A King's Court: The Beginning

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Young Prince Leon, sat in his chambers, his robes half open, as he stood bare on the balcony. His dirty blond hair, which was usually carefully combed back was a disheveled mess. His steward walked forward he had been waiting patiently on the young prince.

"My Lord we really should be preparing to go, your father will be waiting for you" His steward said bowing. Looking up briefly to see if the prince had heard him.

Leon sighed, letting the rest of his robes drop. standing completely naked on the balcony. The Prince was one of the most handsome young men in the kingdom. He had women swoon over him, and men envy him. Although for all the attention, the young prince had never let the it get the better of him.

His steward turning a bright red at seeing his prince naked before felt his give a familiar stir. Although he had seen him naked many times, every time took his breath away, and make his cock twitch “My Prince you shouldn’t stand on the balcony, someone may see.” He warned although he knew it would do no good the prince often did as he pleased when it concerned his body.

Leon turned to his steward his cock swaying as he stepped toward him. Leon reached out and pushed away his robes, he had ordered all his attendants to wear nothing beneath their robes. Although his interests only lie in the men, he had his women servants do the same to avoid suspicion. His current steward had been given to him as a present from his Uncle. One of the few people in the kingdom that knew of the Princes real desires. He reached down and grabbed the stewards cock, “What’s your name again” He asked as he watched the young man clearly and enjoy what he was doing.

“It J-Jon m-my Prince” he stumbled out, his cock rock hard in the princes hand.

“Do you like me, Jon?” The Prince asked his face a few inches from Jon’s His own cock was beginning to get hard and was beginning to move it up touching jon’s leg and leaving a streak of precum as it rose.

“Yes m’lord! I love you” He gasped as the Prince began using his precum and massaging his cock head.

The Prince’s other hand moved around the young mans backside, exploring his hot hole. “Would you do anything for me, anything at all?” He asked slipping a finger in.

Jon gasped his hips bucking “Yes my Prince!” Jon was in ecstasy with the princes finger in in his , and stroking his cock. He knew he was gonna burst any second. Then suddenly the Prince stopped his removed his finger and let go of Jon’s throbbing cock, which was leaking precum, like a faulty pipe.

“M’lord?” He said panting a bit, not understanding why he stopped.

"We ought not keep my father waiting” Leon smiled as he turned to the door. Even though the Prince left him with the worse case of blue balls in the kingdom, he couldn’t help but love him and admire that incredible perky butt. He watched as the Prince gave some men orders outside the door.

A few minutes later two young men walked in carry the princes armor, a gleaming silver ornately adorned chest plate. His steward unable to take his eyes away from his prince as the attendants dressed him. He truly looks like a future king, he thought to himself. His abs were firm and taught from years of jousting and sword-fighting. The Prince turned sideways, the steward enjoyed this position the most, he could glimpse the Princes firm bubble, but his low dangling cock and balls were the Princes true assets. Despite the Princes lack of modesty few outside his royal attendants had seen the Prince fully unclothed, but that hadn't stopped the rumors of the Princes enormous member to spread like wildfire.

As the attendants finished buckling the last piece of the princes armor, his steward was brought back to , as the prince walked past him headed for the courtyard where his father waited for him.

As the Prince walked out of the long hall leading to the courtyard a massive open area, with beautiful murals painted on the walls and floor. He saw his father waiting examining several spears held out in front of him. His Majesty turned, hearing the clang of his sons armor.

"Ahh! Finally I thought an assassin had got you in your sleep. I sent for you at first light, now its almost midday" King Tyr looked at his son, anyone else would have been frozen in terror. The king was known for being punctual and punishing others that were less so. However the prince merely rolled his eyes. "Very funny father, and how many men did it take to roll you out of bed this morning." Leon retorted smiling at his father. His majesty roared in laughter, a welcome sound after insulting the king. The prince liked to poke fun at his father, often saying he was getting fat in his old age. In fact the King was only 33, and was indeed very fit. He had once been the talk of the kingdom, his hair had grown long, a mixture of light brown and blond. He kept it neat with a simple small ponytail while the rest fell neatly over his shoulder and back.

