A cumslut's progress : Part 7

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I changed into my trackies, picked up my rucksack and told Alan I would be back soon and left the house and headed towards the cottage I usually frequented at this time of a Sunday. I was lucky as one of the closets was vacant. I entered it and locked the door. I slipped my trackies off altogether and also removed my t-shirt. Apart from my shoes I was naked.

I could feel eyes watching me from the other closet and so I put my finger through the hole and beckoned. A immediately appeared. I got my lips around it straightaway and made it slippery with spit then I grabbed it and took my mouth away, turned around so that my arse was towards the wall and directed the tip of the prick to my hole. The man the other side did not budge and when he realised what I was doing pushed himself in me. In less than two minutes after arriving at the cottage I was taking cock in my arse.

He wasn't very large and had to be careful not to slip out of me altogether so I pressed up against the wall and let him do all the moving. I could hear everytime his body rapped against the wall and wondered if anybody in the cottage could hear also. I wasn't bothered as it would probably attract the attention of another coming in to screw my arse. The bloke came within five minutes and I lifted myself off him and turned round grabbing hold of his cock again. This time I wrapped my lips around it and licked off the remnants of his cum that coated it. I pulled the spoon out of my rucksack and collected what was seeping out of my hole. I ate the lot and felt my addiction being satisfied. Whatever else I might now be getting up to I knew I still needed regular doses of cum.

I spent the next hour and a half feeding on the men who came in the closet next to me. I didn't count how many there were but my taste buds were still savouring the different loads of spunk when I left to go back to Ryan's and Craig's.

They were back when I returned and I said hello but told them I needed a shower. I think they guessed the reason why but they did not say anything until we all sat down together to eat the dinner which Alan had prepared.

'Have you been satisfying your cum ?' Craig asked me grinning.'

I grinned back, 'Old habits die hard. I was at a loose end and it's the only pleasurable way I know of keeping myself occupied.'

'We don't mind,' said Ryan. 'So long as you always have the energy to satisfy the friends we have lined up for you.'

'Have you got someone lined up for me now?' I asked.

'Yea,' he said. 'I've arranged for a couple of guys tonight. One at eight and the other at nine. You should be in your bedroom at that time and one of us will bring the guy to you. Let me explain a few rules that I need you to follow. They are for your protection as much as anything else.

'First we always refer to the guys as friends, even though sometimes we may hardly know them. Second, you must never take money from them. We always sort out the financial side of the business. Third we never call them by their real name, and even if by chance you happen to know them act as if you are a stranger to them. Four, ensure that you have a shower and douche your arse between each guy, they won't get turned on by wallowing in someone else's cum. Fifthly, never talk about any of the guys to anyone outside of present company and that means not talking about them to Dale and Carl too. Much as they are nice fellers and good friends of ours we do not want them knowing everything about what we do here or who we do it with. For the same reason, we don't want you bringing your pals, male or female, back here unless we have met them first. And finally you don't go by your real name. How about if you're called Sebastian, it's a nice, posh, white sounding name.'

'That seems fair enough to me,' I said. 'What if I don't like a particular feller?'

'We wouldn't let a guy near you if we didn't think he would treat you right,' Craig said. 'As Alan will tell you some guys may want you to do things other than fuck. If it's ok with you then go ahead but if you don't want to just tell them. They will have been told that they mustn't force you to do anything you don't want. If a guy tries to mistreat you then let us know and we will deal with him. There is a button by the bed which you can press if anyone gets out of hand. So far it hasn't happened with Alan and he has had lots of guys.'

'The important thing is that we want you to enjoy yourself while earning money and giving our friends a good time,' Ryan added,. 'Strictly speaking we could be accused of living off immoral earnings but since we refer to everyone as friends and you do not handle any money then you cannot be called rentboys. Nobody that we allow near you is totally unknown to us so we ensure that the police or social services are not alerted to what is going on. In return our friends receive value for money and have the knowledge that their activities will never be disclosed by any of us.'

It was now half seven. The first of my friends for tonight was due in half an hour. I went to my room and took a shower. When I had dried myself off, I put on a pair of briefs and nothing else. I lay on the bed and waited.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and it opened and Craig came in with a of about fifty.

'This is Sebastian who will entertain you,' Craig said.

I smiled and said 'Hi, come in and join me.'

The chap was quite plump and not particularly handsome but it was not my job to fancy him. He sat next to me on the bed and Craig left the room after giving me an approving smile. I placed a hand on the blokes thigh and ran it up towards his crutch.

'What can I do for you?' I asked trying to put both him and me at ease.

He leaned into me and whispered. 'I want to fuck your sweet white arse.'

'Good that's what I want you to do as well.'

