A Very Good Boy

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

When I was eighteen I was a typically curious intrigued by pretty sexy females and by the sensual portrayals of men with women. One day I found a gay pornographic comic book in the woods someone had stashed in a plastic bag near my home. It was quite an eye opener as I had little if any awareness about gay culture and sexuality other than what the “boys” said in the locker room at school. The comic was called “Daddy’s And Their Boys” and I was shocked at the pictures and writings. Seeing men portrayed having sex with young boys seemed quite perverse yet for some reason I eventually found the illustrations of the sex scenes that were portrayed in them to be quite sexually stimulating.

The stories were incredulous and at first blush I couldn’t believe that men would really “fuck” boys in their backsides and would “make’ them suck on their huge cocks! This particular comic apparently represented something unique in gay “culture” that I soon found myself mysteriously fantasizing about. I soon began to masturbate to the illustrations and began wondering what it would be like to actually be intimate with a man! I even began experimenting with my anus. In some of my wildest and horniest moments I used bananas cucumbers and even a small bottle to penetrate my backside. I found that an orgasm when I masturbated with one of these objects inside me was incredible and mind blowing in its power. I never shared any of this with anyone.

The next summer at age seventeen I worked a job as a lifeguard at a pool at a luxury gated real estate complex a couple of towns away. I loved the attentions of the sexy girls and women at the pool. I loved their sexy bikinis and their hard bodies. I was even quite popular with many of the females there. I am 5’7” tall and 145 firm pounds. My hair gets bleached blonde from the sun and my smooth hairless body looks great in my small orange lifeguard Speedo.

There was also this fascinating tall refined looking who came by the pool late in the day for a quick swim. He openly and even humorously “admired” me and my “tan” in my small rather revealing bathing suit. I had a slim and very tight sun bronzed swimmers body and he joked about how the women must love me. I must admit I loved how he complimented me from my long blondish hair to my firm abs especially when other people were not around.

Hal was perhaps in his late forties, was almost a taller than I and was greying a bit and yet quite refined in appearance. I think I even subconsciously acted a bit a flirtaceously when he was around and I even admitted to myself that I loved the attention. I knew he watched my body when I wasn’t looking I knew he had was attracted to me even though I believed I was a perfectly . It seemed like harmless fun and I looked forward to greeting him when he would arrive late each day. I even purposely enjoyed walking by him in my tiny speedo fully aware he was checking me out and I suspected he was even undressing me with his eyes! I often felt my male hood swell from being so naughty in parading myself in front of him. One time I had to sit with a towel over myself so I wouldn’t embarrass myself!

Hal was very friendly towards me and had a great sense of humor. One hot August afternoon as the crowd thinned at dinner time, he invited me to his home for a drink. I demurred telling him I had to get home that night. I was a little embarrassed but actually flattered. “Perhaps another night” he said smiling. “Sure” I replied back and unsure as to why I had agreed. I was torn and wished that I hadn’t. I was a bit gay phobic and had a sense that I had “promised” him something. Suddenly on my ride home in my car that eve everything about that tattered old pornographic comic book seemed to suddenly come to forefront of my mind. Did I like this guy like a would like a man in the gay world? I did recall thinking about him once or twice in a fantasy kind of way but never imagined anything of the sort might become real in any way.

The next day he arrived earlier than usual and he was quite convincing and persistent about my visiting. I told him that on that upcoming Saturday I only worked till noon and perhaps I could come by for a drink. I thought mid-day was then “safest” time as well. After work I changed and went to his house. I am generally shy and was nervous when I arrived that Saturday. “Hal” enthusiastically greeted me at his door. He gave me a quick “tour” walking me through his huge and stunningly elaborate home. It had vaulted ceilings, stunning paintings, and was breathtaking. Some rooms were filled with contemporary art, nude male statues, and Oriental rugs and elaborate draperies.

Hal obviously was quite well off and I was finding him very intriguing and fortunately very welcoming. He invited me to his pool and had me sit in a lounge chair while he brought me a drink.

