A Day in the Adult Theater

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

I was in a gay theatre sitting against the back wall next to the entrance door. Every once in a while somebody looking for a blowjob would take their out of their pants and stand just inside the doorway next to my chair. If I wasn’t interested I would ignore them and they would go away eventually.

This 30 something guy, that wasn’t bad looking, stood there and unleashed his cock. It wasn’t enormous, but it was about 7.5 inches, cut, with a large crown, a substantial girth with a nice set of balls attached. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take much more than the crown and a couple of inches of cock in my mouth when I sucked on it. I could already feel my own cock leaking pre-cum into my shorts.

He turned toward my face and the tip of his cock was touching my lips.

“Oh mother of god” I mumbled as I opened my mouth and drew his cock into my mouth.

I reached up and cupped his balls in my hand and I slid my wet lips up and down his crown until it was slippery with saliva. Then I tried to see how much of his stalk I could get in my mouth. I couldn’t get more than a couple of more inches. It was the girth that blocked me not the length. But I just wrapped my hand around his stalk and stroked it as I sucked on the part of his cock I could take.

“Oh fuck man, that’s good. Suck on the head.”

I loved his cock head. I just sat there and sucked on it and savored the feel of his stalk under my hand and the way his head expanded and contracted under my ministrations. I could taste the pre-cum in my mouth as it oozed out of his piss slit and could hardly wait until he would fill my mouth with cum.

He obviously wasn’t gonna cum in a hurry. I had been sucking and stroking him for 10 minutes and he still had not cum. Not that I was complaining, but I was beginning to wonder what I was doing wrong. The way he’d been moaning and groaning and flexing his hips I knew he was enjoying the blow job. I tightened up my lip pressure and sucked a little harder.

“Oh fuck man, yeah. Just like that.”

He grabbed my head, held it still and fucked my mouth. I could feel his cock expanding and contracting under my hand and the crown getting harder and bigger. He pushed his cock in my mouth as far as he could. He managed to get another inch of his cock in my mouth each time. Then suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and spurted cum all over my face and mouth. I quickly leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth so the rest of the ejaculations of cum went in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked up the residue off of his cock as I sucked. I took his cock and used the crown to wipe up the cum on my face and then licked it off of his cock.

He took a handkerchief from his pants pocket, wiped off his cock and put in back in his pants.

“Great blowjob man,” he said as he left.

I looked around and there was another guy standing next to me with his shorts down and his 8” erect cock staring me in the face. It had a beautiful set of balls attached.

I glanced up at his face and he said, “Suck it.”

So, I did. I took his balls in my hand and fondled them as I went down on his cock. I could only take about half of it, so I wrapped by hand around the base and jacked it as I sucked on the top half.

I love the taste and feel of cock in my mouth so I was a happy camper. The shape and length of his cock was just what I needed to give my its stretching exercises for the day.

After a few minutes of sucking I asked, “Would you like to fuck my ass? I’m clean and all lubed up.”

“Fuck yeah man. Turn around and I’ll fill up your ass. Do you have a condom?”

“No, I like . I want the feel of your unsheathed cock in my ass and I like to know you are filling my ass with your jism when you come.”

I stood up, turned around, bent over and spread my cheeks for easy entry. He placed the head of his cock on my asshole and pushed. His crown slipped it.

“Ah, oh, yeah man, push it in all the way.”

He slid his cock in all the way and started fucking my ass with long smooth strokes.

“Oh yeah man, that’s the way, that feels so good.”

We had attracted a crowd. There were a bunch of men with their hard cocks out of their pants right in front of my face watching me get fucked. None of them were the type of guy that I would normally suck but this was a special situation. I was in the throes of passion and needed somebody fucking my mouth. One guy’s cut cock was about 6 inches long with a nice large crown on it. I reached out, grabbed it and pulled it to my mouth.

“Fuck my mouth man”

In a moment he had slid his cock down my throat and was fucking my mouth with a vengeance. This was great; I was getting serviced at both ends.