I had reached his crutch by now and could feel the swelling in his pants.

'Let me help you get more comfortable.' I said and I began removing his clothes starting with his jacket and then his shirt. I caressed his hairy chest and he pulled me closer to him. I could feel his breath on my cheek and I turned so that our lips were nearly touching. He leant more towards me and we kissed. As our lips were engaged I undid the waistband of his trousers and slid down the zip of his flies. I could now get my hand inside his pants and feel how his package was. I was not disappointed with what I found. My hand was around his shaft and it was clear he had a good size cock. I knelt on the floor and took off his shoes and socks.

'Stand up and let me get those trousers off you.' I said and he followed my instructions and while still kneeling on the floor I pulled down both his trousers and pants and he stepped out of them. My face was on the same level as his cock which, though not long, was very thick. It as by now quite hard and I grabbed it and put it in my mouth. In an instant it became fully hard and I had a strong desire to have it fill my arse.

I stood up and he pulled my briefs down, my cock sprang out as he did so and he looked at it with approval. I let him direct me to the bed and he got me to kneel on the edge so that he was behind me and he could pull my arse cheeks apart and see my hole.

'What a lovely cunt you've got,' he said.

'It's all yours to put your lovely thick cock in,' I said.

I felt his tongue on my hole and he sent waves of pleasure through me. He rimmed me for some while and I did not try to hurry him but I was keen for my arse to be filled. Finally he stood up and without any real warning he pushed himself all the way in me. I was so used to being fucked by now that this did not cause me any trouble and, as soon as I knew he was fully in me, I pushed back on him. This increased his penetration and added to my pleasure. He started to pound my hole and he was a really good fucker.

He ploughed my arse, without our changing position, for about twenty minutes and then I felt him starting to reach his orgasm. He gave a really loud grunt and then jabbed me with a lot of force and let loose his juice inside. me. He stayed still for about a minute and then I eased myself off his cock and turned round. He had not asked me to but I got his glistening in my mouth and licked off the jizz that was coating it. He moaned loudly as I went to work as the effect of his orgasm was still running through the nerves and sinews of his body.

'You're as good with your mouth as you are with your cunt,' he said. I released his cock and smiled up at him.

'I'm glad I pleased you. I your cock and you taste real good.'

I looked at my clock and saw it was well past half eight. He knew also that his time was up and started to get dressed.

'I'll see you again,' he said. I stood up and kissed him lightly on his thick lips.

'I hope so,' I said. He finished dressing and left my room. I went immediately to the bathroom and douched my arse and had a shower. I was sorry to be washing away his cum but the next friend was due soon and I needed to get ready. While I waited I thought to myself how easy and enjoyable it had been to play the whore. Another knock at the door brought me out of my reverie and I met my second friend of the evening. He was another and I worked my magic on him too and he went away with a smile on his face and the promise that this was not going to be the last time he would see me.

By ten o'clock I was sitting, just in my briefs in the lounge with Craig, Ryan and Alan who was naked. Craig handed me a roll of notes.

This is what you have earned tonight, he said. Without counting it I knew I had quite a bundle of money in my hand.

'Thanks,' I said, a little overwhelmed.

'We should thank you,' Craig said. 'Both of those guys commented on how good you were. I reckon you must be a natural.'

'It could be that I like being fucked by .'

'I think you're just a promiscuous white whore who can never get enough,' Ryan added to the conversation not unkindly.

'Well you're right about that 'cause I wouldn't mind having some more now from you two,' I said.

The two of them laughed.

'Let's give his pussy some real meat, come along Alan and join us and see this hooker smile as we fill his hole to bursting.' It was Craig talking.

My arsehole had begun to twitch with the anticipation of what they were intending doing to me. We all went into their bedroom and I removed my briefs. And lay with Alan on the bed. Ryan and Craig got undressed and joined us.

'I think we'll start by double fucking you,' Craig said and this time it was he who got on his back and placed a pillow under his buttocks. I knelt astride him and after giving his cock a liberal coating of spit I took it in my hand and lowered myself on it. He entered me easily and with great satisfaction I felt his thickness stretch me.

Ryan stood in front of me and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it for a couple of minutes making sure that it was nice and slippery. Once we were both satisfied he got behind me and knelt between Craig's legs and rested his dick against Craig's who had pulled out of me a little bit. I felt the pressure of him pushing inside me and then the satisfaction of my hole opening up to accommodate him. Both cocks had gone in smoothly because this time I was able to anticipate what they were doing.

Alan meanwhile had been watching the two pricks invade my body and he was very aroused by the spectacle. He had long legs and I asked him to stand astride of my back between myself and Ryan and help support my torso. He did as I suggested and was able to provide a bit of lift to my body by putting his hands underneath my armpits. I could feel his hard cock against my back and found it added to my horniness.

