A Touch Of Man - Turning a lad into a slave

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Chapter 1

Alex’s young beaten body was huddled in the corner with tears streaming down his face, wailing like a toddler. Standing over him was a dark figure kicking him mercilessly; every strike fractured his young body and mind. “I’m sorry , I’ll make you dinner now” he sobbed. “Shut it you little , you’re the reason you mother left” his father said laughing, enjoying his torment “take it like a fucking ”. In anger his father grabbed him by the hair and snapped his head back causing red saliva sprayed in the heavens.

Blue bruises revealed themselves patching over his face like a disease in the dim moonlight, maybe he was diseased. He gasped frantically for another breath in panic feeling his lungs drowning as the smell of booze engoulphed him. His dad picked up an old rusty screwdriver from the side of the table and pointed it at his pulsating throat. A yellow smile grew in self-satisfaction. “One” he aimed the screwdriver at his throat and pulled it back ready to penetrate. “Two”, He took one more drag on his cigarette before punishing his son. “Three”

Suddenly a sound aroused him from his sleep- “Alex” a husky voice shouted, resonating around the damp mould ridden house “Alex get the fuck down here”. Alex’s eyes opened as he looked at clock; ugh 1:42AM; his heart was still racing from the nightmare and as he sat up in a daze he noticed his hand was still touching one of the crimson scars that was located over his body.

He levered himself off the mattress that was dumped on the floor and slowly made his way down stairs. His bare baby soft feet creaked on the floor as he made his way one step down at a time. He closed his eyes for a second to prepare himself and stepped into the living room. The familiar smell of fag smoke and strong booze hit him as he walked in, five men sat at an old wooden table holding yellow tobacco stained cards and swigging booze like larger and cider. They immediately looked at him and started to laugh as he stood there like an idiot, half-awake in the ripped rags he called clothes.

“This is my dudes” said his old dad pointing at Alex’s tired face while holding a roll up fag between his lips. All eyes were on him at this point as an of the smiled and took Alex’s attention very quickly, his white thinning hair and aged appetence made Alex’s face crease in discuss.

Wearing an old white yellow netted tank top and tracksuit bottoms made Alex conclude he was just another useless scrubber like everyone else in that room. Including me. His bony finger pointed at Alex and gestured to go towards him, Alex looked at his dad as he gave him a threatening look ordering him to obey like a dog. Alex hesitantly walked towards him and he put his wrinkled arms around his waist. He grabbed his shirt and lifted it up like a Christmas present to see what was inside.

“Wow you are a boy” he grunted as Alex’s heart started racing in disgust. He ran his finger over each scar on my chest. “See you’ve been enforcing good authority Joe” he laughed almost admiring them lovingly. “Well you got to teach the body a lesson don’t you” Alex’s dad now opening his third can of larger burped and smiled as he took another drag on his fag. The stood up and pushed Alex hard against the wall, he tightened the burning cigarette between his craggy lips and forced his body onto Alex admiring his teenage scent. Then his hand moved down to Alex’s penis.

Alex mentally snapped at that point and didn’t know what he was feeling; suddenly he threw a jaw breaking punch that landed square onto the old man’s cheek. He fell backwards and was out cold on the floor, “You little shit” his dad shouted standing up grabbing a butcher’s knife from the kitchen counter. Alex’s eyes dwelled and ran straight out that door, ran like a rabbit to a fox and didn’t look back: no possessions, no money nothing just in my old Shirt and trousers barefooted into the cold night air.

Running through the cold air electrifies your skin; the adrenaline makes you fly but he had to get the fuck out of that hell before he got hurt again.

Trees looked like blurs, the streets were deserted and no one cared if he died that night, he just kept running and running, finally he ending up in a dark damp alleyway mile away from the house, he didn’t know where and didn’t care. He painfully limped to the stone corner and pressed his body against its cold content in exhaustion; the cold wet surface felt soothing against his skin and Alex just collapsed there. Cold and alone.

As he lay there a dark figure arose from the darkness, Alex backed closer to the wall as the figure got closer and close.

His heart beating in fear but no strength to resist, finally his cold hands was caressing Alex’s cheek which started from his chin and made its way up to his hair. Alex cringed in annoyance but underestimated the man’s intentions as with one swift skull cracking blow Alex’s head against bounced off the bricks behind him and in one moment Alex was out for the count. Cold and alone in the gutter.

*** Thank you for reading my story - any comments or if you would like me to post chapter 2 please email me :) chrislove2010 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

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