His pool area was large, neat and quite elegant. I thought it funny that he came to the pool at the club house when he had such a beautiful pool himself. There was light colored stone work, tables with umbrellas, bright flowers and the entire pool area was surrounded by a large solid white fence that provided quiet and privacy. Hal brought me the drink and we sat and gabbed about the crowd at the pool. Perhaps it was nervousness or perhaps it was the heat that caused me to down my vodka and cranberry in but a minute. He quickly made me another and after downing that a bit too quickly he asked if I wanted to cool off in the pool.

I said I’d love to but I didn’t bring a suit. He replied that with the fence – I didn’t need one. He said he’d go nude too and not to worry. I was a bit flabbergasted, but In seconds Hal pulled down his suit and was standing in front of me stark naked. I couldn’t help but stare at his huge, thick incredibly long , and his strong lean hairy and muscular body. I was speechless and tried not to stare at him but it was difficult not to. I had never laid my eyes in any locker room on a cock like he had. I was wondering what I was doing here yet I strangely enjoyed the attentions he was giving me.

It wasn’t long before he again convinced me to join him in a swim so I stripped feeling quite a bit sheepish because for some reason my own cock was getting hard and even stimulated in his presence. I made a playful dash for the pool and jumped in to cover my growing seven inch pulsing erection! The cool water helped reduce my problem!

We both swam a bit and he came over close to me facing me while standing in the shallow end. “I hoped I’d get to see your hot body without that naughty little bathing suit”! Hal said with a smile. “You have a hot, sexy body Chuck” Hal said. Suddenly he disappeared below the water and I felt the reason why he disappeared! Hal wrapped his lips around my male hood and began sucking my cock under the water! I stood there helplessly arms by my side feeling confused and yet so crazy in the lust of how his mouth felt so magical surrounding my already very stimulated cock. I never had planned on this!

Hal worked my cock with incredible enthusiasm under the water. I figured he’d be up for air in moments but he must have spent over a minute down there working me into a frenzy on a single breath of air! I was so hard! I just couldn’t believe what was happening. My girlfriend had done this once to me but it never felt this good! Hal apparently like me a lot!

Suddenly Hal surfaced and appeared in front of me smiling. He hugged me closely and I felt his own erection pressed firmly against my flat stomach while he held my bottom firmly lifting me off the bottom of the pool. I felt so small while being securely held by him. When his lips met mine, I found myself feeling like I was melting like butter in a hot frying pan. I felt so submissive and helpless in his arms. I responded to his passionate kiss while hugging him as firmly as he hugged me. I was helplessly and unconsciously in lust and I suddenly seemed willing to submit to Hal’s advances.

I wrapped my arms around his back and I was being walked in his arms in the warm water while his searching kiss made my head spin. He eased me in his arms to the stairs where he gently placed me tenderly on the wide rounded top step in but an inch or two of water while still being kissed and held passionately. I was crazed with feelings and emotions that I had never expected or dreamed. I really loved how this handsome man was treating me and my body and soul was reacting in a mesmerizing enthusiasm that was beyond my comprehension.

I was soon being cuddled and supported on that step with my head cradled in his hand while finding myself lost in the astounding sensuality of being held and kissed so passionately by this man. His tongue searched my mouth with a greediness that made me swoon with a maddening lustfulness. I was in a helpless position on my back beneath him. My legs were unconsciously wrapped around both sides of his waist and I could feel his erection dangerously close to my anus! Immediately I stiffened in fear and yet ironically my erection seemed to stiffen as well!

I was not ready for this I kept telling myself, yet his tenderness and his strength had me so torn and in such a mixture of need and confusion. I loved everything about how he was making me feel but I was just too afraid to say no and too confused to push him away! These new feelings just felt so very, very wonderful.

Suddenly Hal relented from our incredulously heated kiss and looked at me while gently rubbing my raging seven inch erection with is other hand. “You seem to be as hot as I am handsome. Have you ever been with a man before?” “No” I blurted honestly. “Don’t worry then. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to.” Hal said in a comforting manner. I think he knew he had already completely seduced me. My admission of innocence and his assurances already seemed to lift my fear and my spirits. The way Hal was making me feel just seemed far too magical to make me walk away! “Thanks Hal” I said with a smile. “You are making me feel so good” I admitted honestly. I was now allowing myself to relax in his arms as his skillfully gentle fingers had me breathless and had my cock near explosion!

