A Wizard's Succession 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Chapter 4: The Horror

All night long, Hiro Amano couldn’t sleep. All he could ever think about was his unsatisfied release. He could feel his own seed churning inside him, and it kept getting worse. While the bastards dozed in Dan’s house, he started to fantasize about Aira. He imagined her light mocha skin, her long jet hair set in luscious, gentle waves, her sexy body despite two childbirths, her ruby red lips, her nose that was not too high yet not too low, and her sultry brown eyes. That exotic look drove him insane even further, and his member surged in approval. Well, he thought, at least this will help. He closed his eyes, further delving in a shade of his wildest fantasies: feminine domination. He fantasized that she was the one who bound him and kept him her slave, but as that thought occurred to him, his fevered brain instantly switched channels. The thought about Dan and his face sucking his , all the while he was bound like a god suddenly kicked in. And that got him even harder.


He began to worry. He knew he wasn’t gay. Ha can name every female porn star he knew and could even get hard at some hot prostitute, but the thought of having forbidden sex with his own orientation rang a far stronger wave of pleasure down to his rock hard manhood and he hated that.’ I’m a father,’ he thought bitterly, ‘I’m a fucking father with two kids!! What the fuck’s happening to me?!’ As he thought more about Aira, the more he couldn’t focus. After countless times of trying, he finally gave up. He had no choice but to go down the other road – fantasizing about Dan. He bitterly imagined his cock being devoured by the lad’s thin, small lips, licking him all over and worshipped him and his meat to no end. Surprisingly, his responded fully and got himself hard as steel. He felt ashamed, having to think gay thoughts just to get himself aroused. But he was left with few choices: sleep without cumming, stay awake all night or sleep after ejaculation.

And he bitterly chose the last choice.

He inhaled deeply, bit his lip, and once again went to his dreaded choice. He felt a tear ran down on his right cheek as he imagined Dan’s youthful face once again, his mouth curved in a perfect ‘O’ as he sucked his meat like a pro, his head going up and down as he coaxed Hiro’s cock to no end with his saliva, and gently biting it with his teeth. Every second that passed, Hiro’s feverish mind begged for more until he could feel his seed rising. ‘God!’ he thought, ‘I’m gonna cum!’ He was on the verge, his breaths ragged and hard, his moans took an animalistic sound as he fantasized more. He now imagined Dan straddled on his torso, his arms wrapped around Hiro’s neck, Dan’s legs around his waist, and his butt bobbing along Hiro’s shaft. He closed his eyes, praying that this madness would end, as his fantasy of him fucking Dan as he rode Hiro’s cock like a prostitute sent him to the edge. He heard himself release a guttural howl as he drove himself to the brink.

But, to his shock, no semen came out. He couldn’t cum.

He was frantic. ‘What madness is this?!’ Suddenly, a message lingered in his brain. ‘Remember, Hiro, you will not cum until I tell you to do so,’ Dan commanded.

That was it. Dan had programmed his mind to control his functions so that his body would only respond to Dan and to Dan alone. That explained his uneventful situation, but what about the gay fantasies? He formulated some theories about it, and one of them made him uncomfortable, as it was the only legit reason why. He hypothesized that some men could be aroused not only by women, but with smooth skinned and young men as well. He then went to sleep, bitterly thinking over the theory he chose. But sleep played with him even further. In his dreams, he could only think of was release. The combination of frustration and lust proved more powerful than drowsiness, so within an instant, he was wide awake again. ‘This is gonna be a rough night,’ he bitterly concluded, and tried to sleep again.

The next day, Hiro was tired. His eyes were dull due to lack of sleep, his hairy body slick with sweat, and he was insanely horny. So horny, by the moment Dan and the others arrived, his dick got hard immediately due to the aphrodisiac’s effect the night before and to their overstimulation. They knew that the solution had worn off over the night, but they never expected this to happen, and that sent them smiling. ‘Morning, senpai!’ Dan said, and Hiro’s response was silence.

‘Well,’ Lex said, ‘I guess we need not use the bottles, right?’

‘I guess we don’t,’ Ned agreed. As they stared at him, their own members surged. ‘But, guys, I think we need to put some again on his dick, just in case we want more loads, right?’ Dan suggested. ‘Sure!’ Lex said, ‘I’ll just get it …’ and off he left. The remaining two rubbed their hands in anticipation, as Dan spoke up, ‘We want you to give it your all, okay?’ Hiro only grunted. ‘Let’s lube his cock’ Dan said, and again two sets of hands were on Hiro -- one set provided extra restraint so Hiro couldn't struggle too much; the other grabbed Hiro's cock shaft in one hand, and massaged oily lubricant they brought to it with the other. Hiro snarled before a firm backhand slapped the snarl off his face and that made him alert immediately. His cheek burned, but the pain was replaced by pleasure as the hand on his cock skillfully applied the lubricant.

The firm grip on his shaft; the corkscrew motion; the thumb teasing his cum-slit on the upstroke -- all were too good to resist and Hiro felt his hips involuntarily buck into the grip, fucking the hand as it oiled up his cock. His meaty midsection stood out sharply each time he bucked forward to fuck the hand. He knew that it was ‘’ on what they were doing to him, but he was beyond caring. The potion made his nerve endings super sensitive to stimulation. Once stimulated, he MUST have relief. Suddenly the hand withdrew and Hiro went slack with frustration, to the amusement of the two.

‘Here’s the milker!’ Lex announced. Hiro was dumbfound. ‘Let me attach the milker to his cock’

‘Attach the....what?’ Hiro croaked, hoarsely.

