A Weekend in Amsterdam

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was my senior year of College and as graduation was approaching I received a letter from my Grandmother, who lived in the Netherlands. She was rather well-off, and as I hadn't seen her in six years, for a graduation present she decided to send me a plane ticket so I could visit her for a month. I had never been to Europe before and was really looking forward to going to visit her. Along with the plane ticket, she also sent me a one month Eurrail Pass so I could travel around all I wanted to. Graduation couldn't come fast enough and one week after the day I was sitting on a plane for the eight hour flight across the Atlantic.

When I arrived, I spent three days with my Grandmother just getting over the jet lag and relaxing. Grandma lived in a small village in the north and my first journey a wanted to take was to Amsterdam. Friday rolled around and I walked down to the train station and got on the express train to the city. Forty five minutes later the train pulled into the Central Station and I immediately went to the youth hostel, checked in then went to explore the city. My first stop was at a hashish bar. I ordered a coffee and a piece of hashish-laced cake, relaxed a bit until the buzz kicked in then took off to check things out.

The hashish bar was right next to the Red Light district, so that was my first stop. I wandered around in wonder. There were prostitutes sitting in storefront windows waiting for tricks, sex shops galore, and tour busses driving around full of people taking "Red Light Tours." As I walked down the narrow streets, I noticed a little building that seemed to be getting a lot of attention. I approached the building. There was a door going into a long, narrow hallway. People were streaming in and out of the door- mostly tourists. Lining the hallway, I saw row of doors and windows. The windows opened up into small rooms. There were curtains on the windows, some drawn shut and others open. At the end of the hall was a small open window with a man sitting being the counter and a sign over the window. The sign, in Dutch and English, said "Room Rental: 20 per hour. Heineken, 3 Euro, Cocktails, 6 Euro, Coffee 2 Euro, Condoms provided on request, Lubrication 1 Euro. PHOTOGRAPHY NOT ALLOWED!"

There were groups of tourists standing in front of a couple of the windows with people staring in, some laughing and talking amongst themselves. I entered the hallway. The first room was empty. I looked in and there was a small cot, with a stack of clean, folded sheets on it and a couple of towels, along with a chair and a sink on the wall. The next two windows had the curtains drawn. The fourth window had a small crowd in front of it. I approached and looked in- there was an older gentleman sitting in the chair, wearing nothing but his underwear and sipping on a beer as he played with himself, hand down his underwear.

The next window also had the curtain drawn, then the next the curtain was open. Laying on the bed was a young , totally nude with a huge grin on his face, madly stroking his . I stood and stared a bit and he looked at me and waved, beckoning me to come in. Just then another guy, older, knocked on the door and the young man stood, went to the door and opened it. The walked in a drew the curtain shut. The next three windows had the curtains drawn. I was thinking "WOW! This is nuts!I gotta try this!" I approached the counter at the end of the hall nervously. The gentleman behind the counter looked up and said "American?" I nodded my head. He said "How long? One hour?" I nodded yes and pulled out my wallet and said "Two Heinekens also." He reached under the counter and handed me two beers and a key and said "First room. Have fun" never cracking a smile once.

I nervously walked back down the hall, unlocked the first door and walked in. The smell of disinfect was heavy in the air. I shut the door behind me, my mind racing. It had always been a fantasy of mine to to play the exhibitionist and to take off all my clothes in public and masturbate and I couldn't believe this was about to come true! The hashish was really kicking in by then. I popped open one of the beers and chugged it down then opened the other, standing there looking out the window as people walked by in the hallway, some pausing to look in. I unfolded one of the bed sheets and laid it across the cot then started to undress. My cock was already rock hard, pointing straight up its full six inches as I nervously pulled down my underwear, looking out the window. There was a of women, obviously Americans, standing there staring at me, laughing and talking amongst themselves.