He drew me even closer as our passions seemed to surge. Kissing him again now seemed even more wondrous. Immediately Hal had made me feel safe and I knew that I wanted even more. Even though I never believed I could be gay, I held his back and strong lower buttocks. I visualized that I wanted to be the “boy” in his arms. The pornographic magazine and the illustrations of the intimacies of men and “their” boys seemed so real and even almost natural to me now.

I had fantasized about those “boys” and their roles with men. At the time they seemed completely unreal and so far-fetched. “Pleasing Daddy” was definitely going to be “my role” and I thought I knew what “Daddy” wanted. Was I willing enough to submit to this man as these pornographically depicted boys did? My erection was pulsing and his kisses were driving me into a state of passionate madness that I suspected could only end in orgasm. I had been gifted with a new mysterious need and desire. Now everything seemed to have changed about how I felt about “men”.

Hal was rocking and gently but powerfully “humping” me beneath him. I knew then that it would just be. I had originally been afraid to come here and it was probably because I was afraid that I would truly like him. I was fearful that I would be attracted to him. I was frightened that I might be gay. More than anything though now I was perhaps actually hoping that Hal was just that kind of guy that I had read about in those gay magazines. Those hidden naughty shameful fantasies were incredibly becoming real.

He would be so patient and he soon would teach me “how”. He took me to his shower and he washed me all over. I thought I would lose my mind while gently being washed and touched in so many intimate places by him. I told him he was wonderful and he suggested that he would “teach” me how to please him like he had pleased me on my knees. Even an hour ago just the thought of such a thing being in the least bit exciting or even pleasurable had been so repressed by my ego that I never really thought openly about engaging in such an act ever.

Hal’s cock was so huge and so physically intimidating yet I was intrigued and drawn to it. He guided me to my knees in the shower. I wanted to please him like he had pleased me. Getting even his cock head into my mouth was an incredible challenge. Learning to take him into my throat was so difficult yet I soon found it to be so rewarding. My own cock was so aroused that it wouldn’t stop pulsing and quivering in lustful excitement as his moans and his reaction to my lips and throat just made me crazy to please him all the more. His moans made me realize just how much I was bringing pleasure to this man and I was thrilled and overjoyed!

He lifted me after a few minutes and kissed me deeply. He then dried me off and then literally lifted me like a child and carried me to me to his bed. I felt so small in his arms and yet so comfortably taken care of. Hal made me even feel “cherished and even treasured”. I think I was falling for him already. He laid me down gently and rolled me on to my stomach. What happened next was so beyond my brains ability to even understand. As his tongue searched and caressed my derriere he soon found my anus. I thought I would lose my mind. Never had I experienced such tender and personal intimacy. His licks and searching tongue provided my senses with magical sensations and feelings that I couldn’t begin to describe.

I wanted him! I wanted him to fuck me but I dared not ask. I was naïve and inexperienced but I knew what he was making me need. He soon used one finger then two and the eroticism was stunning and beyond belief. I was completely unprepared for his huge cock though. I so wanted his acceptance and my consummation as “his boy” like in those porno magazines. I had no idea just how much of a challenge this man’s thick over eight inch long cock would be to take in my backside!

Hal was forty seven years old and well over twice my age. He was over 6’3” and about 180 very trim tightly exercised pounds. I seemed to so love everything about this older hot and sensual man. As he spread my legs to enter me I felt like the luckiest seventeen year in the world. Everything about him was elegant, sexy, and so attractive. I was so in need and never knew I had a “Daddy” thing going but I was now quite sure I did. I was about to become Daddy’s Boy and all I wanted to do was please him and feel the magic of having his magnificent masculine tool inside my very willing . I was so very ready to give myself to this very unique and perfect man!

Hal lifted me to my hands and knees and pulled me firmly by my waist against his huge cock. He pressed his cock against my opening and pulled me onto him as I tried to meet his initial forward thrust. He skillfully and forcefully thrust again. I cried out. The searing pain was enormous. His cock head was barely inside me and my anus was contracting in pain and spasms. I whimpered and tensed. I had managed a carrot and even a cucumber in there in my horniest masturbatory moments. I truly didn’t think a man could be so . Thankfully Hal was understanding and experienced!

