A night never to forget

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This story is completely fictional, and some may not enjoy it. Please do not be offended.

Tyler was Alta’s biggest slut. Everyone knew he was a fag, and everyone knew that he would sleep with anyone that asked him to. He didn’t mind being the town whore, and he enjoyed being fucked, sucking dick, he liked being a bitch bottom, so much that he did it for everyone, but he never, in his wildest dreams, would he imagine the stuff he did with Tom.

To begin, first one must know what Tyler looked like. He was a good-looking about 5’10 and a body that he worked hard to keep. It is one of the bodies that twinks are great at having. Not to muscular just right, being 5’10 and weighing only 135, Tyler would die if he were to get bigger. He had the toned body, and that’s why when he was such a good slut, most every liked him. Tyler had dirty blonde hair more brown, but in the right lighting you could see the blonde. He had blue eyes, eyes that people died for, and wonderful lips, they were known around Alta as the blowing lips ever!

And he was so smooth, naturally smooth, he basically had no hair on his body, and any hair that he did, he shaved! Tom was a boy that was huge, he was about 6’2 and weight about 200lbs, but it was that much muscle, he did have a beer belly, sort of a sexy one! His arms were huge, that was his muscular part, his huge arms, girls and in Alta died to see them. He had a huge dick as well, it was about 9 uncut inches, and he loved it sucked, and he loved to use it to fuck. He had a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. I forgot to mention that his dick was not trimmed; Tom didn’t think he should have to worry about little trivial stuff about having nice hair, he could get someone to blow him. He knew the perfect boy.

Tyler was sitting in the local gay glory hole spot. He was not actually doing work today; he was just sitting in front of the spot. He knew that if a truly wanted him, he could get the guy in the front not through a hole. Tom walked toward the glory hole spot, it was called Dinkies, and everyone knew what it was. Tyler gasped as he seen Tom, and Tom gave an evil grin as he seen his new interest, he knew he was going to turn this boy into his bitch boy. Tom walked up to Tyler “He what are you doing out here?” He asked his eyes gazing over Tyler’s body.
“Nothing much, just being bored” Tyler grinned, playing coy.
“Well how about we make it something, and you come to my place” Tom grinned again.

“No problem” Tyler answer, and he and Tom began to walk. The car ride to Tom’s was sort of strange, neither talked, Tom liked that, a quiet little boy, but Tyler felt strange, usually he talked to his trick that just picked him up. Tom pulled up to a huge house and into the driveway, but instead of stopping he moved on to a barn. Tom got out, Tyler right after.

“This is where we are going to play bitch” Tom said coldly. With that Tyler’s dick began to tingle, he loved being used; he knew he was good at it. As they walked in Tom grabbed Tyler and began to kiss him roughly. Holding onto his , squeezing and rubbing, “This will be mine you little fucker” Tom gnarled. Tyler moaned and then he felt the rip, Tom ripped his pants and the dropped Tyler stand there in his shirt and boxers, his ripped pants thrown away. Tom looked “Get in there” he pointed to a stall. “Okay” Tyler said and walked in “NAKED!” Tom yelled. Tyler looked and got undressed, his 6.5 uncut standing straight on end now. Tom smiled as he watched his fag go into the stall naked. He walked over and took off his shirt, then undid his pants and left his boxers on. He walked to the entrance of the stall and began to rub his dick through his pants “Come suck me bitch” Tom looked at Tyler. Tyler walked over and dropped to his knees. Tom pulled his dick out through the slit in his boxers. It was soft, already 7 inches, and really thick, Tyler gasped and took it into his mouth as soon as he seen it. He began to suck the dick head. It was full of sweat; he sucked as hard as he could. Tom was impressed he heard this fag was good, but this kid was great.

Tom held onto Tylers head as it began to get hard, he started shoving the dick into his throat. Tom was really excited he’d never gotten so hard so fast. Soon Tyler was feeling a 9-inch dick down his throat. He almost gagged, but then he wouldn’t be a great whore! Then Tyler heard something behind him, and started to stop, moving off the dick turning to see. Tom grabbed his head and slammed his dick onto his cheek “Did I fucking say stop” Tom asked angered. “I thought…” Tyler couldn’t finish Tom shoved his dick back into his throat. After Tyler thought his jaw was going to fall off, Tom let him stop. “I have a surprise for you little bitch” Tom said as he pulled the boxers off, that were full of Tyler’s spit after the dick job. “I’m going to fuck you” Tom smiled. Tyler looked up. “Oh thank you I can’t….” “Shut up” Tom said “I didn’t say you could fucking talk, I’ll fuck you, but you have to do what ever I want.” Tom grinned. “Okay” Tyler moaned, his ass hole was dying to be filled with that hot man dick. “What do I have to do” Tyler wined. Tom grinned, and out from the shadows walked Ginx.