I walked over, standing right in front of the window and placed my hands on top of my head and started gyrating and thrusting my hips- my cock bouncing up and down and spinning in circles. The ladies immediately started cracking up laughing, pointing down at my cock. I just smiled, then reached down and started tugging on my low-hanging ball sack. As I squeezed my nuts, pre-cum started to ooze out of my piss hole. The ladies all covered there mouths and started laughing even harder. I continued my little dance show until the ladies dispersed, walking further down the hall, chatting amongst themselves. I pulled the chair right in front of the window and sat down then spit in my hand and started to slowly massage my meat, staring out the window the entire time as people walked by. I had a huge grin on my face and was enjoying every minute of the show I was putting on for the crowd.

Suddenly I saw an older man approach the window- probably in his early seventies and well dressed in an expensive suit. He was well-groomed and looked of money. He stood there leering into the window, a slight smile on his face. I looked up at him and smiled slightly, then stood and turned, massaging my rock-hard, tight cheeks, slightly spreading them, while looking back at his face. His smile widened. After a few seconds he nodded at me and pointed at the door. I mouthed "Okay" and shook my head yes then walked over and opened the door.

He was German. He entered the room, shut the door and approached me saying in broken English, "American? My English - night so good. You very, what the word? Handsome?" I smiled and said "Danke" and he quickly replied "You speak Deutsch?" I said no. He eyed me up and down and said "My penis- he not work so good. I have no- what the word? Oh yes, Prostate... Cancer you know. I would very much like to suck you. You are VERY handsome. I like your hard penis very much. Would you like money to do so? I can pay you handsomely. Is 50 Euro okay?"

Wow. I was about to whore myself off. Amazing.

He reached over and closed the curtain and slowly got undressed. He was covered with soft, gray hair from the neck down and extremely muscled despite his age. A flaccid cock hung down over a set of balls that hung a good six inches between his legs. He got to his knees in front of the chair and said "Sit, sit down please!" I lowered myself into the chair, almost shaking in anticipation. He reached into his mouth and removed his dentures and set them on his clothes, piled on the floor next to him. I looked down and smiled, saying "Would you mind if I open the curtain?" He shook his head and said "No, I don't think so." I said "Please? That would make me very hot..." He thought for a second then said "Okay, if it will you happy make." I drew the curtain open and immediately a small group of tourists, men and women, stopped and looked in. I sat back down and the gentleman gently grabbed my throbbing hard cock and proceeded to play with it, admiring it and saying "Sehr, sehr gut!" over and over.

He played with my cock and balls with his soft hands for a short time as people meandered by, pausing to look in. It felt amazing. I was so turned on looking at the people walking by looking at my 22 year-old , sculpted body. Then he said "I suck you now. You eject into my mouth, okay?" I smiled, looking down at him as he placed my manhood in his mouth and put it into his mouth then slowly bobbing his head up and down. His mouth was so soft!

He went between my cock and balls, taking them into my mouth, all very slowly and with great care. I was moaning softly and watching the people walking by, stopping briefly and looking in at me. I was SO TURNED ON BY THIS! I couldn't believe I wasn't blasting a load already it felt so good. He just continued working my cock for a good part of 45 minutes as I sat there moaning softly.

Then he increased the speed and intensity, quickly pulling my cock all the way out of his mouth then going back down to the base, his nose burying deeply into my pubic hair. After a couple of minutes of this I practically yelled "OH GOD! I'M GOING TO SHOOT" and blasted thick streams of my thick cum into his hungry mouth then slowly sucking hard as he withdrew my member from his mouth. He looked up and opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, showing me my load coating his tongue. I leaned over and kissed him hard, our tongues darting in and out of our mouths as he passed my cum into my mouth.

A thick stream of my load was dribbling down my chin as he stood and said "This was very nice. I thank you much! But I must go now- my son awaits me at his house." He stood and dressed then reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a money clip thick with cash. He peeled off a 100 Euro note and handed it to me, saying "You make me a very happy , enjoying your hard penis so much. Mine is useless and I enjoy this very much. It make me feel young as I admire your nude body and penis." He opened opened the door and walked out, waving and smiling as he left.

I closed the curtains and went to the sink and washed off, then got dressed and walked out the door. I spent the rest of the day walking through the streets, visiting cafes and and people watching then as evening approached, I went back to the Youth Hostel. What happened there is another gay story I will relate later!

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