A Churchkids' Dream

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was a cold, October night; October 16, 2004. A night that Kevin would never forget. It was a Wednesday night, which meant church for Kevin. He was a strong attendant at Hillmont Church, and had been so for all 18 years of his life. He had recently moved from the Youth 1 class to the Youth 2 class, which was for persons 18 to 21. Kevin had been in Youth 2 for about 2 years, and he had fallen in with his Youth Pastor. Not physically in love, but in love with the way Billy helped him see the Bible more clearly.

Billy was a of a man...32 years old, carpentor, 6ft.3in. tall, 183 lbs., and had auborn hair. He had a moustache, which was clean cut, gorgeous white teeth, flawless face, with a dark complection: Billy was the dream man! Billy loved teaching his students about God. But he had never touched the subject of homosexuality.

Kevin appreciated Billy for that, because Kevin knew he would become uneasy in that type of discussion. He knew he would have to avoid any conversation about homosexuality. Until one Wednesday night, after Bible study was over, and everyone had left, Kevin asked Billy to stay afterwards; they needed to talk. Billy happily aggreed. Little did Billy know, he was in for a surprise.

The Youth 2 class had a spacy building that was about 15 yards from the actual sanctuary of Hillmont Church, in which Kevin requested they meet. And so they did. It was around 9:00, and everything was quiet. No one was around. The pastor had taken his family on vacation that week, having left on the previous Sunday shortly after morning services. The fill in pastor had left for the evening, and no one was due back on campus until Sunday morning, at 9:30 for the start of morning services. Kevin knew he would be safe there.

Billy followed Kevin to the room, taking them several seconds shy of 2 minutes to arrive. They were there. The door was locked. Kevin was reassured, knowing that Billy had a key. Billy stepped in front of Kevin, unlocked the door, turned on the lights, and quietly, in a silly voice, said, "Come into the the Youth 2 Lair...Where all things are possible." Kevin laughed, and so did Billy. Kevin walked in, grabbed two disposable glasses, a bottle of Coke, and took a seat. Kevin asked, "Hey Billy. Is Coke cool?" In which Billy replied, "Yeah bro. It's cool with me." Kevin poured an equal amount of Coke in each cup. "What's on your mind, Kev?" "Well, Billy, it's not really what's on my mind, it's more of a 'what do you think' kind of situation," Kevin replies. "Well, go ahead, ask away. You know anything we talk about is strictly confidential," Billy says, with Billy replying,"Okay. See, about 6 years ago, I was on vacation with mom and , and we went to a beach. We usually spent all day there. Well, ya know...I was watching people pass by, and there were guys walking by all the time. And I realized that I had an attraction to them." "So, what you're trying to say is that you think you're gay?" Billy asked. "Yeah, I think so. I mean, don't get all scared or anything, because I don't want that to happen. I just need you to help me understand this..." "No, wait. Hold on...I didn't mean that as if 'UGH! Kevin's gay, and I don't want to be around him.' I was just trying to..." "I know you were. I'm glad that was all your reaction was like." Kevin said. "Kevin, I think we just might be in the same boat. I'm gay also." Billy said. "REALLY???" Kevin asked. "Yes, I am." "Oh my Gah. I can't believe this." Kevin said.

Kevin began to feel the bond strenghthen between him and Billy. Kevin couldn't resist himself...he had to try and make a move. Kevin leaned forward, with his eyes locked in position with Billy's. Billy sat with a smile on his face. Kevin slowly made his way to Billy, and then carressed him in his arms. Billy made the first move, kissing Kevin on the lips. Moaning began to be heard, as Kevin's manhood swelled like a balloon about to burst. Billy walked over to the game table, and laid Kevin on it, in which then, he straddled Kevin. Kevin knew this was what he had been longing for. He was now attracted physically to Billy.

Kevin looked up towards Billy's manhood. It had slowly began to buldge...all 8 inches of it. Kevin had always wondered how Billy's manhood was, but never had the courage to ask. Sometimes during Sunday School, Kevin would steal a glance at Billy's pants, and would notice the natural buldge of Billy's. He knew it was nothing but natural, and that Billy was not on hard. But this time was different. The buldge was constantly growing, along with Kevin's eyes. Billy moved his hand to Kevin's zipper, unzipping it, and then unbuttoning the button that was containing Kevin's manhood from popping out. Billy then began to remove Kevin's pants. He saw that Kevin was wearing boxers, and knew that it would be less than a breeze to remove those also. He did; and surely it was a breeze. Kevin was now completely naked, having removed his shirt almost spontaneously when Billy straddled him. He wanted so bad to strip all of Billy's clothes off, and have the most fun of his life. He did. By that time, they were completely naked, and Billy was beginning to sweat, which was dripping onto Kevin's rock hard abs. Billy had some of his own, of which Kevin now had his eyes locked on. It didn't take long for the fun and excitement to start. Kevin and Billy simultaneously looked at each other, and took a roll. Kevin was now on top, as Billy obviously wanted to be the one to pop Kevin's man cherry. Kevin was most definately happy about that idea.

Billy, without a condom, slid his into Kevin's . Kevin was beginning to moan, and groan, due to the first sex pains he was encountering. All Billy could do was try and make this sexual experience last as long as he could. He was so excited, and was almost at his peak hardness, in which shortly would lead to his explosion of man cream. He held on as long as he could. Kevin was vigorously sliding up and down on Billy's dick. Finally, Billy reached his climax, screamed loud, and loaded Kevin's ass with man jizz. It was such a harsh ejaculation, that Billy didn't think he was going to be able to remove his dick from Kevin's ass, due to the fact that it was extremely sensitive now. But he did. Kevin then turned around, wiped Billy's dick off, and began to lick, and such his dick. Billy would soon cum again. He couldn't help it. Cumming was a natural thing to men...once you are stimulated, you have to do something about it.

It was now Kevin's turn. After leading Billy to a second ejaculation, in which he filled Kevin's mouth with man jizz, Kevin was ready to pound Billy's ass. He did. Kevin had never felt that kind of pleasure. His virgin dick thrusted itself into Billy's ass, almost immediately fluxuated up and down. Billy slowly got into the same rythym of Kevin's dick, and moved up and down on it. Kevin screamed with anxiety, as he moved closer and closer to climax. He was there. He thrusted one more time, as as he could get, and unloaded his man jizz inside Billy's ass. When Kevin pulled away, cum poored from Billy's glory hole. They were both pleased.

Kevin was no longer a virgin. He had lost his virginity to his 32 year old Youth Pastor. And not in a very usual place; it was at church. From then on, Kevin no longer felt weird about his sexuality. Billy had helped him come out, and realize that being gay is not about what you want. It's how you were born, and it's not something you can control. Along with helping Kevin, Billy helped himself.

From that short 3 hour long experience, Kevin and Billy were closer than they could have ever imagined they could be. It was wonderful.

Kevin called his mom and told her that he and Billy had been talking about some midweek plans, and told her that Billy would be bringing him home, and not to wait up for him; seeing as it was a 30 minute drive from Hillmont Church to his house. Without words being spoken, the 30 minute drive seemed as if it lasted a life time. As both Kevin and Billy realized that they had both shown each other the love between them. They had now arrived at Kevin's 3 story mansion. Billy leaned over, kissed Kevin, and told him good nite. Kevin did the same. He leaped out of the truck with a humongous smile on his face. Feeling slightly sore, Kevin managed to make it up the 2 flights of stairs to his bedroom. Where he jumped into bed, and fell asleep, dreaming about what was to come on Wednesday, October 23, 2004.

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