"Did it take you all morning to look all pretty for hunting" The king took a spear and tossed it to his son.

Leon caught it easily, he shook his head. The Prince knew of his pretty status. Some of the guard even remarked when not wearing his armor he looked somewhat like a girl. That was until he came at you with a sword or a horse and javelin. Although those particular rumors never reached the princes ears, gods help the man that did bring that to him.

The young Prince Hoisted himself onto a horse, behind his father. His Majesty was about to ride off when his brother came running out of the castle. "Your Majesty! a moment." He slowed coming to a stop right beside the horse.

"What news do you have for me Jarrod? Can you not see me and my boy are about to ride?" King Tyr said looking down at his brother. Jarrod looked almost exactly like his brother albeit with less muscle. "Apologies your Majesty. Greetings my Prince" He said bowing to both of them, but giving the prince a sly smile.

Leon smiled back but still waiting to hear what his uncle had to say " What news do you have for us, I fear the longer my father sits on his horse the faster he’ll break his back"

Jarrod held back a chuckle, part of the reason he was here to see the young prince and the King off, but they just got disturbing news of bandits roaming the forest where they planned to hunt that day "Your Majesty, we have just received reports of a of bandits roaming the woods. We don't know their numbers and they could be dangerous."

"Dangerous!?" The King roared, "OPEN THE GATES!" He said yelling to the small man who didn't seem strong enough to turn the wheel that opened the castles gates. As the doors opened rows of men with spears and shields stood ready to march.

"Those men out there are dangerous brother, and they have sworn their life to protect me and my son. I assure you we will be fine" King Tyr, took his reins and looked down once more at his bother "Anything else of import before we leave.

"No Your Majesty," Jarrod bowed and stepped back letting the king have room to gallop off, with the young prince riding behind him.

Jarrod sighed he knew his brother was as stubborn as a goat. He shook his head, surely the guards will protect them. What could a few bandits do to the King and a 100 of his guards. Jarrod turned back towards the castle the heavy doors slowing closing behind him.As he walked through the halls, servants bowing and parting way for him. He walked into the great bath room, A massive pool room. The castle had been built upon a dormant volcano, the water here was naturally heated by the magma. Some called the King Erys, the first king, a fool for building atop a volcano, but in over 700 years the volcano hadn't erupted and gave the royal palace the nicest place in all the lands to bathe.

It had also been a symbol of the royal families power. Who else could sit atop a mountain of fire and not get burned. The city had been built around the volcano, It hadn’t erupted in thousands of years and probably never would. That didn’t stop the citizens from praying to the gods, the yearly Dragon Festival which honored the gods for another year the volcano lay dormant, was coming up soon. Jarrod knew he would have to begin preparations for that as well in time. However He simply wanted to enjoy the baths for now.

Jarrod slowly took off his clothes untying his robes and slipping off his boots. Making his way into the water. He motioned for the servant boy standing nearby to come closer. "What is your name boy?" He asked leaning his toned body half out of the water.

"I-It's P-p-pish m'lord" The boy said shaking, never having spoken to one of the royal family before.

"Pish? What a stupid name." Jarrod wasn't one for keeping thought like that to himself, it got him in trouble more often then not. His ass only being saved because he was the kings brother. You will have to do then, remove your clothes and get in" Jarrod said taking a few steps back from the edge."

"S-sir?" Pish said unsure, the servants had been told they weren't allowed in the baths and that they were reserved for the royal family, during the day.

"Get in, I won't tell you again" Jarrod locked eyes with the servant his voice was stern.

"As you wish Sir" Pish quickly removed all his clothes, sliding into the warm water with the muscular lord. He had heard about the royal family and how each one was more beautiful than the last. He turned red at the sight of the naked man. His shyness not stopping his cock from showing its appreciation of the lords body.

“Wash me” Jarrod ordered as he turned from the young boy. With his brother and nephew gone, he could have a bit of fun around the castle. He rarely got to enjoy himself with when he was doing errands for his brother. He felt the boy step forward his trembling hands making his way of his form.

