A cumslut's progress Part 5

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I suddenly realised I was desperate for a pee.

'I need to get up and have a leak,' I said.

'Let me show you where,' said Carl. He helped me off the bed and I tried to stand. I was a bit unsteady at but slowly the feeling came back in my legs. I took a couple of steps and I became conscious of the plug in my arse. Everytime I took a step the plug made its presence felt. It was really quite a turn on to be so aware of a foreign object penetrating me.

I made it to the toilet and emptied my bladder. I became even more aware of the butt plug as I squeezed the last few drops of piss from my semi-hard . When I returned to the the others I sat on the bed which made the plug push inside me a bit more and I felt my ring expand as well. It was a terrific feeling and I resolved that I would get one of these plugs for myself and use it in my solitary moments.

'I want Mike to be my glove puppet,' Ryan said and he pulled me to him and held me as if I was one of his possessions.

I didn't know what he meant at first but everybody else seemed to understand.

Then Craig said, 'Well if you're gong to fist Mike I want him to suck me off at the same time. I understand that is the thing he is most proficient at.'

The rest of them said they also wanted me to suck them off and now I understood what Ryan intended to do with me. I was quite happy to let him especially as I was going to get three mouthfuls of cum in the process.

Ryan got me to kneel on the bed. When I was in position Craig knelt in front of me and pushed his in my face. I opened my mouth and took all of him. I noticed that Carl had moved behind Craig and then I realised that he was going to fuck him while I sucked him. Carl's fucking was forcing Craig's cock in my throat which I was now skilled in keeping open without gagging.

Ryan meanwhile had removed the butt plug and he passed it to me. I let go of Craig for a moment and licked the jizz off the plug which had remained warm and creamy from being inside my arse. I kept some of the cum in my mouth as I returned to sucking Craig's tool. He found the extra lubrication aided his fucking my face.

Ryan wasted no time in pushing his fist in my gaping hole. Since I had only recently been double fucked twice and had had a very large butt plug in place, the passage of his hand inside my ring was accomplished quite easily. I was having yet another new experience and this was possibly the so far.

In the space of a few weeks I had been penetrated with fingers, a vibrator, several cocks, dildos and large butt plugs. Now I was getting a whole hand inside me. Ryan had put a bit of KY on his arm but his hand had remained dry when he pushed it in me. However I had not expelled Carl's and Dale's cum and so I was well lined with a natural lubricant. I felt my ring grip Ryan's wrist as his hand entered me completely. Then I sensed him moving his fingers inside my rectum. He suddenly found my prostrate and I jumped as he stimulated it. He continued to massage it and I knew that eventually I would involuntarily have an orgasm without touching my blood engorged dick.

To add to the action and so that he wasn't left out Dale had got behind Ryan and had started to push his dick in in his arse. We now made up a straight line of Dale fucking Ryan who was fisting me. I was sucking Craig who was being fucked by Carl. We were all shagging in one way or another.

Ryan knew what the effect of his massage would be for me and was in no hurry. I was quite relaxed too and Craig's cock felt good in my mouth. He was getting quite turned on by Carl's large cock in his fuckchute and he soon found himself coming. While a hand was exploring my internal hotspots I received several spurts of cum in my mouth. I kept it there without swallowing allowing some of it to escape my lips. When Craig was satisfied that his balls were empty he removed his cock and bent down and kissed me while at the same time directing the errant cum back towards my mouth. I rolled the glob of cream around with my tongue extracting as much of the taste and texture as possible then I swallowed it.

Carl continued to fuck Craig and soon came himself. Now Craig turned round so that his arse was in my face and I pulled his cheeks apart and dug my tongue in his dilated hole. The cream poured out and entered my mouth. I had only then to lick Carl's cock clean of his jizz which I did as well as taking his nine inches down my throat.

That left Ryan with his fist in me and Dale with his prick in him. Ryan had been massaging my prostrated for twenty minutes and his arm was beginning to ache. At his request Craig took over and I felt the double thrill of Ryan removing his hand and Craig's fist replacing it inside me. Dale and Ryan moved in front of me so that now I could start sucking Ryan while he was still being fucked. I took the opportunity though to lick the fist that had been inside me. It was covered in the moisture produced from Carl's and Dale's cum as well as the natural lubrication produced by my rectum. It had a very slippery texture and a completely new but not unpleasant taste.