He turned me onto my back so we were face to face. He talked me through relaxation and had me breathe out. He told me how to actually push my anus from inside almost like I was having a bowel movement which relaxed my sphincter enough to mediate the initial stabbing and burning feelings of the intense pain of his entry. With my ankles by my ears Hal then gently pushed forward and then backward so that his minimal, short fuck strokes seemed less invasive and more palatable. When he kissed me I relaxed so much further. I think I was already “his.” Hal fucked me further in gentle and then deeper strokes until the pain was ebbing and was soon almost gone.

Now as each of Hal’s firmer and more rapid thrusts filled me it caused my dripping wet and pulsing erection to bounce against my own flat belly and then upward in a stimulating but almost uncomfortable manner. Soon Hal’s thrusts became more frenetic yet oddly comforting as I felt him finding places very deep inside me. Now suddenly a new pain filled me with each new deep stroke. It felt like I was being stabbed deep inside me. My cries were perhaps even misinterpreted by Hal as my being passionate and needy. His deep rapid strokes were frenetic when finally I yelped that it hurt I was thankful that Hal immediately slowed. When he suddenly withdrew completely I felt lost!

Instinctually I grabbed his ass still in need of him yet whining perhaps because he withdrew fully. I must have felt I “needed” him and Hal seemed amused and quite pleased. Hal seemed to already have “a convert” and quite calmly reached for some lubricant. He added more to both his huge cockhead and thick shaft as well as to me and now my very willing anus. This time his entry was far easier and so incredulously welcomed. I gasped in how wondrous it felt to have his huge cock now deep inside me without pain. Now with a careful deep thrust I felt the hurt again but then Hal somehow pressed farther forward and the pain again ebbed. Now his incredulously deep strokes stopped hurting.

My cries were now of only genuine passion. I held his back and his grinding hard charging cock searched my ass and I never wanted him to stop. I felt his balls my bottom and I was so happy that I cried out in joy. “OH YES HAL YES!” I squealed in impassioned and almost fanatical enthusiasm and lust. His lips again met mine and I could hear him grunting right into my mouth. His swirling tongue searched my mouth and throat and I was completely overwhelmed.

After but a few more deep fuck strokes I suddenly I saw stars and felt sensations so powerful that I thought I was being shot over the moon. I was a goner! My cock was exploding between us in spasm after powerful spasm. Then just as suddenly, I felt Hals body shudder and as he cried out in a deep moan I felt his cock release its heat deep in my anus. The warmth of his sperm spewing deep in my insides was as joyous as the sensations that had caused my body to convulse and shudder like an atom bomb exploding during my orgasm.

The power of his orgasm seemed as incredulous as mine. I cried out in joy and amazement, shocked, thrilled, amazed, dizzied and forever changed. Hal’s cries filled the room. His deep guttural groans and grunts sounded almost pained yet I knew he too had been moved as much as I. It would only be moments later when I would sit atop him and ride his cock as we would again dance in love as man to boy lovers. I rode his huge rocket like a slut would ride her man. I was suddenly no longer shy. Soon I was again having an orgasm erupt so deeply in my bowels. I couldn’t believe that from simply riding him to please him it had made me so happy that tears of genuine joy were streaming down my face. Hal was as “moved” as I was.

I was in lust and perhaps even love. I didn’t go home until midnight and we had more sex than I had experienced in my entire lifetime with my girlfriend. Soon I would spend many hours after work each day there and then soon a few full days with Hal in the next two weeks before my college classes started.

Hal had “plans” for me and I was as agreeable and as willing to please as any “boy” could be. He would teach me the arts of male to male submission, bondage and discipline. I would wear his collar and I learned to “serve him” and to bring him pleasures that he claimed no other ever could. Our affair lasted almost a year and I’ll never know if it was that naughty pornographic magazine I had found and fantasized about or simply just the union of me and Hal that turned me into a very able and quite naughty submissive young boy. I still love the joy of an experienced and skillful older man. Hal showed me the way to “please Daddy” but those magazines must have planted the seed that germinated into a sensual life of pleasing a few very good men!

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