A Mentor's Sins : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Author’s note: I’m the author of numerous stories on a sex stories website. I’m an active duty officer stationed in Germany. All of my stories are based on real people with the names obviously being changed for discretion purposes. Shockingly enough, my wife also authors gay erotic fiction and we enjoy bouncing ideas off of each other. I can be reached at lmd4208 [at] gmail [dot] com, scruff (wrldtrvlr) and KIK messenger (marriedguy42) and enjoy receiving both positive and negative feedback. For the other married guys out there, I run an online support for men in our situation; feel free to ask me for the address.

As LTC Marc Wald took the stage, CPT Robert Kern’s cock twitched forcefully as his face flushed red with simultaneous feelings of excitement and embarrassment. CPT Kern had only come to today’s professional association meeting because he had heard LTC Wald would be the keynote speaker.

The man stood confidently, shoulders back, his green eyes sweeping the room without a hint of hesitation or self-consciousness. LTC Wald let the packed auditorium quiet down, pausing for dramatic effect, before his deep voice cut through the room commanding everybody’s full attention.

“Welcome everybody,” LTC Wald started as his eyes made slow contact with everyone sitting in the front row as if he was simultaneously challenging them and dissecting their every weakness, “I won’t be using the microphone today as I have no doubt even all of you way in the back can hear me clearly.” LTC Wald’s off centered smile slide gracefully across his face exposing his white, straight teeth.

LTC Marc Wald plodded on but CPT Kern was barely paying attention to the words the field grade officer was saying. Instead CPT Kern was focused on the man’s tone, his body language, his utter confidence, which plunged quickly into cockiness. Every word he spoke was deliberate, well thought-out and decisive. CPT Kern had never encountered someone with such presence. He wondered if this man had any self doubts at all. In every way he was a man who knew what he wanted and got it.

CPT Kern couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have this man as his mentor. Twice selected below the zone for promotion and with a successful stint at the Ranger Regiment under his belt, LTC Wald was considered a fast-mover. With his own career ambitions in mind and wary of chasing off a valuable mentor, CPT Kern knew how cautious he had to be with how he felt.

The clapping of the room brought CPT Kern back into focus. “Everybody, please enjoy the refreshments at the back of the auditorium and have fun speaking with your fellow officers.” LTC Marc Wald finished in his booming voice.

The room filled with the clamor of people shifting their chairs the and talking. CPT Kern bee-lined for the snack table hoping to beat the rush of people while also giving himself time to re-compose himself. He actively considered avoiding his mentor LTC Wald at this event to spare himself any embarrassment. Every time they met before in the past, CPT Kern always made sure to drain as many loads as he could to stave off his horniness and temptation. Being in LTC Wald’s vicinity was much more manageable when his balls couldn’t produce another load even if he had wanted to do so. Unfortunately, CPT Kern hadn’t had the time to adequately prepare before today’s event.

CPT Kern spun around from the snack table only to have LTC Wald standing right behind him.

“CPT Kern!” LTC Wald bellowed, “Glad you could make today’s event. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet some of your peers and the other senior leaders in our field from across the region.” LTC Wald’s eyes seemed to burn into CPT Kern’s soul and for a brief second, CPT Kern wondered whether the man could read his damn mind with all of its sinful, lustful thoughts. The outrageous thought both terrified and aroused him.

CPT Kern struggled to find his words and for a brief awkward moment, he thought he might actually be speechless. If LTC Wald noticed CPT Kern’s difficulties, he gave no indication.

“S-s-s-ir….”CPT Kern started to stammer, “Thanks for sending me the invitation today. I can’t believe I almost missed this. Communication around my unit is complete shit so I would have missed the event otherwise.” He continued, feeling his confidence start to build again as the blood rushed to his cock. CPT Kern wondered if he had any blood left in the rest of his body; hell his face was probably ghost white. He shifted nervously trying to ensure his 7.5 inch cock didn’t burst unceremoniously through his Army OCP . He thanked God in his mind that his pants were extra baggy and his boxers extra tight.

“Make sure you find me after the event. I just heard about an exciting opportunity that may work well for you.” Marc stated. He bolted across the room to talk to another field grade officer.

CPT Kern sighed deeply in relief. His heart felt like it was going to claw its way right out of his chest. He wondered how he was going to be alone with LTC Wald without giving away his complete infatuation.

A figure across the room caught his attention. CPT Kern did a double-take as the blood drained from his face again.

‘Seriously!? This cannot be happening in the same fuckin’ day!” He thought to himself. He felt like he was going to hyperventilate.

Across the room, standing six feet, two inches tall with a thick frame was someone CPT Kern hadn’t seen in person for over 5 years but had lusted about regularly anyway. Major Brian Maddison’s thick bubble butt had had CPT Kern mesmerized since he first laid eyes on it all those years ago at his initial officer’s training. Even from across the room, he could tell that nothing about that perfect had changed. CPT Kern could feel the sweat beading on his forehead as he stared at the man’s beautiful rump so perfectly framed in his Army pants. CPT Kern wondered what it looked like bare and imagined sliding the Major’s underwear down slowly and cupping his firm checks with both hands. He fantasized about spreading those ass checks wide to slide his tongue into this man’s tight ass.

