A Not So Typical Love Story

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

---This Story is 100% fiction---

-Part one-

It all begins with a . But don't most stories? unless, of course, it starts off with a girl...but what fun is that?? and like a lot of stories it is a story about romance. it may not be a romance most are used to, but a romance none the less. It's a romane between two men. Now, try to be a little open minded here. but if you're not a fan of some descriptive gay erotic sex in stories then i would advise you to leave. and I apologize now for there not being any in the first story. i feel i should let you get to know the characters first.

As i was saying, it all begins with a guy. his name is Devon Young. He was THAT guy of the high school. The one every one thought was a major tool just because he had the most amazing, trimmed, muscular body in the whole high school. And that was just sophomore year. just imagine what he looked like his senior year. A

nd people, like me, that actually gave him a chance would find out that he was really just a sweety with a heart of gold. Also to find out that even with a body and personality like his, he wasn't perfect. Just like the rest of us. He had some acne, probably a little more than an average person, but thats probably because of all the working out he did.

He stood at a nice 5'10" and sadly, he was very, very, very straight. Hell, one time he even almost got a girl pregnant on my trampoline. (another story different time). Not the point. It's what happens in the story that really matters. Devon, the blonde surfer-haired, blue/green eyed wonder, like i said was straight, and has been or as long as he could remember. until he met me.

You could say i was the official "gay kid" of the high school. I came out my junior year. mostly because it was causing me so much stress that i wasn't able to study properly. I wouldn't say that I was the most attractive guy either. But since we lived in the middle of missouri, it didnt take much for me to be at the top 10 of the list. I had /brown hair, gree/grey eyes and an acne free face. I was around the same high that devon was during the sophomore year, which is, ironically where our story begins...

Devon and I have been going to school for around 5-6 years after i moved there from my old town. I never realy noticed him, and im pretty sure it was mutual for him as well. We even had a history calss all freshmen yaer and somehow managed to to even glance at eachother the whole year.

It had been a few weeks into the school year, and int he back of our homeroom class was devon. You could almost see a literal storm cloud above his head. I looked around and i noticed everyone in the entire room was doing their bes to avoid him. Even the teacher. For some unknown reason i felt an urge to go over and see what was wrong with him.

"hey, what's wrong?" i asked

He just looks up at me and says "nothing. leave me alone."

There wasnt really much i could say. there was clearly no arguing with him. So i backed away slowly and acted like nothing happens. YOu could think of it as like when 2 dogs start growling and then the smaller of the two bows submissivly. thats how i felt anyway. And a little of it did have to do with intimidation. Who wouldn't be intimidated when you've got the size of his? He could've easily popped my head open with a flick.

A few more weeks pass by, sometimes he would come over and ask help with homework and small stuff like that, because, believe it or not, i was top of my class and easily one of the smartest kids in high school. To be honest though, we never really had a conversation past 2+2.

A day or two passes by and me and my friend Kayla were walking through the commons and she sees Devon. Kayla runs up to him and hives him a huge hug like they've been friends since kindergarten.

"You know Devon?" i ask her when she comes back over to me.

"Um, yeah! We've been friends since kindergarten!" she says with a laugh. What were the odds of that?

"How come i didn't know that? I thought I knew all of your friends."

"You never asked, silly goose!" Kayla was quite the character. She was around 5'8" and had sandy blonde hair with green eyes. She was easily the most popular girl of the school. For the record, that does NOT make me popular by association. It makes me her lackey, if anything. At least that's what every one thinks.

What people didn't know at the time was that i told her about my being gay, and she instantly became my faghag. So for all of the people out there, i was NOT the lackey, SHE was the faghag! She even almost started crying with tears of joy when i told her.

Then Devon walk over and says "Hey, Kayla, I was wanting to know if you wanted to go to the park with me and some friends."

Kayla replied, "Sure! I sit ok if i bring a friend?"

"Who are you wanting to bring?"

"this guy right here." She points to me, "This is m main man Aaron." the i can hear her whisper to him "he doesn't get out much." and then they both start laughing.

After that if felt like i needed to yell, "HEY!" i could already feel my cheeks burning and turning red. "I do too! You just never know about it."

"Oh, is that right?" then she did what is still my kryptonite today. the stare. short for the demonic stare. It's when she will look you dead in the eye and you can almost feel her tearing through your very soul to see if youre telling the truth or not. She gave me a knowing smile and then asks me, "Okay, fi you go out so much, when did you go out last?"

I was just getting over the trauma from the stare when she asked the question. "Last..Last weekend." I knew the instant she stared me down i was caught.

"Ha! i knew it. you know you can't lie to me Aaron. But it's ok, you keep hanging out with me, and you will go to a every weekend."

"Every weekend?" i asked.

"Probably every Wednesday too!" She said. We started laughing like hyenas and then with a wink from her she asked, "So you in?"

"Ya. i'm in."

"We got ourselves a party over here!" she yelled across the commons. I could here the other people on the other side cheering. We finally started to head to the door when Devon comes up to me and asks "She gave you the evil hell satire, didn't she?"

"Evil hell stare?"

"Yeah, she looks into your eyes and it fee-"

"is like she ripping through your soul? Yeah, i know the feeling. But why do you call it that?"

"That's what i called it when i invented it in the 4th grade. but sadly i have never been able to do it as well as her."

"You invented it? why do i find that hard to believe?"

then he gave me his version of it. And let me tell ya, it was NOTHING like Kayla's. When he did it, it was like i was on a cloud high above the earth with nothing to care about and nothing to focus on other than just staring into his amazing eyes. If i was to name it anything, it would have been called the Angelic Look. Just staring into those eyes made me want to kiss him.

Luckily i still had a brain and realized what i was wanting to do would probably get me ridicule for the rest of my high school career, so i refrained myself from doing anything. Somewhere in the distance i hear a feint voice, "Hey, you guys coming?" it didn't take long for me to snap back into and realize it was Kayla's voice i was hearing.

We finally make it to Devon's car, and head out onto the road. Devon was driving. Tim was sitting in the front, monica on his lap, andin the back of the car were me and Kayla. There's a reason why we sit in the back, and no it is not to have sex. We sit back there so we can talk about things like guys and stuff like that and so they wouldn't hear us in the front.

"So have you found any cuties yet?" she asks hopefully. Almost too much so.

"Are you kidding? Finding a , not even a one, in the heart of Missouri? C'mon, you know how rare that could be."

"Oh come one! I know there had to be at least one!"

And there was. Caleb. We met during a play my freshmen year. The guy had gay screaming off of him, so i went in. we got together, and i even lost the big V to him. and the reason as to why no sex scene...you don't want that image in you're mind. Just take my word for it. If i was to tell you, you would probably have nightmares for a week. Yes, it was that bad.

So i replied, "I'm telling you, there are NO here!"

"Ok, ok. Don't get your panties in a knot." she said. You could just tell on her face, hard hard she was trying not to laugh at thtat last remark. It's all good though because she got a well deserved stink eye because of it.

We finally got to the park and your probably wondering what the big deal about the park is. well, this park isnt exactly a public park. You could call it an indoor playground for teens. its even run by teens. And the instant we pulled into the gravel lot i knew deep down in my gut that i was never going to foret that day at all

---End of part 1---

So rate and tell me how you liked part 1!!! give me suggestions about what should happen next between Devon and Aaron, and i just might use them for the next story. And again, sorry about no sex. There will probably be sex in the thrid or fourth part though so keep in touch!!

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