Pish gulped, he had never touched a royal body before. So strong so powerful. He thought to himself. He made special care to make sure his now very stiff cock didn’t poke Lord Jarrod in the back, else the lord may see fit to cut it off. Pish slowly washed the lords back and arms making his way lower, not knowing if the lord meant for him to wash his most delicate of areas. He moved back up.

Jarrod had been enjoying the young boys hands, as he explored a Lord’s body for the first time. Many in the royal family were fit young men. Trained from a young age in all forms of combat and sport. He was no different. His body was a symbol of his years of hard work. Jarrod felt the boys hands lower hesitate and move back up. He quickly turned around “What are you doing boy!”

He yelled gripping the boys hands.

Jarrod watched as the boy squirmed under his gaze. “Apologies, Sir. I didn’t know if you meant for me to wash there.” He said meekly, trying to shrink back from Jarrod.

“I told ya to wash me! That means wash all of me!” Jarrod took the boys hand and pulled it onto his own cock.”Now wash!” He watched the boy, who looked moments from pissing himself.

Pish’s hand began to lather up the lord’s steadily growing member, he couldn’t believe what was happening. He was in the Palace baths, stroking the King’s brothers’ cock. He could feel it harden and lengthen in his hand.

“That’s it boy, wash it well and I shall make sure you are well rewarded” Jarrod moaned. Pish continued stroking, as he did a thought occurred to him. He knelt down, the water had only been about waist deep and now his head and the lords’ cock were level. He looked up into the Lord’s face his eyes closed, obviously enjoying the pleasure. Pish closed his eyes, and leaned forward wrapping his mouth around the Lords cock.

“Ahh! Thats it boy. Now you are getting the hang of it” Jarrod stroked the boys head. He smiled to himself thinking he would simply get off by the boys hand not expecting the boys mouth so soon. This was good, it would mean taking his ass would be so much easier. He felt the boy lick his cock head, tasting his precum, which by now was leaking profusely. The boy was more skilled at this then he thought, if kept this up he would get his load in no time. “Many have tasted royal cock boy. Do you wish to taste royal seed?” Jarrod said rubbing his head, he could feel his knees weaken and he knew he was close.

Pish nodded, trying not to take the Lords cock out of his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the lords cock head again. Which cause him to buckle at the knees again. A trick he learned from his brother. His brother taught him a great many ways to use him mouth. He quickly became the better of the two developing his own technique. When their father found out he saw an opportunity to sell their talents. He sold his brothers ass, since he had a talent for taking any sized cock and still maintaining his tightness, and his mouth. His father often used them himself. SInce their mother died when they were young.

They had become his only way of release. He had heard the castle was hiring young men, and they both used that chance to escape from their father. As his lips were wrapped around Lord Jarrods cock, Pish thought of his father. Although he hated his father for what he put him and his brother through he couldn’t help but wish he was okay. Pish was brought back as he had been using his tongue to lick under the lords foreskin.

He felt Jarrod tremble, and shoot a massive load, stream after stream into his mouth. It was rare for Pish to enjoy another man’s seed, but Lord Jarrods seed tasted sweet and salty, like his brothers. He would have to tell him of what he had done tonight when he saw him.

Jarrod grunted, shooting his thick hot cum into the boys throat. He felt the boys suck it all down and continue licking his cock cleaning it off stroking it for the last drop. He sighed sitting by the edge of the pool. “Wow boy, you have a real talent you know that.”

“Aye, thank you Sir” Pish wiped his mouth, and bowed. “I was happy to serve you m’lord”

Jarrod stood up his body wet and gleaming. “Good to hear, you will be my personal steward from now on,” He turned and hoisted himself out of the water. “Fetch my clothes, boy.”

“Aye m’lord” Pish quickly made his way out of the water grabbing Jarrods clothes, and handing them to him.

“Come to my chamber. I think we should con-” Jarrod was stopped by the sound of the city horn blowing. Only something was wrong. The horn was meant to be blown once, for when the king returned. Anymore and it indicated an attack on the city. The kingdom was at peace, that meant one thing….the king was dead.

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