“Oh man this is going to be a tough evening.” CPT Kern thought tiredly to himself.

The night moved at a glacial pace as CPT Kern did his to avoid both LTC Marc Wald and MAJ Brian Maddison; his mental well being depended on compartmentalizing the extreme amount of lust he felt. Slowly, officers began to depart and the room became more and more empty.

LTC Wald sauntered up to CPT Kern, “Let’s step into the empty conference room to have a .” LTC Wald stated nonchalantly, his oval face giving no sign of what he wanted to tell CPT Kern. CPT Kern took a second to soak in the man he had been avoiding all night. His body fascinated CPT Kern. He was neither skinny nor muscled but his body still gave off an aura of strength, athleticism, masculinity and virility. CPT Kern couldn’t quite categorize LTC Wald’s body; it didn’t fit neatly into the stereotypical categories of attractiveness. His ass, however, likely fit into every category of sexy. With LTC Wald’s relatively short stature and low center of gravity, his ass was just so damn proportional and moved so well with everyone of his steps. CPT Kern really couldn’t wrap his head around how every part of Marc’s body just seemed to work so damn well from his defined, noticeable but not overly muscular chest to his clearly strong legs.

“Sure, Sir,” He responded, snapping out of his trance, as the two exited the auditorium and walked towards the conference room.

Once inside, CPT Kern spoke first, “So Sir what is this opportunity you were talking about?”

“I just talked to the assignments manager and they’re looking for an O4 to fill a joint-level billet in the UK.” LTC Wald responded without emotion.

Confused, CPT Kern responded, “But I’m only an O3, Sir.”

“Yeah well you’re perfectly capable of working above your pay grade. I think you’d excel in this position from what I’ve seen as your mentor.” LTC Wald said.

“Really? At the joint level with a foreign military? Won’t I get laughed out of the building as a junior officer?” CPT Rob Kern asked with clear anxiety in his voice.

“It’s a very small team. I know the team lead really well. He’s an old buddy of mine from Ranger Regiment. If you perform like you have so far in your career, you’ll have no issues fitting in well. The team believes in showing respect based on talent instead of purely based on rank. I’ve already recommended you to the assignments branch and to the team lead.” LTC Wald stated.

“I don’t know what to say, Sir. The opportunity sounds incredible. Thank you.” CPT Kern replied empathically.

The door to the conference room flew open as Major Brian Maddison walked in.

“Brian! Good to see you buddy.” Marc said shifting his attention to the newcomer.

“You too Sir. I was looking for you actually. I wanted to talk before I left.” Brian said glancing over at CPT Kern. “Hey CPT, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Yes, Sir. You were cadre during my initial officer’s training.” CPT Kern responded.

“Ahhh yes. You weren’t in my platoon right!?” Brian asked.

“No sir, I wasn’t.” CPT Kern stated.

“Good, I would have been embarrassed for not coming over and saying hi earlier today if you had been.” Brian said.

LTC Wald interjected, “Alright CPT Kern. That’s all I had for you. We’ll talk more about this later. Congratulations.”

CPT Kern was smart enough to realize he was being dismissed and quickly excited the room.

CPT Kern headed back to his office. It was late but he hoped to get a jump on the next days work.

After toiling away for an hour or so, CPT Kern uprooted himself from his desk with every intent of getting home as quickly as possible. His car was parked on the other side of the facility, which took him right past the auditorium and conference room. Not surprisingly, the lights were all switched off and the area quiet. CPT Kern had almost reached the exit when he heard muffled sounds. Stopping to listen more intently, he heard nothing but silence.

“Must have just been the A/C or pipes.” CPT Kern thought to himself. As he started to walk again, the noises cut once again through the silence. This time after stopping, CPT Kern continued to hear the noises and walked quietly to them.

“Probably the janitor staff or security guards.” He thought mindlessly as he continued towards the sounds.

As he got closer, CPT Kern realized the noises were coming from the conference room.

“Maybe someone left on the projector or AV system.” He thought as the fatigue from the late evening started to creep through his body.

CPT Kern flung the door open. The room was pitch . The noises stopped instantly as CPT Kern fumbled for the light switch.

Whoever constructed the conference room apparently never considered the fact that people would be there at night because the light switch was more elusive than the lockness monster. CPT Kern heard a noise from the corner of the room and started fumbling his way towards it thinking it was likely just a computer or something left on that would be easy enough to turn off.

“Why the fuck am I even doing this? I know my life is lacking some zest when this is how I’m spending my damn night.” He thought sardonically to himself.

Fumbling forward with his hands outstretched in an attempt to not run into anything, he was getting closer to the origin of the noise.

Suddenly, he felt something warm and fleshy in front of him.

Startled, he jumped and yelled, “Who’s there? He called out.”

There was a massive commotion as he felt someone brush by him in the dark running towards the door. Without knowing why, CPT Kern dashed after the person. The chase was on.