‘You Hiro, are nothing but a stud bull to us. A perfect specimen whose cock is designed to be used for pleasure and whose cum is perfect for breeding. You are going to be our fuck machine, Hiro. Every man in the room has paid for the chance to drink your load or to be inseminated by you ... So, for the next few days, your universe will be one prolonged orgasm. You will cum again and again, do you understand?’ Hiro was frantic. ‘Are they mad?! I can’t do it!!’

‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!’ was his prevailing answer.

‘Tether him to the machine’ Dan said.

The cart rolled forward and a slick silicone , the consistency of a woman's pussy, slipped over Hiro's cock. He shuddered. He felt the tube tighten to the perfect width, allowing just enough friction and drag to drive him insane with pleasure.

‘Flip the switch’.

A click ... then an electric whir and the silicon tube began to ride up and down the length of Hiro's cock. It gripped the throbbing dick slightly and then released. The tube was rigged to release lubricant after every four or five strokes, keeping the captive cock slick and moist. ‘Oh fuck,’ Hiro groaned, surrendering to the blissful feelings as the machine purred around his cock. There was applause from the three as they watched Hiro go up on his toes to FUCK his fat dick into the vibrating tube that rode up and down the length of his cock. Hiro had never had a more perfect fuck -- just the right amount of pressure ... perfectly wet ... just like Aira’s … but after a moment or two he realized something. The restraints would not allow him to fuck any harder or faster than the speed he was going and the machine would not increase the tempo on its own. At this rate and speed, his cock would remain rigid and hard for hours ... no closer to orgasm than he was now, like the night before.

He began to sweat. ‘P-p-please...’ he muttered.

‘Yes?’ Lex’s voice answered with a hint of laughter.

‘P-p-please... the machine is keeping me r-r-right on the edge... I gotta cum… P-please, let me cum.’

‘Let’s see what we can do to help you.’

Hiro saw them walking towards him, and with a single touch from Dan, went blind once again. This got him furious, for this only heightened his sense of touch, which usually sends him on his toes. As Dan held him, Lex gently lowered himself and adjusted something on the tube’s current setting. He opened the tube so that only the shaft is held and stimulated, leaving Hiro’s fat knob open. Hiro felt no difference until …

‘Oh, fuck …’ he moaned in approval, his head gazing up high, his eyes tightly shut in pure ecstasy, ‘Oh, fucking GOD, YES …!!’

Lex began to worship Hiro’s cock, licking his fucking fat meat, kissing it reverently, and sucking it deeply. Hiro went up on his toes and tried to fuck Lex’s mouth faster, as much as the restraints would allow. Ned never wanted to miss the hot action, so he knelt beside Hiro and teabagged his cum-filled scrotum, to Hiro’s approval. The stroking was ever constant, the worshipping ever sensual, and the suckling ever gentle – these drove Hiro even wilder, groaning an indescribable moan so great, that all three imagined a great beast was their captive, not a man. Dan admired Hiro’s virility, but he had a mission to fulfill, and is but a distraction. But, that was it. He fell in love with him.

Hiro was so aroused, he started to buck wildly from his restraints, fucking the machine AND the lips that worshipped him – soft, wet and HOT. With a sudden click, the machine began to jack him faster. ‘Oh fuck...oh fuck yes...’, Hiro moaned as his body rushed up the incline towards a roller-coaster of orgasm. Just as his orgasm was about to hit, another click and the machine turned off. The lips were removed from his cock as well. For a moment, he didn’t know what happened or what to do. He was tired, and hungry for release. Those things made him growl an animalistic ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!’ He had dreaded the vile act of spending his seed to them and was relieved they had stopped, but at the same time his body had wanted it so badly he was furious knowing that it was not going to happen. AGAIN. ‘What is it, Hiro?’ Dan mocked in his feverish mind, ‘Still not going to give in?’

‘G-g-got … Gotta … gotta cum …’ he pleaded, ‘Dan … please …’

Dan pondered about the thought of releasing him, but he was so turned on, he wanted to play a bit more. ‘Fuck the machine, Hiro,’ he mused, ‘Fuck the machine yourself … show us how it’s done. ’

Throwing aside his morals, Hiro Amano began to buck slowly at first, then began to speed up as his hard member began to feel the intense feeling of his impending orgasm. But what he didn’t notice is that the tube was no more. He was FUCKING LEX’s MOUTH instead. To him, he felt no difference. He was groaning really loud in the morning sun, good thing Dan has no neighbors. His fat-laden muscles began to flex really hard, robbing his body the strength he needed, his body bucking gracefully, as though he was fucking a woman’s cunt. ‘Imagine you’re fucking Aira …’ Dan teased him. With that thought, his previous nightmare vanished, being replaced instantly by vigorous lust. He was so desperate for release, so horny indescribable, he didn’t fucking care. Lex was already choking, but he was relentless. Lex took off his mouth and coughed, only to spit blood on the hay – strewn floor.

‘What the FUCK man?!’ he choked, his lips rimmed with blood, ‘That battering ram of yours is killing me! Is this some kind of shit you pull off?!’

Dan and Ned were speechless, as they saw Hiro’s eight inch fat meat literally covered in BLOOD.


And as they stared on the floor, Lex screamed in pain. ‘MY TOOTH!’ he bellowed. And they stared once again on the floor only to see a bloodied molar included. ‘I’m telling you guys, Hiro here has some SHIT up his sleeve!’

Suddenly, the sky grew dark. Hiro’s eyes turned black, and his tattoo glowed OMINOUSLY. Dan said, 'At long last ...'

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