A Camp

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It's when I had summer vacations. I was in high school. I wasn't aware of knowledge on sex, not a surprise, as we didn't have education on sex upto high school. It was when I had joined SCOUT training (it's an organization that trains pupils with general knowledge blah blah).. Not wasting much time on giving more intro will step into the core-story,,

On April 20th morning, we joined the camping program. We were 12-15 guys, from our school, as instructed grabbed a tent and mounted it in a good place. By afternoon, there were more than 20 tents belonging to different schools were mounted. All the day we were trained with general knowledge (I skip the content). Evening after having our dinner, I heard few of my friends (jimmy, samar, vishaal) discussing about having sex and fun, that really grabbed my attention ... I was really excited to take part in that but as soon as I went towards them they stopped discussion and went in their way..

Well, by 10PM we all slept. Tent was but for our count it was a bit congested, We slept adjacent to each other in a line..

It was at 11PM I heard some noise. I guess the problem arose about being bottom. It was dark, I wanted to take part in their action, so I called up jimmy's name as I could recognize his voice, I yelled "Can I come and sleep there? I don't have a blanket",
he probably wanted to try luck on me, he yelled "Ya come-on",

He was sleeping next to 2-3 guys .. I went there slept beside jimmy, facing my back at him while he slept at my right sharing his blanked with me....

After few silent minutes, he whispered my name in my ears.. and said "pull your pants down.." I got goose bumps .. I was wearing a night pant with knot on, I untied it.. slowly pulled it down upto my knees.. I was already erect, with his right hand he took hold of my penis and balls together .. he whispered "it's too small", I felt embarrassed, well he had a good physic as well. he started rubbing and playing with my and balls, I felt heaven.

He took my hand and placed it on his dick (I guess his erected must have been more than 6 inches by then), Then he pulled my cheeks apart, he rubbed my crack .. I felt moisture I guess it was his saliva. Then I felt the tip of his penis at my glory hole, I pushed it slowly, taking his own time, I felt it really painful so I whispered to stop.

He was good, also he didn't want to wake up other guys in tent to show our mess.. he started just rubbing his cock between my cheeks. still it was a heaven.. after 10-15 minutes he stopped. He told "if I do more I will cum, I don't want to mess". I pulled my pants up..

Few minutes passed I heard samar calling (actually whispering) my name.. I guess, he was trying with other till that time I guess.. I responded, he yelled "come over and sleep with me, we will have fun"..

Well the fact is they had problem with being bottom.. and they found a nice victim ;) .. I didn't have any problem since I was curious about the whole sex thing ..

I went and slept next to him and as soon as I pulled blanket on me .. samar to my right and "abi" to my left started tempting me, asking to get undressed and show bare ass, I understood their lust, I hesitated but still the curiosity and my own lust over powered ..

I untied thread of my night pants, started pulling my pant down, samar quickly pulled it below knee level, they both touched my dick and balls and reported it's too small!! samar gave his cock in my right hand.. it was more than 7 inches and I couldn't wrap my fingers around it .. samar aksed me to turn and show him my bare ass. He was damn aggressive and started rubbing my ass.. he pulled my shirt up, and touched me everywhere he could .. pinched my nipples kissed my cheek and shoulder and neck and went on ..

Abi to my left .. took his penis out and gave it in my left hand, I touched and felt it, it was uncut between 6 and 7 inches (if am not wrong).... He(abi) then moved up and adjusted himself, to bring his dick in front of my face, and whispered take it in ur mouth ..

I was readily excited for that, I took it in my mouth, sucked like a lollypop, like a banana, initially it was bit sour, then I didn't find any special taste but still I liked to suck it .. meanwhile samar made my ass cheeks wet with his saliva and pushed his cock between my ass cheeks while he was playing with my balls and dick as well. He started rubbing and back and forth.. It was thrilling moment again!! meanwhile abi started 'to and fro' with his dick in my mouth. It was the erotic most time in my life. I still remember it and masturbate ..

The process went for 10-15 mins then abi increased his pace.. also clinched my head with his hands,, he showed a little shiver and I felt a fluid in my mouth I thought it's my saliva, then I thought abi must have urinated, I drank it .. it felt some more, and I drank. And then abi pulled his cock out of my mouth, with moaning as low voice as he could, he parted from me .. turned his back at me and slept with blanked on.

Meanwhile samar was still rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks.. the heaven time was still on for me as well as for him.. after a while he started moaning .. he kissed me 4-5 times .. and I felt liquid between my legs .. he kissed me hard and pinched my nipple hard .. And slowly parted from me.

I again thought he pissed, I touched that liquid and felt jelly.. with puzzle in my mind I pulled my pant up and lower my shirt down.. It was next day, abi cleared my puzzle explaining whole human reproductive system ;)

Thanks for reading it.. please drop ur comment if you think I can improvise with my writing .. but Please be nice if you felt it a bit boring or since it's my story and true story, I didn't want to add extra things as I wanted to keep it original..

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