A Weekend at the Beach

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My phone rang early Friday morning. It was my long-time friend Tim.

It was 8AM when he called and I was still in bed. I picked up the phone, looking at the caller ID. "Tim- what the FUCK! It's 8AM asshole. Why you calling me so early?" Tim just laughed. "Hey- you got any plans this weekend? I gotta get out of this mad house. My little brothers are driving me fucking nuts. What do you say we pack up the tent and sleeping bags and head out to the beach. I can call the state park and see if there's any camping spots left." I thought for a second. "Dude- you know Steph was planning on a weekend with me. She wanted to go to the mall on Saturday then catch a afterwards."

Steph was my girlfriend of three years. Tim replied, "Fuck that shit dude- you know you hate the mall and she's probably gonna drag you to some chick flick that you know you'll hate!" Tim was dead on with that. I hated going shopping with Steph. "Okay- I'll give her a call and make up some lame excuse. She'll be pissed but what the fuck." Tim said "Great! I'll call the park right now and reserve a spot. I picked up some fine green bud yesterday- I can get my cousin to buy us some booze to sneak into the park." We chatted a bit more then I hung up the phone, got up and showered then called Steph. She was PISSED and we got into an argument ending with her telling me "Fine- go have fun with that asshole Tim. See what I care" as she slammed down the phone. Steph really hated Tim and the feeling was mutual.

About an hour later Tim called back, telling me we lucked out. The campgrounds were booked solid, but they just had a cancellation and Tim grabbed the spot. He said his cousin was picking us up a quart of tequila and a pint of Jaeger- a deadly combination. I told him I'd pack up the tent and to come over around 4PM and we'd head out. The state park was on Lake Michigan, about a 45 minute drive from home. The park rangers where pretty strict on alcohol- it was not allowed in the park, it usually meant that they would ask to search the car before letting you in. The last time we went I had poured the bottle of vodka we got into a water bottle and rolled up in the tent and shoved it back in the the stuff pack- it was a small 2-man dome tent and the rangers never even looked at it so I figured we'd do the same.

Tim arrived later that day- a half hour late as usual. I had stuffed a cooler full of junk food- hot dogs, chips, top ramen and assorted other crap. We loaded up the car and headed to his cousin's house. When we got there Tim rolled a fatty and we taked it down with his cousin then hid the booze in the tent and took off. The rangers questioned us going in but never searched the car. The camp spot was probably the worst one in the park- right next to the bathrooms with no shade whatsoever. We didn't care. We set up camp, lit a campfire then roasted some hot dogs. I poured out a couple of cans of coke and refilled them with tequila and we just sat there until dark, getting shit-faced and talking. After a bit Tim suggested we light up a bowl of that fine weed. I said fine- but we better head down to the beach to smoke it otherwise the neighbors might smell it and call the rangers on us.

We filled up the coke cans again and grabbed the bottle of Jaeger and headed down to the beach. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was still hot out- no moon that night so it was pitch out. I figured just to be on the safe side it would be to walk down the beach until we were off state park land. I could see that a ways down, there were a couple of people sitting by a campfire. We walked down the beach- other than those people there was no one down there. We got around 30 yards from them and found a log to sit on . The other people had a boom box playing pretty loud and didn't even see or hear us coming down the beach. We sat down and Tim packed a bowl tight with the green bud and we sat there silently passing it back and forth while sipping on the tequila.

After a bit, Tim looked at me and whispered, "Dude! Check it out!" pointing down towards the other people. I looked over and muttered "Holy fuck, dude!" One of them was standing just off to the side of the campfire and the other was knelt down in front. Tim chuckled. "Dude, that guy's getting his sucked!" Sure enough. I could see the person's head bobbing back and forth in front of the guy, who had his head thrown back and his hands around the other person's head, guiding his cock in and out. Tim muttered, "Looks like she's enjoying that pole!" Even from that distance, we could see that the guy was pretty well hung. They kept it up for a while, and Tim and me were whispering snide comments back and forth watching them, when suddenly we heard the guy let out a loud "UNNNNNNNHHHHHHH" then pull away. We started cracking up laughing as quietly as we could.

Suddenly the guy who was getting his cock sucked leaned over, saying something then he stood back up and turned around and bent over. The other person stood and I saw them reach down and pull off their pants then get behind the guy. Soon we saw the person's hips start to move in and out. Tim punched me in the arm, laughing. "DUDE! THOSE ARE TWO GUYS! HE'S GETTING FUCKED UP THE !" I couldn't believe what we were seeing and started to crack up laughing- and LOUD. Tim did the same. Suddenly they quickly stopped and looked over in our direction, both scrambling to get their pants back on. Tim practically screamed "SHIT, DUDE! THAT'S NASTY!" and practically fell off the log laughing. The two guys were scrambling around, picking up their stuff then they took off in our direction in a fast jog, glancing over at us as they passed by. We couldn't stop laughing. After a bit, I pulled out the Jaeger and opened it up as Tim packed another bowl. We sat there talking and laughing, passing the bowl and bottle back and forth when Tim said he was pretty wasted and we better get back to the tent. It was close to midnight.

I looked at Tim and said, "I'm gonna take a dip in the lake before we head back. Wanna join me?" Tim said okay. Neither one of us had swim suits on, but that was cool. We had skinny dipped in the lake a million times late at night and thought nothing of it. We stood and pulled off our shorts- it was still muggy and about 80 degrees out. Both of us ran into the surf and started joking around, splashing each other and diving down and grabbing each other's legs and pulling each other underwater. After a few minutes I ran back to the log, Tim following close behind. When we got to the log and started to dry off, I looked over at Tim and started cracking up laughing. He had a boner. He just looked at me, laughing and said "Shut up, asshole!" and we got dressed and staggered back to the campsite. We were both wasted and actually had to circle the campground once to find our campsite. We crawled into the tent and put out the sleeping bags, both just lying on top of them since it was still so hot. Tim was in his Y-fronts and I was in my usual boxer shorts. We talked a bit until I heard Tim start to snore a bit- he had passed out .