The person had already rounded the corner. CPT Kern could hear the footsteps echoing off of the walls in the distance.

“This is absurd.” He thought to himself as he laid chase to whoever was in front of him. “What am I even going to do if I actually catch this person; chastise him for weirdly being in the damn dark-ass conference room? He briefly considered just giving up but the excitement and thrill of the chase kept his legs moving.

CPT Kern heard a door slam shut from around the corner. He slowed down and approached the door he thought had slammed shut. As he approached the door, his nerves tingled with both excitement and fear. He had no idea why he was scared considering this was a military building on a military installation. What – had Al Qaeda infiltrated the damn conference room and was laying in wait to launch an attack the next day? Rob laughed audibly at the thought of something so ridiculous as he pictured someone dressed in a terrorist outfit waiting patiently to attack the Americans from the conference room. Maybe they’d attack with a stapler. He laughed again.

CPT Kern swung the door open.

Nothing. Just a broom closet.

CPT Kern walked a little farther to the next door. Jimmying the handle, he realized it was locked. The escapee could have easily locked the door behind himself CPT Kern thought to himself with disappointment.

CPT Kern swung the next-door open. This one opened to a dimly lit hallway with another door at the end. CPT Kern had never been to this part of the building. Curiosity pushed him forward. He half expected the door at the end of the hall to be locked and for all this to be for nothing.

“I’m giving up if this door is locked.” He thought to himself.

Quietly, he opened the door. The dimly lit room appeared to be a very old locker room that had been converted into a storage area. The place was creepy and large. He tried to not make a sound as he walked forward. The whole place was so poorly lit he didn’t know he’d be able to see anyone even if there was someone here.

Prodding around the room, he wasn’t seeing much of anything except old furniture, cleaning supplies and containers stacked high. He made his way past what used to be the showers and passed what appeared to be bathroom stalls. He peered under the stalls to see if he could see any feet. No luck.

The discouragement, building quickly, and the excitement fading fast, CPT Kern turned around and headed towards the door he came in. This mouse and cat scenario had gotten old and the person could have easily gone through a different door and be miles away at his point.

One last idea shot into CPT Kern’s head like a bullet. At the door, he opened and closed the door loudly but didn’t actually leave. He stepped behind a tower of stacked containers and stayed absolutely quiet.

Five minutes past and CPT Kern really started to feel foolish. Suddenly he heard a whisper:

“Is he gone?”

“I think so. The door opened and closed and I haven’t heard anything since.” Said another unknown voice.

CPT Kern was surprised to hear the second voice. He was certain that he was only chasing one person. Apparently two people were in that dark conference room and had rushed past him.

“Ok now this is really starting to get intriguing.” CPT Kern thought to himself.

Methodically, he crept towards the direction of the whispering voices. He had no idea what he would do or say when he actually found them. No one had done anything illegal so there wasn’t really even a point to be doing any of this but now he was committed to at least finding out who the hell these people were.

Finally, he was within feet of the whispering voices. He readied himself to pounce but before he could he heard, “Alright let’s move!”

Before CPT Kern had time to react, a figure careened through the darkness and smacked face first into him. Both individuals screamed; startled at the others appearance. CPT Kern rummaged for his cell phone. Finding it, he hit the main button to illuminate who was in front of him.

“LTC Wald!? What the hell? What…” Before CPT Kern could finish another figure stepped forward.

Moving the phone and its light toward the other person, CPT Kern became truly shocked.

“MAJ Maddison!? What the fuck are you doing here? You two are the ones I’ve been chasing after!?” CPT Kern yelled incredulously.

With what little light he had, CPT Kern could see the sheepish and embarrassed looks on the two men’s faces.

“Could someone please explain what in the damn universe is happening right now? Why were you two in that dark conference room?” CPT Kern questioned genuinely having no clue.

“Keep your voice don’t CPT!” MAJ Maddison whispered forcefully.

LTC Wald interjected, “Listen captain, you’ve known me a long time. I’m going to ask you a favor as your mentor. Can we just forget about this whole episode like it never happened?

“That’s the problem, Sir. I don’t know what the fuck is happening so I don’t know what I’m even supposed to forget.” Replied the captain cheekily.

“We don’t need to get into the details, CPT Kern.” Major Maddison stated harshly.

LTC Wald shot a stern glance at Major Maddison while saying, “That’s enough Brian, calm down.”

Major Maddison shot an angry look back at the Marc but didn’t say anything more.

“Ok, judging by how weird you two are acting and the fact you were both in a pitch black conference room late at night, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you two were fooling around. Is that about the right of it?” CPT Kern stated while in disbelief he was actually saying those words.

“It was dark and you didn’t see anything.” MAJ Maddison stated harshly.

LTC Wald looked at CPT Kern intently and said, “So what if I told you we were fooling around?”

A long silent pause took hold of the three men as they stared intently at each other in the dim light.

CPT Kern responded with the most confidence he’d ever had, “Then I would say, gentlemen, that I’d like to join you and that if you throw me into the mix, my silence is guaranteed.”

*** To Be Continued.

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