“You get to have fun with him” Tom grinned. Ginx was a huge stallion, not a , a black horse. Tyler’s jaw dropped. “What!” Tyler’s eyes almost blew out of his head. “You are going to get fucked by my little buddy here. Tom grinned “Get over here bitch, RIGHT NOW” Tom yelled. Tyler began to head to the exit “Fuck this I am not going…” Before he could finish Tom grabbed him and through him to the wall. “I SAID YOU WILL FUCK THIS HORSE! YOU GET THE HORSE DICK NOW GET TO IT MY BOY WANT’S DICK” Tom screamed. Spit hitting Tyler’s face as he screamed. Tyler was never scared, but he was right now. As he began to think, he felt the air rush outside of him. Tom had slammed his fist into his chest. “Do it, or I’ll make you so ugly no one will want you, you little bitch boy!” Tom whispered into his ear. “Oh…Oh…Okay” Tyler mustered to say to him. “I’ll do it, just tell me what to do.” Tyler begged.

Tom grinned. “Get over here, and get in front of Ginx.” Tom instructed. Tyler walked over the Ginx and get to the area Tom instructed. “Get him hard, bitch.” Tom instructed. “Suck him” Tom said in a hiss. Tyler looked at Ginx’s dick and began to lick it. After about 3 minutes he had gotten over the fact that he was sucking a dick that was 9 inches soft, he opened his mouth and took it down. After 10 minutes Ginx had began to get hard. Finally Ginx’s dick was 3 feet long. He couldn’t get more than a into his mouth. Tom moved over and started pushing his head down onto the dick. “TAKE MORE GINX WANTS MORE” Tom screamed. His dick was even harder then before. By the end he had about 15 inches into his mouth.

Tyler was gagging and tears streamed his face, his throat hurt so badly after the 30 minutes of sucking off Ginx. Finally Tom spun Tyler around and then Tom slapped Tyler’s ass as hard as he could. “Get ready bitch” He smiled and put Ginx’s dick by Tyler’s ass hole. Tyler felt the dick as soon as it past his sphincter, and he was surprised. It actually didn’t hurt. Although Ginx had a huge long cock, it wasn’t that thick Maybe the size of the inside of a paper roll. “Get ready because Ginx is going to slam his dick in you” Tom moan. Soon the horse began to slam the dick into Tyler. It hurt so bad, Tyler thought he was going to die when the horse got his dick in him. But soon he liked it; a real stallion was fucking him. Tom moved over to Tyler’s head and slammed his hard dick into his mouth. Ginx was fucking him so hard, making noises and such, Tyler knew his ass would never be the same.

Finally Tyler felt one of the hugest explosions and he thought the horse cum was going to come out his mouth! The horse stopped bucking and Tom grabbed the boy’s head and spun him around. Then Tom slammed his hard 9-inch dick into Tyler’s sloppy hole. “Oh that’s it, I love it when my baby fucks my bitches” He said as he pumped. Tyler felt incomplete with the 9 inches. Before he would have loved it, but this was not fulfilling, the horses dick would never be able to compare. Although, Tom was pumping harder then the horse, believe it of not. He was wild, Tom was slapping Tyler’s ass Tyler knew his ass was going to be dark red when they were done. Finally Tom stopped. Tyler didn’t even know Tom had cum in him. How could he, Ginx’s cum was still in him. Tom grabbed his boy and dropped to his knees and began to lick Tyler’s used hole. “How’s that” He asked as he started fingering him. Tyler though as soon as he was done fucking Tom would stop, but he was wrong. Tyler was in heaven, but Tom was in more, he was licking up both his and Ginx’s cum. Sucking and slurping, putting 3 fingers into Tyler.

His ass was so loose now. Soon he had his hand into Tyler. Tyler was loving it and Tom was shoving his hand in and out of Tyler. Then he grabbed Tyler’s dick and started pumping it, finally after what seemed like forever Tyler blew the hugest load he ever had. Tom felt Tyler’s ass clench over his wrist, and he pulled out. Tom looked down. “You can take a nap if you’d like, I want to have more fun in a little while.” Tom said as Tyler dropped down on some hay and soon passed out from sheer pleasure. “I have more rooms to play in here to Tyler” Tom whispered “Many more rooms.”

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