I lifted my hips a little which enabled Ryan and Craig to move their cocks in and out of me. The more they moved the more stuffed my hole felt. After a few minutes Alan was able to move his hands so that he was feeling and pinching my nipples. My body was so much in the hands of the other guys I was overwhelmed with the sexual energy they were generating. For ten minutes I was fucked by both these cocks and then Craig told Ryan to stop.

'I think we have fucked this hole for long enough and it's now Alan's turn.'

Both Alan and I thought Ryan meant he was going to double fuck him and he had started to look worried.

'It's ok, we're not going to both fuck you at the same time, Alan,' Craig said. 'We're going to take it in turns. I will fuck you first while Ryan fists Mike and then, when I've come, we'll swap over. That way we'll all get a treat. You'll be well fucked and Mike with be well fisted and get the opportunity to eat out your arse.'

Disappointed as I had been that the double fucking had stopped I was now excited by the thought of being fisted and eating a load of cum from Alan's arse.

Ryan had already pulled his cock out and shortly after Craig did the same and got up off the bed. Ryan applied a little KY to his fist and placed it on the rim of my hole. He applied some pressure and his hand disappeared. I felt my ring close over his wrist. While he did this Craig was in front of me kneeling behind Alan. His dick was in position and I saw it slide cleanly all the way into Alan. He fucked him quite furiously while Ryan slowly moved his fist inside me occasionally stroking my prostrate but not giving it too much attention in case I came too quickly.

Soon I saw that Craig had come and he pulled out of Alan and moved round him so that he could have the jizz licked from his glistening member. As soon as that was done he came round to where Ryan was and took over. His fist became embedded in me. I remembered that he had known exactly how to massage my prostrate last time but now he was doing as Ryan had and was gently moving his fist all around my rectum I was enjoying it but hoped it would soon revert to making me come. Ryan had got inside Alan now and he was being fucked furiously again. I could tell from Alan's face that he enjoyed being fucked in this way. Soon Ryan had shot his load inside him and Alan's cavity was full of cum.

Ryan pulled out and Craig said to me, 'Get your cock in Alan now.'

I found it difficult to move with a fist in my back passage but Alan backed up to me and took hold of my rigid dick and impaled himself on it. He knew I was having trouble moving and so he moved backwards and forwards to stimulate my throbbing rod. Just then Craig changed his fisting action and aimed more towards stroking my prostrate. I knew I was going to come to a climax soon as I was now being stimulated, not only by Alan, but by the way Craig's knuckles were rubbing at that gland in my arse.

To add to Alan's enjoyment Ryan had knelt in front of him and stuck his cock in his mouth. Alan was being spit-roasted while I was feeling euphoric once again. I was not capable of controlling when my orgasm would hit me and a couple of minutes later I felt the surge of ecstatic pleasure start to well up in my groin and then to my legs and abdomen and then all over as my body ejaculated streams of spunk into Alan's fuck chute. I grabbed Alan for support and he nearly bit Ryan's cock as I jabbed him with an uncontrollable thrust of my hips which seemed to be on fire.

Craig's fist was withdrawn from me and I slowly pulled out of Alan who knew what was to happen next and stayed on his knees but lent forward on the bed so that his hole was now uppermost. He had three loads of cum in there and he didn't want to lose any of it..

'Alan's saving all that cum for you Mike,' Ryan said.

As quickly as I could I regained my composure after yet another super orgasm and placed my hands on Alan's hips. My tongue lapped at his hole to begin with but then went in deeper and finally was as far into his anus as I could get it. I was able to suck the cum out of him into my mouth. This was more than just a treat it was pure nectar. I asked Alan to try squeezing the last drops out and a small globule appeared which I relished as much as the rest I had eaten.

'There's just one bit of unfinished business,' I said and I gently rolled Alan onto his back and took his still rock solid cock in my mouth. So far he hadn't come and I was determined to eat his cum as well. Ryan and Craig left us to it and I indulged myself in giving Alan the blowjob I knew how. It didn't take him long to come and I got more than a mouthful of his silky cream. A lot of it dribbled out of my mouth and I brought my face to his and kissed him so that he could lick his jizz off it. Once again I got that feeling of love for Alan.

'Let's sleep together,' I whispered to him.

'Ok,' he said and we got off the bed and headed to my room which was the nearest.

It had been a long day with lots of sex and I was tired but I felt so comfortable with my arms wrapped round Alan. I fell asleep with the taste of cum in my mouth that was from all of us combined. To a cum addict like me that was heaven.

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