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A Mentor's Sins : Part 2 reviews

Posted by mike (email: mke)
I liked your story. But when I went for the 2nd part, it wasn't there. Just the 1st part over again. I was married to a female myself for 9 yrs. Got busted fooling around and had to come out. I'm now in a relationship with a wonderful man, but the sex has completely stopped. Medical is all I will say of the reason. But anyway, would love to read the 2nd part of this story. I was navy for 9 yrs. Loved being around the men, and yes I played with a few. 2 officers actually. So hope to hear from you


Posted by sam (email: samn)
As a bi USAF vet, I really like this story, you write well, and just please carry on!
Posted by Ridge (email: leoc)
Wish I could read the rest of this story.
Posted by MeganTaylor (email: Mega)
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