I laid there for a bit on my side, facing Tim with my head propped up just looking at him- thoughts were streaming through my head, thinking about those two dudes on the beach and seeing Tim's boner. I was definitely feeling the booze and pot- and the pot was having its usual effect on me. I was feeling horny. I thought for a second. He's passed out. He'll never know. What if.... No, I better not. But, FUCK, I was horny. My cock was as hard as a rock and popping out of my fly. Shit. Do I dare? What the hell... I reached over and gently put my hand on the bulge in Tim's Y-fronts. He didn't move- he was still snoring softly. I started to rub his balls through the fabric of his underwear. He shifted a bit and I quickly drew my hand back. He was still snoring.

I slowly moved my hand back over to his crotch, slipping it under his waistband. Still no movement. I reached deeper, feeling his soft member lying between his balls. I gently wrapped my hand around his cock, carefully feeling it up and down. Still no movement from Tim. His cock started to stiffen. There was a street light not far outside our tent, so I could make out the the growing bulge in his Y-fronts. Soon the tip of his now hard shaft poked out the top of his waistband. I took a chance and reached over with my other hand hand very carefully pulled down his underwear until his cock was fully exposed. I could feel the stiffness of his dark, bushy pubes against my fingers as I slowly stroked his six inch erection. Tim stirred a bit and let out a little grunt, but I just kept at it. slowly stroking his shaft and feeling up his large set of balls. I moved my finger to the tip of his cock and felt the damp, slick drops of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. I fingered some off and tasted it. No real taste...

I got to thinking- I'm gonna try suck his cock. I leaned over, putting the base of his stiff shaft between my fingers, then slowly easing it into my mouth. I could smell the musky odor of his sweaty crotch fill my nose as I slowly worked his shaft in my mouth. I reached between his legs below his balls, feeling the tight pucker of his hole as I sucked away. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and his cock start to pulsate. I slid his cock balls deep into my mouth then felt gush after gush of thick cum fill my mouth. It had a slightly salty, funky taste to it. Tim let out a soft moan then started to snore again as I withdrew his twitching cock from my mouth. I pulled up his underwear and I left his cum in my mouth then got on my knees close at his side and started to madly stroke my throbbing cock. Within seconds I blasted my load all over his stomach and chest, then I collapsed on my sleeping bag, rolling the thick wad of his cum around in my mouth, savoring the taste then swallowing it down.

The next thing I knew, I woke up with a start. It was still dark out. I looked up and Tim was on his hands and knees, his head sticking out the front of the tent. He was puking his guts out. I just rolled over and went back to sleep as Tim crawled back into the tent and climbed into his sleeping bag. A few hours later, I awoke hearing Tim rummaging around in his backpack. He was on his hands and knees, his bare ass practically in my face, digging around looking for a clean pair of underwear. My head was pounding and I muttered "Get your hairy, stinky butthole out of my face." Tim just turned and muttered "Fuck, I feel like shit. I don't even remember coming back from the beach." I could see his ball sack between his legs, dangling back and forth. Suddenly I remembered what I had did when we got back to the tent and just muttered "Oh shit." I was hoping to hell that he didn't remember a thing. I couldn't believe that I had not only sucked him off and let him cum in my mouth, but that I had jacked off and shot my own load all over his chest. He found his underwear, rolled back over and started to slip them on.

I glanced over and saw a dried up blob of my cum on his stomach, just above his belly button. He didn't even notice it as he slipped into a pair of shorts, saying "I gotta hit the shower. You coming with?" I muttered "Yeah" then pulled on my shorts and followed him into the shower room. It was open, no stalls and as we showered I couldn't help but to stare at his flaccid meat hanging between his legs. I felt my cock begin to stiffen and turned quickly away from him. Luckily we were the only ones in the shower- it was about 11 AM. I turned off the shower, Tim did the same and we walked back towards the drying area. My cock was still hard as a rock. Tim glanced down at me and let out a little laugh, saying "Fuck dude, do I turn you on?" I just looked at him and said "Shut up, asshole" as we dried off and got dressed.

We spent most the next day down on the beach, just laying there talking and taking the occasional swim, with of us eventually falling asleep lying on our towels. Around 8 PM, just as the sun was starting to go down we returned to the campsite and started a campfire, roasted a couple four hotdogs and scarfing them down with chips, sipping on the remainder of the tequila. After a bit we walked back down to the beach, smoking a couple bowls then returning to the tent around 11 PM. We got undressed and climbed into our sleeping bags. About 45 minutes later, I suddenly heard a quiet "fap fap fap fap" coming from Tim's side of the tent.

I sat up looked over and laughed. "Are you jacking off, Dude?" Tim just looked over and smiled. I could make out his hand going up and down under his sleeping bag. "Yeah, fuck head. Anything wrong with that? " I just chuckled and said "Go for it dude." After a bit I just thought "what the hell" and joined in. I looked over at Tim and he smiled. Feel good, asshole?" I just laughed as he kept it up. Suddenly he said "I know what you did last night." Son of a bitch. Caught. I turned red as a beet.

I turned to him. He was smiling. "Wanna suck my cock again?" A grin came across my face as Tim unzipped his sleeping bag and I crawled out of mine. "Let me suck yours too" he muttered, and we assumed the position and spent the next twenty minutes giving each other blow jobs.

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