A hot muggy Saturday

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I can vividly remember the first time that I sucked a and let a in my mouth. It was exactly ten days before my nineteenth birthday. We were about two-weeks into our summer vacation and the town that I live in was very small. And when I say small I mean small. Everyone knew everyone and it seem that everyone had some type of connection to someone else in our community.

It was a very hot muggy Saturday morning when a of us guys got together and headed to the ballpark to play some baseball. We played for about three hours. When the game broke up around 1:30 p.m. all the guys started heading into different directions, but I stuck around to shoot the breeze with my friend Spike and to decide what we were going to do since the other kids had taken off to various parts of the town to do other things.

Unable to come up with anything that sounded worthwhile Spike out of nowhere, said, “I want to suck your young dick.”

Initially I thought that he was fooling around so I decided to go along with the joke and said, “Sure why not.”

Up to that point I can’t remember every actually thinking about having someone suck my dick, and I know for a fact, that I hadn’t wanted to do so myself. I’d seen far too many times what happens in a small town when someone either gets caught sucking dick or who tries to get someone to let them suck their cocks.

We got on our bikes and rode to my house, which was only a very short six blocks away.

When we got inside my home, Spike and I went straight to my room.

Once in my room we had a few awkward minutes of not knowing what to do. But I could tell that Spike was serious about giving me a blowjob because he was fondling his through his shorts.

I sat down and watched him play with himself, which gave me a erection. Spike was still a little nervous and unsure of himself, so we started kissing…or what we thought was kissing. However, whatever it was that we were doing was enough to get our dicks harder and to increase the desire to want to suck each other even that much more.

We fumbled around and after what seemed like an eternity I walked up to him, unzipped both our shorts, hauled out both our hard dicks and started stroking his. He took the hint and before I knew it, we were each other off.

After several minutes of heavy, although clumsy foreplay, Spike put my dick into his mouth. He was a little awkward at first, but got the hang of sucking my big cock in no time.

The feeling was fabulous and after several minutes of him loving on my cock, to be honest up to this point I really can’t recall feeling any type of hesitation or fear, but once Spike’s head started bobbing up and down my fear grew rapidly.

Not so much for what Spike and I were doing, but out of fear that someone was going to find out and fighting was going to become a daily activity.

Those fears quickly subsided and after about a minute of allowing Spike time on my dick, I shot off into his mouth. I remember that he didn‘t swallow, but let the white liquid run out of his mouth and down onto his leg..

As Spike stood, without hesitation, I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. I opened wide and surprisingly enough I discovered that I could swallow him all the way down to his pubic hair.

We were both still young and we had some growing to do so Spike wasn’t all that big so I guess that’s why I could take him so .

It felt great having a dick in my mouth. So from the very moment that my lips touched Spike’s dick I knew in the back of my mind that sucking cock could very easily be an everyday event from here on out.

I rolled my lips over my teeth and started to run them up and down his shaft, mouth worshipping his cock like an old pro.

Granted I had no idea what I was doing, but whatever it was that I was doing felt like I was doing it right.

Not to mention the look on Spike’s face let me know that maybe I was a natural.

Admittedly I remember being in a kind of haze and everything seemed very surreal.

In no time I had a nice rhythm going and before I knew it Spike was fucking my mouth, while uttering things about what a good homo I was and how he was going to make me his personal cocksucker. I didn’t mind the name calling. It actually made me hotter.

I have no idea how long that I worked on Spike’s cock, but I do know that when he shot off in my mouth, I immediately swallowed his load like it was a natural thing to do and it tasted delicious.

I spent the next couple of minutes licking him clean before I relinquished his nice cock.

After gaining my compose I told Spike, “I want to suck you off again,” and he let me but this time it took a lot longer for him to cum in my mouth. Like before I swallowed his sweet juice and I remember thinking that it wouldn’t take much for me to develop an addiction to swallowing .

I have to admit that having that dick in my mouth felt really good, almost as if my mouth was meant to have dick in it. After things calmed down, lying on the bed naked Spike and I kissed and touched each other until it was time for him to go.

It’s seemed that even though it had been Spike’s idea, it turned out that I enjoyed sucking huge dicks…and the taste of cum much more than he did. But he did enjoy getting his dick sucked enough that he never had a problem letting me suck it.

That my friends was the beginning of my cock sucking exploits, which spans forty eight years and possibly a couple thousand loads of warm delicious white cum.

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