a variety of floggers. One was made of leather strips and it was used all over my body including my face and especially my genitals. Another was also of leather but narrower. The strips had knots along their length and these dug into the skin producing some wonderful points of pain.

The one I liked the though was made from lengths of coarse rope which at places had heavy beads of metal sewn into the strands. When this was applied to my back it dragged the skin and grazed the surface causing droplets of blood to come to the surface. This was the first time that the torture inflicted on me had produced blood and I knew it would not be the last.

Having been introduced to parts of my body being squeezed with clamps I was keen to experiment more with them. I found there were a variety of different styles of clamp. Some of them could be altered to increase or decrease the pressure they applied to the flesh. Others had sharper teeth and actually broke the skin when they were used. The most sensitive parts of my body seemed to be my nipples. I had thought that the skin around my genitals would be sensitive but it does not seem to be the case. I do enjoy having my scrotum stretched as this is really painful and if this is combined with a ball crusher then I am in real agony and my gets fully stimulated.

I would like to move on to electric devices soon. I have seen that electrodes can be attached to a sound that is inserted in the penis. I would love to experience this with the other electrode being placed on various parts of my body to see how the resultant suffering changed and locate the most intense place. I imagine that if the electrode is placed inside my back passage until it is pressed against my prostrate then it would produce fantastic feelings and probably make me come eventually as the voltage pulsed through me and was gradually increased. So far none of my torturers have invested in the right equipment but I hope they will soon.

I was not bored with the treatment I was getting but I did need variety and in order to find some I searched for an internet site that might enable me to hook up with others who are into serious BDSM. It was not difficult and a few days ago I got chatting on a dating site to a claiming to be a dominant master and into extreme torture. I tried to press him on what extreme torture implied but he said that if he explained then it would lessen the experience for me. I could understand what he was saying and did not press him further. He wanted to meet me and I agreed. He told me to go to a clearing in a nearby wood at midnight and wait there. I was to wear old clothes but bring another set with me. He did not explain why and I decided not to question his instructions.

Later that evening I wore just a t-shirt, jeans and pants but packed a rucksack with a few of the leather clothes I had, a leather waistcoat, some trousers and a thick studded belt which I thought that even if the bloke I was meeting did not have the right torture equipment at least I could get a good arse beating from him. I headed to the rendezvous which was within walking distance of where I lived. It was a fine night but there was no moon and the stars did nothing to illuminate the darkness. I didn't mind as the spookiness only stirred my imagination and increased the adrenalin that was circulating in my body at the thought of meeting up with a new guy with new experiences for me to suffer.

I got to the wood almost at midnight and walked along the path leading between the trees. I was familiar with the pathways even in the dark and knew the clearing he had referred to. I slowed down as I got there and then without warning I was pounced on from behind. My arms were pinned to my side and my legs firmly held together so that I could neither lash out with my fists nor kick in self defence. This was not the experience I had been expecting and my immediate feeling was one of shock with my breathing becoming rapid and my heart racing. I didn't have time to take stock but I knew that more than one person was present.

With my legs and arms still being held a ball gag was pushed into my mouth and fastened in place. My arms were lifted in the air and something sack-like was pulled over my head. My arms disappeared inside what seemed to be sleeves but which were sewn up at the ends so that my hands were trapped in them as well. I felt something being tied around under my chin so that the sack was drawn in close around my neck. My arms were roughly pulled across my chest and I heard the sound of straps being fastened. I had recovered my senses enough to know I had been placed in a crude form of strait-jacket. I next felt the part of the sack containing my head being pulled downward so that my chin was resting on my chest and it was held in place by being fastened with another strap.

Further straps were pulled tight around my thighs and shins. The whole of my body was immobilised. I felt a sharp kick behind both my my knees and my legs gave way so that I fell to the ground. The hands that had held me up were longer there and my hip took the brunt of the fall sending a stabbing pain through me. Yet another strap was fixed behind my knees and this enabled them to be pulled towards my head and secured so that I was forced into a fontal position.

I was left helpless on the ground for a couple of minutes during which time I was kicked in the ribs and legs not so hard as to break bones but enough to cause bruising. My body was beginning to ache all over and I was starting to feel good.

I next felt hands either side of my waist and I was turned so that I was facing the ground and then lifted up. I guessed there must have been handles on the strait-jacket which they were using to carry me. I was carried for some distance in this manner and then I heard the metal sound of a car boot being opened and I was roughly thrown in and it was closed over me. As I could not move a muscle it was impossible to get into a comfortable position and when the car moved off I was rolling about in the boot with every twist and turn.

The car finally stopped and I guessed it had entered a garage for I heard the noise of the doors being opened and then shut again. The boot was opened and once again using the handles I was pulled out of the boot, without thought to my comfort, and very soon found myself being taken down some steps. I reckoned I was entering another cellar of torture. My BDSM experience with these guys was about to begin.

I was dropped on the floor as if I was just a sack of potatoes. They rolled me so that I was resting on my knees which were drawn tightly into my chest. My head also made contact with the floor. I next felt my jeans being cut open with a knife along the back seam and down the inside of each leg soon they were completely removed. My pants were ripped off me without using the knife.

