A Midsummer's Night Dream

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It started as a cold desolate morning. Dew lined the grass. Fog filled the air. There was slight, chilling breeze that wrapped the morning air. Sunlight barely peaked the mountain. Trees engulfed the surrounding hilltops. The smell of last nights gave the air a sweet, crisp sensation that made day that took the bitterness of Chandler's life away.

It had been three months since he first told everyone what he really is. His parents already knew. However, they never really cared seeing how he was an 18 year old adult, with two lesbian mothers who adopted him at the age of 2. His real problem though was getting through the halls of his high school without being called names or picked on by school jocks. Which is why he loved camping. It gave him and escape from what he called the idiots of school.

But none of that mattered now. Chandler was in the brisk morning making breakfast for him and his friend Jared whom he'd been camping with. They had been the best of friends since Jared arrived in 5th grade. He was 19 and an average height of 5'11" just barely 6 , brown eyes with golden brown hair that flowed with the wind. Chandler on the other hand was a little bit shorter 5'9" or so, with blue eyes and short blonde hair.

They had arrived the previous night at the campsite set up the tent and went to bed almost instantly. Chandler loved camping with Jared. They were the best of friends inseparable some would say. Jared didn't care the Chandler was gay, they has been friends for far too long for Jared to care.

The first day went just as they thought it would. An average day, well average for them, that was filled with spear fishing, hunting with bows and arrows, and playing pranks on neighboring sites.

They had a tiring day and were ready to hit the sack. So they changed their clothes in order to get ready for bed. While they changed Chandler had watched Jared change just as him almost always did. But that didn't matter right now, all he could think about was blissful sleep. However, that want the case. Jared kept him up talking about their day as if Chandler hadn't have been there, he didn't mind though. Chandler to listen to Jared talk about the most pointless of things.

Although as Jared talked Chandler started to drift of into a daze and almost feel asleep when he realized that something was moving up his arm. Thinking it was a fly or something he just brushed off. Then it kept brushing against him, so he bolted upward in order to get rid of it. And saw that it was Jared's hand feeling his way up Chandlers left arm. "What the hell? I was trying to sleep." Chandler exclaimed.

"Ohh I was just saying how we've been friends for a long time and that maybe we could try something together." He said with a small grin on his face.
"Quit shitting with me."
"Ohh but I love you oh so much. He said with a hysterical laugh.
"Very funny!" Chandler said with a tired voice. "Now let me sleep you ." he said turning to his side wondering if Jared had ever gas those types of thoughts. So he decided to ask "Jared, have you ever thought if something like that happening between us?"
"I was only joking dude, don't get your hopes up." He said with a relieving laugh.
"I thought so." He then laughed as well.

"Although now that you mention it," Jared said while Chandlers heart began to race "there have been times when I notice the little things you do."
"Cute little things. Like what?" Chandler questioned as his heart rate began to grow even faster. He began to blush a little bit. Luckily for him though it was too dark to see it.

"The way you carry your keys in your pocket, yet always play with the lanyard attached to it. Or when drive you tap you fingers to the rhythm of the song." He then paused. "Or the way you sometimes watch me change" Chandler began to blush a lot now, only this time Jared could see it in the moonlight. "Small things like that that make you the cutie I think I've fallen in love."

"WHAT?" Chandler practically yelled, although the we right next to each other. "You're not gay, are you?" He questioned with disbelief.
"Well that I don't knee about." He pondered he words. "I like girls; however, when ever I'm with you I have this strange desire to through my body onto you. And let you take control over anything you want."
"Are you being serious?" He questioned with all the hope I'm the world that he was telling the truth.

"When have I ever lied to you?" And in that moment Chandler lept onto Jared's lap moving in for a kiss from Jared's soft, subtle lips. He ran his fingers through the long but not too long of hair on Jared's head. The two of them continued kissing for five minutes or so. When Jared started to take his shirt of Chandler helping then removing his own after Jared's was off.

They then removed the pants leaving nothing between them but their boxers. When Chandler, still on top, moved his head towards Jared's 11 inch which was building from his boxers. Chandler them ripped Jared's boxers off and down for a blow job. Starting slowly for this was his first cock. He then picked up the pace eventually taking almost all of his best friends cock. Bobbing his head up and down Jared yelled "Ah! I'm gonna cum." Then pulling Jared's out of his mouth Jared asked "Wait, why'd you stop?"

"My turn." Chandler said with a smile as Jared grinned back. Jared then rolled Chandler to the other side of the tent pulling off Chandlers boxers and going down on his 10 inch cock. Giving him the best and only blow job he'd ever gotten. Moaning vigorously, he was ready to blow his load in Jared's soft mouth when Jared stopped as if he knew Chandler was about to. "What are you doing?"
Jared said nothing but reached into his bag at the end of their blankets and pulled out a condom. "Why did you bring that?" Chandler asked.

"Just in case." He then put the condom on and proceeded to stick his penis in Chandlers ass. Chandler screamed in pain because it was his first time for this. He then got used to it and moaned in ecstasy.
"AH FUCK!" Chandler yelled with every thrust Jared gave.
Five or ten minutes of thus went on when Jared yelled "OH SHIT! I'M GONNA CUM!"

"CUM INSIDE ME!" Chandler yelled. Then with one final thrust Jared came inside Chandler. Jared then began to blow Chandler. Then Chandler yelled "I'M CUMMING!" and blew his load in Jareds mouth while swallowed every last drop. Jared then collapsed next to Chandler panting like a dog. "That was amazing!"
"Better than any girl I've been with!" Jared exclaimed.
"How long have you liked me?" Chandler questioned.

"Longer than you think. Since about 9th grade when we were in gym and changed next to each other. I got a glimpse of your package and wanted it so bad for some reason."
"So does this mean were dating?"
"I guess it does." Jared said with the widest grin on his face. Then they fell asleep in each others arms. As peaceful as babies.

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