Craig proved to be better at massaging my prostrate. He was twisting his fist slightly from side to side and his knuckles were rubbing my gland and no sooner had he got his hand far enough in me than I felt the first of several spasms go through my body heralding the coming of an enormous orgasm. I remembered the euphoria I experienced when Chris's vibrator had brought me off last time. I had the feeling it was gong to be as good if not better this time. I sucked liked mad on Ryan's throbbing dick and all at once all hell seemed to be let loose.

I heard Dale cry out as he came in Ryan. He simultaneously shot a load in my mouth and I nearly choked on it because my orgasm started to hit and I was plunged into breathlessness as wave after wave of pure pleasure passed through me from head to and thick wads of spunk gushed out of my rock solid cock. The three of us were screaming and groaning as our respective climaxes came and, in my case, remained for Craig continued massaging me and the orgasm reached its peak and stayed there for several seconds.

'Shit, that was fantastic,' I said at last as I let go of Ryan's dick and sank to the bed. I was lying in a pool of my own cum. I got a tap on the shoulder and it was Ryan waving his arse in my face. Although my arms felt weak I lifted myself up on them and got my tongue in the crackand found his hole. The taste of Dale's cum brought me back to earth a bit and I greedily sucked on his ring forcing out the remainder of Dale's juice. That just left Dale who was not forgotten. In fact he got underneath me so that he was able to suck on my cock and I was able to deepthroat on his.

This was the first occasion I had come with these guys present and the first time anyone had wanted to attend to my dick after I had cum. Dale was making such a good job of licking me clean I thought I might come again but it was only post orgasmic spasms running through my loins.

'Man you've got a real honeypot of a pussy,' Craig said. 'I don't reckon I've ever come across anyone so young who can put up with the abuse we've just given you.'

'I reckon he could be my white whore,' said Ryan. 'Would you like to be our personal hooker that we rent out to our friends.'

I gave him a puzzled look and turned to Carl for an explanation.

'I think he means it, Mike,' he said. 'I think he wants you to offer his friends sexual favours for money while he and Craig look after you and take a cut.'

'Yea, Carl knows,' Ryan spoke again. 'You can come and live with us for free and use our place as your home. In return you allow our friends to satisfy their sexual appetites with your body. We will look after you and make sure they pay and we'll just keep enough of it to pay for your board and you'll have the rest. You would have to satisfy Carl and Dale as well but that would be free of charge 'cause you owe them for being special friends.'

'How much would I get?' I said. The idea had suddenly become both interesting and attractive.

He talked money and said if I was capable I could manage two or more guys a day. It didn't require much arithmetic to realise that this could make me very rich as well as give me a constant source of that thing that I needed most, sex with lots of men.

'I'm giving it some serious thought,' I said. 'I hope you're not joking.'

'You'd better believe it's true,' he said. 'You're the best cunt I've come across and better still you're white and you talk posh. Our friends will love fucking an upper class white kid.'

'OK,' I said. 'I'll be your whore. So long as you both shag me everyday with those monster cocks and let me go cottaging to continue feeding my addiction for cum and cock.' and then I said as an afterthought. 'I will have to keep up with my studies as well, I am supposed to be a student not a prostitute.'

It was settled then and although it was in the middle of the night Ryan and Craig wanted me to go back with them then.

'It'll only take a minute to get there we live a couple of streets away.' Craig said.

This was sounding better already. I would still be in close proximity to Carl and Dale and their super sexy bodies.

I got dressed and said cheerio to Carl and Dale and walked to Ryan's and Craig's house. Once inside I could see it was quite big. Craig showed me round.

'We sleep together in here,' he said pointing to a room that had a big double bed in it. 'And you can sleep with us too. Or you can sleep in this room which will be yours and where you will entertain our friends.'

The room he said was mine was smartly furnished and had a large double bed. There was also a bathroom leading off from it. He showed me the rest of the house but we didn't go in all the rooms. He gave me a key and I was flattered that in such a short space of time he should have given me so much trust.

'I bet you're knackered aren't you?' Ryan said. 'Choose where you want to sleep 'cause Craig and I are gong to crash out now. See you in the morning.'

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