A hand went between my legs and grabbed my balls. Because of the crouched position in which I was trussed they were fairly easily accessible. There was a sharp pain as they were pulled further through my legs and then I felt a clamp being fastened around them. This was not like the ball crusher I had experienced before. The clamp fastened around my scrotum between my perineum and the testicles. The clamp was designed so that it could be positioned just below my buttocks. Although I couldn't see I knew my balls were very much exposed like the bollocks you sometimes see on a dog.

I felt a hand massaging them and then it was removed and they were whacked with something flat and solid. A massive pain went through me as my balls took the blow then it immediately subsided. The same treatment was delivered for several minutes with the strength of the blows changing each time so that I couldn't focus my mind to direct the pain to my pleasure sensors. Finally there was the hardest whack of all and I let out a muffled scream through the ball gag.

“Good, we've managed to hurt our slave at last,” I heard a voice say and it was followed by general laughter. “Let's release him now and see how well behaved he is.”

I felt the strap holding my knees to my chest being released and I then tried to straighten my legs. I could move them slightly at the knees but any straightening at the hips brought an excruciating pain to my balls as the scrotum being held in place by the clamp was stretched. Without enduring much suffering and possibly damaging my bollocks irreparably I was not able to stand upright at all. The best I could do was to remain crouched. I later learnt that the device they had used was called a humbler since whoever wore it was forced to stay bent at the hips in a subservient position.

They removed the straps that were holding my legs together and I found I could move them apart without the same degree of pain. Next the straps restraining my head and arms were undone and I felt blood running freely through them once more finally the strait-jacket was removed and I was able to see where and with whom I was. I was in a well equipped dungeon which had a number of devices some of which were free-standing and others which were attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. On one wall there was a shelf on which were dildos of all shapes and sizes above it were punishment tools like whips and floggers.

I looked next at my captors but they were all wearing masks. There were five of them wearing crotchless shorts and nothing else. Each of their cocks was either fully or semi erect. They were all about eight inches plus and thick.

Before the circulation had returned to my body a collar was fastened around my neck and a leash attached to it. The person who did this handed the leash to the largest man there.

“The slave is ready to obey commands, Sir,” he said. I felt a pull on the collar and an order to move closer to the man with the leash.

I tried to shuffle in my crouched position towards him but each movement produced a pain in my balls and it was slow progress. To encourage me one of the others was lashing my back with a flogger.

“Welcome to my torture chamber, slave. From now on you will call me master and do what I command,” the man said when I had crawled to his feet. “These men here are my assistants and will do exactly what I ask of them. You will obey me and them without question. We are going to give you a lesson first in subjugation. Crawl over there.”

He pointed to a corner of the room that was completely tiled. I went as fast as I could but still I had the flogger beat down on my back and the occasional tap me fairly hard on my exposed balls. Eventually I was kneeling on the tiles. The ball gag was removed from my mouth.

“Ok, turn on your shower,” the master ordered. The four other men had followed me to the edge of the tiled area and they now pointed their cocks at my body and pissed on me. I had never been pissed on before and tried to avoid drinking it but the master yanked my head back and whacked my balls making me gasp in pain. The aim of the men was directly at my mouth. I started to choke as piss started filling it. Not because of the taste but because my breathing wasn't under control. I coughed some of the piss out of my mouth and then managed to breath properly then I did the only thing possible and started to gulp down the piss as quickly as it poured into my gaping gob.

When the golden shower had finished one of them came up to me with a pair of scissors and started cutting off my t-shirt which was completely saturated in piss. Once it was off my body he wrung it out into a bowl extracting as much piss as possible. This was then transferred into a large glass and handed to me.

I struggled to hold the crouching position and also have a hand free and so I was kicked about my thighs and bollocks until I could. In order to make me obey drinking the contents they continued to beat me around my bollocks and the flogger was brought down on my now bare back. The golden liquid disappeared from the glass down my throat.

I now felt a jerk on the leash and my neck was wrenched by the master again pulling me towards him.

“Now that you've reached the depths of degradation and our piss you can lick my boots,” he said. I was a bit slow in obeying and the flogger which had been changed to something harsher came down heavily on my back. I leant forward and licked the spots of piss from the master's boots.

“Cuff his hands in front of him, put a harness around him and hoist him off the floor,” the master ordered his assistants. Then get him ready for some penetration.

My hands were pulled in front of me and cuffed then a series of leather straps, with metals rings at the end of them, were passed under my chest. The collar was removed. Then I felt myself being lifted off the ground until I was at cock level with the guys around me. I swung in the air. Gravity was trying to straighten my legs at the hips and I had to use the strength of my muscles to hold them in place or else suffer the wrenching pain caused by the humbler.

I felt a sharp blow to my balls and my mouth opened to utter a scream. As this happened a device was jammed into my mouth that fitted between the jaws. It was made of metal and had a lever on the side. As soon as it was inside my mouth the lever was pressed and it started to stretch my jaws apart. My mouth was forced wide open. There was no way I could talk and if I was made to scream then it would be distorted by this device.

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