I felt a commotion behind me and the next thing I knew a warm mouth was deep throating my cock. Jesus, how could it get any better?

I found out when the my mouth gave me a nice, sweet load of cum down my throat. After he finished he quickly withdrew and was lost in the crowd. Before I could even catch my breath somebody else’s cock was filling my mouth. It was a whole lot larger than the first one and he could only force the first half in and out of my mouth. But it was only a minute before I had another load of juice filling my mouth.

This time I locked my lips before anybody else could get in my mouth and I looked around to see who was available. There was this really with a great body standing to the side of me. His cock was in his pants but there was a big bulge in his pants from his hard on.

I groped his crotch and said, “Take it out and fuck my mouth man.”

He moved in front of me, dropped his pants and underwear and in an instant was fucking my mouth with a nice 6.5 inch uncut cock.

The guy fucking me was doing so more rapidly. He must be getting close to cumming. The guy sucking my cock had me almost to the point of orgasm. Maybe we would all come at the same time, I thought.

I heard an “AHHHHHH” from behind me, felt him bury his cock in my ass and shoot his load.

I felt his cock withering in my ass as he withdrew. I blew my own load in the mouth of the guy sucking me.

The guy fucking my mouth just kept of fucking my face. Since there was no longer anything up my ass or anybody between my legs I slid to my knees in front of the stud feeding me his cock. This gave him a better angle of attack and he sped up his strokes and deep throated my mouth. In a couple of minutes he gave me his load. He finished ejaculating, quickly put away his cock and left.

There’s no sentiment in the adult theatre: it’s always cum and go.

We had attracted a crowd in the theater as I had been sucking this guy’s big cock. So after he walked away a guy moved up to my face and presented his normal size cock to my mouth. He wasn’t a bad looking guy and was almost naked. I opened my mouth, went down on his cock, took the whole thing in my mouth and sucked up and down his shaft for a while.

“Oh fuck, man, you’re good. Deep throat that cock. Oh yeah.”

I slid on to my knees and turned to face him so I could suck him better. I sucked his cock and he fucked my face and every stroke was deep throat action.

There was a guy standing next to him stroking his chest and another guy was on his knees behind him kissing his ass.

He used his hands to immobilize my head, pushed his cock all the way in my mouth, held it there and ground his hips in my face until I started to gag.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, waved it in front of me and asked, “You want my dick cocksucker?”

“Yes sir, make me eat you sir. Fuck me in the mouth with your cock, please.”

He took my head in his hands again and roughly deep throat face fucked me.

“Eat me fag, take my cum,” he yelled as he blew his load in my mouth.

Once he came, he pulled up his briefs and pants and was gone. Like I had said before there is no sentiment in the porn theater; just blow and go.

I remembered where I was and looked around. There were half a dozen overweight and 2 young, good looking twenty something guys wandering from theatre to theatre looking to blow or get blown.

As I watched I saw all of the old guys hit on the young men and be rejected.

One guy was very abrupt in his rejections and the other just said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” each time one of the old guys reached for his crotch.

Now everybody was watching the young guys as they sat for a while, leaned against the wall and moved from theatre to theatre, not really acknowledging each other, but in their frequent stops, alighting not far from each other in what was essentially a mating dance.

It wasn’t apparent which was the sucker and which was the suckee, because neither one had made any overt sexual posturing. Maybe they both wanted the same thing, a blowjob, to blow the other or to fuck or get fucked. In that case the mating dance with each other would end in frustration and the dance would start up again with somebody else or one or both of them would leave.

Finally the guy in the red shirt ended up in the hall behind the gay theatre leaning against the wall watching the as the two guys on the movie screen engaged in a 69. He kept his eyes on the screen, rubbed his crotch for a while until there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. The other guy ended up next to him and also leaned against the wall. Neither one turned their heads to look at one another, but each kept track of the other out of the corners of their eyes.

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